Farmer Wants a Wife Episode 2

Despite (or perhaps because of) the fact that Josie is clearly a producer plant, Matt chose to eliminate Stephanie in Farmer Wants a Wife Episode 1 instead.

Brooke and Lisa get along because they’re bible thumpers. Christa’s still bitter that they TP’d Matt’s truck.

Matt arrives the next morning to the girls cooking breakfast. One of the blonde girls (if that narrows it down any) says it’s a little boring in the country. Josie has to be instructed to wear a bra.

It’s time to go smell some manure on a pig farm. Who’s ready to get down and dirty? They have to clean the pigs up for the fair to get them looking nice. Apparently they can tell the difference. Stacey loves pigs and is excited. Josie (again) is being a party pooper, and Lisa’s joining in. Chasing after a pig, Stacey slams her head into a wooden beam. She keeps on ticking, and Matt takes notice.

Afterwards, they get cleaned up, and Matt just has to take his shirt off. Kanisha takes the opportunity to clean his (already clean) back. Josie asks him if she wants to test drive the product before he gets married, or if he wants to marry a virgin. His answer is that he’d like to wait, which Lisa appreciates.

Matt goes to see Stacey and check on how she’s doing after having bumped her head. He gives her the option to sit out, but she wants to do the best she can, so she heads out to the challenge. They’ll be milking goats, painting a cow, and cleaning the stalls. Josie calls Matt a son of a bitch for expecting them to participate in these challenges. Lisa is the first one to finish milking the cow. Ashley is next. Krista is in third but is first to paint the cow. Josie ain’t even trying. Krista also finishes the manure cleanup first, and she is safe.

Lisa is frustrated because Matt’s not really communicating with her. A couple ladies agree with her. Christa is still whining.

Matt takes the girls to play Bingo. Josie doesn’t want to sit at the same table with anyone who doesn’t love George Bush. She’s causing problems as usual, letting it be known she won’t marry a man who won’t support her financially and allow her to be lazy. Lisa’s bored after 5 minutes and drags Matt off to the bar. Some of the others don’t like this move and go to the bar to drag them both back.

Each of the girls gets a chance to speak in front of the town and tell them a bit about themselves. Amanda says she’s a bit more reserved than some of the others. Ashley wants to be with someone who’s her best friend. Brooke had boots before and didn’t just buy clothes to go to the farm. Lisa is preaching.

And now it’s time to let somebody go. He sends the girls back to the bar and asks for opinions. Lisa and Josie get the most negative reaction. Only one person won’t get Bingo in this special game, the girl who’s going back to the city. Josie has been sent packing. She responds that he’s too cheap and doesn’t have anything to offer a woman. She refuses to leave until he gives her a present. He offers to mail it to her, but she doesn’t care. Just get out of here already. At least she only lasted two episodes more than she should have.

The drama’s not done yet, though. When the girls get home, she’s still refusing to leave without a gift, saying that the police will have to escort her out. Someone just tranquilize her. They must have some drugs they use on out of control cows. This is seriously pathetic. She’s had her 15 minutes of fame, and she’s really not interesting enough to warrant any more. She makes the guy driving her home call Matt. He tells her he hasn’t had time to get a gift and is busy preparing for his date. She doesn’t care and will wait for him. She stays out there until the cows come home and finally takes the hint, calling him a cheap bastard. Everyone’s happy to see her go home. Don’t invite her back to the finale.

The girls who don’t get to go on the date decide to go out to a bar because they’re getting stir crazy. Adapt or go back home to the city. Most of them hang out together. Lisa and Brooke hang out with the locals, and the others take offense to them getting to know the townspeople.

Stacey is picked for the one-on-one date. They’ll be watching a movie with a barn for a screen. He tells her that it’s not an issue that she’s not a virgin. He gets to learn a lot about her. A real lot. She refuses to shut up. Once he says he’s heard enough about her, he asks about the house, where she takes a swing at the bible buddies.

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