Kaitlyn Maher America’s Got Talent 3

Earlier tonight on America’s Got Talent 3 Episode 1, Kaitlyn Maher, 4, turned out to be one of the bright spots of the night. Here’s the video of her performance of Somewhere Out There.

10 thoughts on “Kaitlyn Maher America’s Got Talent 3”

  1. I think she is adorable and I enjoyed watching her. Do I think she will win? No, she is no Connie Talbot. But she is very very cute and I am glad she went on to Vegas.

  2. This little girl made me cry. i believe our children growing up have more talent and better minds than the last 2 generations.
    she was awesome. she is so talented and deserves to go the whole distance. she will be a star in her own right ,she needs no help to get there.

  3. this girl is terrible and has no talent. just because she is 4 doesnt mean she should win. she has no sense of pitch .. b/c she is for. no business still being around in the competion someone please spare us the torture of hearing that horrible voice ever again. what a piece of crap.

  4. The purest, precious, most talented little girl. The only reason I watch AGT! Cannot wait to see her again! All the best to her and her family.

  5. She’s the most talented one on that show…. precious little girl, that make people weep when she sings and a wonderful voice… Win she will and I only watch for her!

  6. I love you voice kaitlyn your the cutest littles girl in the world with a great voice better than any 4 year old girl i know.Keep singingand be strong.

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