Farmer Wants a Wife Episode 3

Josie proved to be both completely useless and not at all entertaining, but this obvious producer plant only made it as far as Farm Wants a Wife Episode 2. The rest of the house has now set its sights on Brooke and Lisa, although I can’t figure out why yet.

The girls are all washing Matt’s truck. Brooke and Lisa start a water fight with each other. Yet another reason for them to be hated for no reason.

Matt’s mom stops by to tell them they’re going to a quilting shop. Yeah, that’s apparently a real place. After a few people draw some blood, Krista wants to know how much the country sucks. Then the rest of the group jumps on Brooke for suggesting she has something in common with Matt and a connection with him.

It’s tractor time. Lisa is wearing her high heels to go riding. The challenge is to load all their hay bales on a tractor. Kanisha has trouble figuring out how to even get started. Lisa says she’s learned her lesson, a lesson I’d think she would have known before she got on the tractor. At the end, Krista and Brooke are neck and neck racing for the finish line. Just as she’s crossing the finish line, though, Krista drops a bale, which allows Brooke to pass her to win the challenge.

Then it’s time for some barbeque and some arguing about why people hate Brooke. Matt says that the most important quality is attitude and that he doesn’t have a lot of duds in the pack of girls he’s been given to choose from (oh, he’s definitely been given his share).

Brooke’s told that she’s fake and putting on a front. Christa says the reason she doesn’t like Brooke is because Brooke is a smitten kitten, that only Christa is allowed to have feelings for him, and that she’s upset because Brooke ruined her date with Matt somehow. Too much whining going on here.

Everybody heads to the river, and Matt tells them to make sure they bring their bikinis. The conversation leads to more Brooke bashing: everybody is not the same person they appear to be in front of him. Krista raises additional concerns, this time about working on the farm with Matt. The more reserved girls Ashley and Amanda are growing on him. When they all jump in the water, there’s some horsing around. Matt apologizes for hitting Krista with his big piece of wood.

Matt has decided to give the safe girl a gift. He gives Brooke a belt. Krista’s immediately jealous and more bitter. Can anyone whose name ends in rista just be kicked off this show already?

The elimination will be embroidered. The first three letters are A, S, and I. Lisa, Christa, and Krista know they’re on the chopping block. An R follows this. Lisa is safe. Krista knows it’s her, and with good reason. Matt feels like he was boring her. She takes one last parting shot at Brooke.

He picks Amanda to go on the one-on-one date. They’re going to his parents’ house to have dinner. Great first date idea. She says she’d definitely consider being on the farm. She likes that Matt is… hot. She also likes the family and his personality. He feels she fit in so well with them. When they return, a spying Kanisha sees the kissing.

After everybody else goes to sleep, Brooke and Lisa sneak out. They don’t know if they’re going to be killed or not, but they go to see him at his house. The two stalkers managed to find him from magazines he left at the house. They’re hoping that the other girls won’t sway his decision and want him to know that. Once they leave, they’re not sure whether they just screwed themselves or not.

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