Reaper Episode 17

Andi managed to overcome a crazed mind control guy to remember she loved Sam in Reaper Episode 16. Ben, meanwhile, learned that life’s too short to not date even though he’s married.

Ben and Sock are arguing over America’s favorite cat: Garfield or Heathcliff. Sam has to break up this meeting of the minds because The Work Bench has been closed for an hour. Sam hopes to follow them to the bar, but the Devil wants to see him. He insists he sit down for dinner. The Devil has a pleasant chat with a man named Mike, who turns out to be the escaped soul. Sam is warned that Mike’s quite the charmer. As instructed, he just points and shoots, capturing him in the vessel (a camera) by taking his picture.

Andi’s not happy that the Devil’s being so unfair and just zapping Sam away as he sees fit. He takes her to the DMV to meet Gladys, who believes that Andi doesn’t look mentally defective. She approves.

Sarah kisses Ben because the immigration officer is there. He wants to meet with them for an interview.

The Devil shows up at work to tell Sam that Mike’s free. Wasn’t quite as easy to capture as it seemed after all. There’s only one explanation: someone’s letting him out from the inside. There’s a mole in Hell.

Sam catches Mike sleeping with someone, which is typical for him. Sam captures him. Again. He doesn’t trust Gladys to send Mike back to Hell, though. With good reason. She frees him after Sam leaves.

Tony offers Sam help if he needs any. He doesn’t ask for anything, but Andi wants him to review the contract and find a way out.

Sock’s got an idea of how to convince the immigration officer that they’re married: naked photos in their family album. Sarah’s already got some photos of herself. Now it’s Ben’s turn.

Mike wants to take Sam out for a night on the town so that he can swim in sweeties. Sam actually seems to fall for it. The Devil thinks he’s got Hell locked down, so he’s not happy to hear that Mike was just in his elevator. Sam has a man crush on Mike and doesn’t understand what destruction Mike’s causing by breaking up other people by cheating with women on their husbands. The dead husband and wife get Sam to say he’s seen enough.

The immigration officer finds the album… charming. Ben has trouble getting Sarah’s mother’s name right. He can’t get his own mother’s name right either. The case has been red flagged. They’re warned they’ll be in front of a judge Monday morning. Sarah will be going home, and Ben will be in jail.

Sam goes home to get the contract from his parents. He gets a guilt trip from his father about it, but they agree to give it to him. They call an obviously drunk Ben who plans to go out in style since he knows he’s toast. When they get to the bar, they see Mike with Gladys. Sam knows she’s the leak. They barge into her house and try to capture Mike, but he’s not going willingly. Sock says he’s more than willing to allow Gladys to die. Mike calls his bluff, stabs her, and runs.

They grab the dead demon body and put it in the car. Sam decides to go to Tony’s to get his help, but he’s not at home. While they’re preparing to dig her grave, Ben wakes up next to her. Just as they’re getting ready to dig, Tony shows up. They ask for assistance burying the dead body. He’s happy to help, but once he finds out she’s a demon, though, he knows she’s not really dead. Gladys is back, but she hasn’t learned her lesson. She’d rather be dead than lonely.

Perhaps the Devil can talk some sense into her.

Josie tells Ben that if he pays the fine (emptying out his savings account and then some), he may be able to avoid prison. Sarah, however, has no chance and will be deported. But Sarah says she has had a discussion with the immigration officer. He’s willing to accept a bribe. She asks Ben for his assistance and forgiveness. He forgives her. She needs the money by 5.

Gladys spills the beans to Sam about where Mike may be. Then she gives Sam her cat. She’s been reassigned back down to head office. Andi wants to save her from this, though Sam believes she’ll be fine (until she gets sucked down to Hell).

They’ve all got a wedding to crash to be able to capture Mike. The boys aren’t let in because they don’t have what you would call tuxedos, but Sam finds another way in and heads to a dark basement. He keeps flashing away with the camera, but his limited flashes aren’t helping. Just as he’s about to be strangled, Ben and Sock come to his rescue, shining a light on Mike and allowing Sam to capture him with the vessel.

Turns out Sarah made up the bribe just to get some money out of Ben. And Sock is eating the mac and cheese she left him in the fridge.

Tony’s demon friend realizes that there are pages missing from the contract, most likely to hide the identity of Sam’s real father.

Sam knows how the Devil can thank him: let Gladys go. He’s not buying it. A good plan and some fast talk doesn’t work. What’s needed is some puppy dog eyes and the word please.

The demons have a theory: Sam is the Devil’s son. That’s different.

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