Big Brother 11 Episode 25

Michele won the power of veto to save herself in Big Brother 11 Episode 24, putting the couple in danger of eviction.

Having been evicted, Russell gets to join Lydia and Jessie in the jury house, where Lydia still has a crush on Jessie regardless of all her earlier protesting to the contrary. His first words to them to them involve the term technotronics. Jessie has begun informing the jury one at a time that Natalie’s really 24, not 18, something Kevin figured out on night one. The boys agree that they would consider voting for Jeff if he makes it to the end.

Kevin knows that the word lie is in Natalie’s name, but he has no choice but to trust her.

Jeff attempts to use guilt to get Natalie to keep him in the house, as if that wouldn’t be a stupid move on her part.

Natalie: Jeff
Michele: Jordan

We have a tie. In the event of a tie, the HOH must cast the deciding vote. Kevin votes to evict Jeff. Once he used that coup d’etat, his game was over. No way he was gonna be able to convince Natalie and Kevin to forget that. He wouldn’t change a thing, whether he’s sitting out there talking to Julie or not. Speaking of Julie, she wants to know where the goodbye kiss was.

The HOH competition is true or false questions based on events that have happened outside the house, which means it’s pretty much anybody’s guessing game. Casey has begun selling banana-themed merchandise online, which Jordan guesses correctly for a point. Everybody guesses correctly that Laura did not say she got evicted because she’s beautiful. Natalie and Jordan are correct that Lydia and Jessie are still speaking to each other. Everybody guesses correctly that Ronnie received more votes than Chima in the coup d’etat vote. Michele answers correctly what the definition of technotronics is not. Michele guesses correctly that Chima issued an apology about a remark she made about Russell. Natalie answers correctly that Ronnie did not go to a sci fi convention dressed in his space princess costume. That brings us to a three-way tie. The tiebreaker is a question of how many total cans all five competing houseguests had in their tubes at the end. Michele answers 65, Natalie answers 75, and Jordan answers 224, a mathematical impossibility. Natalie wins HOH, as the correct answer is 91. She’s guaranteed herself a spot in the final three, but there’s nothing she can do to save her buddy Kevin unless she wins veto.

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