Big Brother 11 Episode 21

After Jeff won HOH in Big Brother 11 Episode 20, he nominated his enemies Natalie and Kevin, supposedly both as pawns to get rid of Russell.

Russell is very surprised he hasn’t been nominated, although he realizes that he can be eliminated should he not win the veto competition.

Russell’s vote to save Natalie over Jessie, which did not work and at the time seemed quite odd, is an indication to Jeff that he can’t trust him.

Jeff wants Jordan to get focused and practice for the lame competitions in the house because he wants someone who will actually protect him.

Russell rings the doorbell of the HOH room. Jeff is asleep with headphones on and doesn’t answer. Let’s bump up the paranoia.

Kevin has been surprised to find that all the houseguests have been supportive and accepting of him being gay.

Like Russell, Michele is getting suspicious about their alliance with Jeff and Jordan. Speaking of Jeff and Jordan, she doesn’t like that Jeff is snapping at her lately. Trouble in paradise? He’s worried that everybody thinks she’s the sweetest person in there. Ideally, that’s not somebody you want to be up against in the final two.

Kevin’s got a plan. If Jeff and Jordan are dumb enough to take the bait, they’ll stab them in the back the first chance they get. Should they actually win something for a change. Granted, it’s not like they’re up against particularly tough competitors in these challenges any more.

The houseguests walk out in the backyard where they’re greeted by an ape, bananas, and, of course, Casey, who apparently thinks he’s a rapper. He will rap, and the houseguests must get the bananas that match the clues based on evicted houseguests. Then they have to get up that ramp. An easier task for the boys than for Natalie and Michele. Jordan is eliminated on the first question. Her concern is that Jeff will be so mad at her for not pulling her weight. Having done so poorly last time, Michele knows instantly where her next banana is. Natalie gets eliminated in the second round. Russell is eliminated in the third round. He prays that Michele can win, but based on how much difficulty she’s having getting up that ramp, it doesn’t seem very likely, although this whole searching task is largely dumb luck. Kevin gets eliminated in the fourth round. After screwing with Michele’s mind some, Jeff wins the power of veto.

Russell promises hell in the house if he goes up on the block. Oh. Again?

Jeff and Jordan are worried that Michele and Russell are a pair, and they are. The most unlikely pair ever, but a pair nonetheless. Beyond that, Jordan and Jeff have convinced themselves that these two people with no relationships with the jury are threats to them in the end.

Jeff wants to know what his assurances are. Natalie and Kevin promise that he won’t go up. So Jordan will be one of the nominees. That seems to sit well with him.

At the veto meeting, all goes according to plan. Kevin has been removed from the block. In his place goes Russell. Jeff couldn’t get past the Jessie vote, and Michele and Russell were getting a little too close.

While I’m happy to see that clown Russell getting what he’s got, it’s hard to say whether this is a good move. This would eliminate a strong physical challenge threat who’s unpredictable, but it also leaves a loyal alliance on the opposite side with 50/50 odds of winning HOH. Granted, should they take those odds and come out on top, it could potentially be game suicide. There are only 6 votes in the jury, and losing both Jeff’s and Jordan’s at the same time is as likely as it is dangerous. On the other hand, both of them do have more friends in the jury than Russell, who’s spent all summer making a series of enemies.

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