Neal Boyd America’s Got Talent 3

Following an emotional story about his childhood, 32-year-old insurance salesman Neal E Boyd showed that he’s one of the frontrunners of America’s Got Talent season 3. Here’s the video clip of him singing Nessun Dorma.

8 thoughts on “Neal Boyd America’s Got Talent 3”

  1. So much talent, and he ends up selling insurance! What a waste! He could be so fulfilled doing what he is capable of, while contributing to the world!

  2. Hi Neil!
    What presence you have! I have never been much of a fan of opera, but you, my young man, have changed my mind. You have such a sweet spirit about you and the total “take control” you have with any and every song you sing is outstanding! I am so happy to have been there when you did your first song! You have been blessed with an absolutely heavenly voice. If you’d ever like to sing in our church choir…hehe.

    I’ll be voting for you!
    Connie Rone/ Virginia

  3. I love this man! He has so much talent. He proves that Americas Got Talent for sure (and so much of it is hidden and yet to be discovered).

  4. I think you are sensational and was so happy when you won America’s Got Talent. Please put your performance at the MGM on Youtube so we can all enjoy you wonderful voice.
    J Yates

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