Big Brother 11 Episode 26

Jeff was evicted in Big Brother 11 Episode 25, and then Natalie finally won something and became HOH.

Kevin says that Jeff should have approached him for a vote because he might have kept him.

Kevin’s unimpressed by Natalie’s HOH win, as if most of the competition wins in this game are all that impressive anyway.

Jordan wants revenge on Kevin. The good news for Kevin is that Jordan’s odds of winning a competition are about as slim as Natalie’s odds, but if she gets the chance, Kevin will be the target, whether that’s the smartest move or not. Her plan now is to keep her distance from everybody. Complete isolation in this house won’t help you any.

Natalie is talking to Kevin immediately after her HOH win. He has to go on the block. Uh. Huh? She hopes to make the other houseguests think they’re not in an alliance. Ultimately, his nomination is entirely irrelevant, so it’s not necessarily a bad move. Whoever wins the power of veto, unless it’s the HOH, gets to cast the only vote of the week and evict somebody. Nonetheless, Kevin is not happy with being nominated, whether it’s a moot point or not. The potential drawback for Natalie is if Kevin throws a hissy fit, or if people don’t like that she’s turned on her closest ally and view it negatively. Upon going to the girls with this plan, they’re in favor of it. Jordan wants Kevin gone, and Michele wants anybody gone who’s not her.

It’s time for a luxury competition. Natalie and Kevin are one team and Jordan and Michele are the other, with the goal of working together as a house to have the most time left possible. They are competing for the chance to win a shopping spree. They must match their partners without being able to see them. Whatever time is left will be used in a shopping spree in the house. They have two and a half minutes gone after their first matches. This is not going well. Their second match brings them down to 6:19. Then 5:08 left after three. Despite a disastrous start, they’re getting the hang of things. And 4:09 after their fourth match. Their fifth and final match leaves them 3:28 to go inside the house and shop. Despite the fact that there are three women in the house, Kevin by far is the most excited person there. Rather than pulling from the racks, his strategy is to dismantle the mannequins, which for whatever reason CBS has to blur. Apparently, they are anatomically correct.

Kevin wants to ally with Michele. Well, that’s weird. But what it would do is save him should Michele win the power of veto. Assuming, that is, that she’s dumb enough to fall for it. For her, it’s her smartest move to simply at least play along.

Inside Natalie’s HOH room is another Pandora’s box. The clue says Natalie will have the chance to spend time with a loved one, her boyfriend. Envelope two contains the penalty: she will not be able to play in the final veto competition. Don’t do it. You’ll see him in a week and a half. Then again, Kevin doesn’t have Natalie’s back, so it’s not as if she should be overly concerned with having his back. She has decided to open the door, which means she is given 5 minutes to spend with her boyfriend. As pointless as this all seemed, she does get a proposal out of it.

That’s not the end of it. She can have 15 minutes for a sushi dinner with Jason. However, the rest of the house may be a little annoyed. She presses the button. They are greeted by a grown man acting like a baby, an annoying baby that Kevin may well have to slap. Then there’s a copy cat, a cat that copies everything they do. After that, they’re greeted by a roach spraying bug spray.

Obviously, since Natalie’s been pretending she’s 18 the whole time (and everybody’s been stupid enough to believe her), she can’t tell that she’s received a proposal. Well, that and the fact that a marriage proposal may be viewed as a good thing. So her plan is to make up a story that something bad happened to her. The story she tells, which is true, is that she doesn’t get to play in the veto competition. She goes beyond that, though, saying she got a clue about final two reversal. If she goes to the final two and gets the votes, she loses because the result is reversed. Kevin thinks this is all a lie because it just doesn’t make any sense.

When the other three are discussing this, they’ve come to the conclusion that they would be idiots to take her to the final two with them. They assume there must be something she’s not saying. When they ask her about it, she has just one request. Don’t ask her any more questions about Pandora’s box. Not content with that request, Kevin goes up to her room. Knowing she’s been busted, Natalie decides to come clean. It was all just a prank. Not only that, but she tells them the whole truth. Kevin’s reaction to the truth: he’s pissed.

Jordan is safe.

Kevin and Michele have been nominated for eviction. Natalie tells Kevin that she’s getting him before he gets her. Then she turns her attention to Michele, calling her a backstabber and a liar, which is true but a bit harsh. Kevin has decided that he’s done with Natalie. Oh, as if he didn’t make that decision before the nomination ceremony when he tried to sell her out and ally with Michele. As for Michele, her plan is to take Jordan with her to the end.

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