Farmer Wants a Wife Episode 7

Ashley, who should have gone home to weeks ago, was the obvious pick to get kicked out on Farmer Wants a Wife Episode 6, and so nobody (herself included) was surprised to see just that happen.

The girls get a visit from their best friends (at least they better be since the girls are screaming and running up to hug them). Matt plans to judge the girls based on who they hang out with. Christa tells her friend about people she doesn’t like. Uh, there’s only three other people left, and there’s still a plural associated with this discussion? Christa’s friend asks Matt to take his shirt off when he first walks into the room.

From this point forward, there’s no more sitting pretty, since we’re down to the final four. Matt’s family of about 45 people (there’s like 300 people in the whole town) will be getting together for dinner, which the girls have to cook. These guys are apparently hungry. They all show up at once before the girls are even finished getting dressed. Kanisha puts on a smile and tries to not show the frustration. Meanwhile, everybody else… lets her, while they finish getting ready.

At dinner, Brooke proceeds to get along with everybody. Christa’s got that same look she’s always got on her face. They have to answer a series of questions from the family. Amanda doesn’t know what Matt farms. Christa’s friend tells us chivalry is dead in the city. Matt’s mom Janet says she absolutely sees a farmer’s wife sitting in front of her. Kanisha’s friend starts crying and says she’s in love with the whole family.

After their friends go home, Matt wants to go on a group date of fishing. Amanda’s bored. Christa is the first to catch a fish. Kanisha is afraid of snakes (aka worms), and as she struggles to get away from this killer worm, the girls tip their boat over. So it turns into a swimming party, which Matt believes is more fun for the girls, but he’s happy they at least tried.

Everybody goes back to the girls’ home, and Matt decides to hang around for a while so he can chat with them because there’s a surprise elimination later in the day. Kanisha says she’s had a life changing experience. Brooke wants to know whether he feels a connection with her, and he responds that he does and that they probably have the most in common. Christa wants him to keep her around for a little bit. If you ask me, he’s humored her long enough. Amanda promises that, even though she hasn’t opened up much, things will continue to get better.

At the elimination ceremony, the girls get shotguns. I don’t trust some of these chicks with guns. They have to shoot cans to reveal a sign that says whether they’re safe or not. Kanisha just hopes she doesn’t get her head blowed up. Christa and Brooke are safe. Amanda is going back to the city. Kanisha believes this means she’s safe, and since she didn’t hit her cans, she has to go up and knock them down. When she does this, she learns that she, too, will be going home. That leaves the two bitter enemies in the final two. How fitting.

Matt decides to go on a two-on-one date with the girls who remain. Matt wants them to grab their bikinis. It turns out they’re hopping in a country hottub, where a cow joins them for a dip. Christa informs Matt that she doesn’t like to share and brings up her alleged issue that caused her incessant whining for which someone still hasn’t slapped her upside the head.

Stay tuned to dingoRUE for another recap of Farmer Wants a Wife episode 8 Farmer Picks a Wife, where we will see who the Farmer Wants a Wife winner is, which airs Wednesday at 9/8c on The CW.

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