Reaper Episode 16

After kidnapping Andi a couple times in Reaper Episode 15, Sam and his friends managed to convince her that his parents sold his soul to the Devil, and now he’s a bounty hunter who captures escaped souls and sends them back to Hell.

Sock gets a new car in which Sam and Andi can makeout and, more importantly, discuss demons, which she seems to find a lot more interesting. Andi swears she hears something. Maybe it’s the guy wielding a chainsaw. They barely manage to get away, with the car barely intact.

Ben’s new wife wants him to make the bed (that he doesn’t sleep in) and pick up the yoga mat in the kitchen (that he does sleep on). He really does need to clean up after himself more.

The boys go to see Gladys at the DMV. She pulls out the Hell’s Most Wanted list, which includes Abe Lincoln but no guy with a chainsaw, who she suggests is probably just a regular every day human. Ben gets what may be a better lead, though. He’s from a movie.

Cassidy doesn’t seem to be enjoying the fact that she’s only dating Ben in the hospital cafeteria. The wedding ring on his finger is a bit of a tip that something’s up. Once he explains, she’s okay being his mistress, as long as they go some place new, with a waiter… and a liquor license.

The Devil drops by to give Sam a present, a nice blade. Just in case. He brings him in a house where they walk in on Andi kissing Greg. She says she doesn’t get what’s going on and that she has temporary insanity or something.

Sarah’s got an announcement to make. She’s pregnant. Bad news for her husband Ben, who hasn’t even slept with her. She tells him her (married) boyfriend Esteban is the father.

Greg shows up at The Work Bench. Andi’s not interested, but he appears to have some sort of mind control powers to convince her otherwise.

The boys are driving around, and they are again attacked by a chainsaw-wielding madman. They shake him off, but he doesn’t seem to have any trouble with bashing his head into the concrete.

It turns out the Devil bought Greg’s soul in exchange for the power to get Andi to go out with him. Now the Devil wants Sam to kill Greg for him. Sam refuses. This goody two shoes attitude is going to get old real quick. The Devil wants him to learn that the only person playing by the rules is him.

Andi’s got some bad news for Sam. She has to break up with him. Sam tells her the truth, but it doesn’t matter because Greg’s got control of her mind.

Back to the DMV. Gladys still doesn’t have anything on her clipboard, but she may respond to bribes (someone to watch over her cat, which isn’t code for anything). She doesn’t have a vessel but knows a guy who may be able to help. They get a vessel and a lesson: the Devil can’t undo true love.

On Ben’s first real non-date with Cassidy, he tells her he can’t see her any more because he made a commitment to a crazy woman.

Sam’s got a plan to get Andi back. He’s going to remind her that she loves him, even though he hasn’t ever heard the term love come out of her mouth in reference to him before. He asks her if she loves him and gets a yes. He wants to get new jobs and run away to Buffalo to avoid Greg. That probably won’t work. Revealing the plan to Greg isn’t a good thing either. And then chainsaw guy shows up. Sam’s been sneezing because of Greg’s cologne, and the sneezing continues now. Greg’s id, his pent up rage, has been manifested as the killer in Greg’s favorite slasher film. The Devil rescues Sam and reminds him to kill Greg.

The boys have a shotgun with the wrong ammo and some plastic to clean up the mess. Greg opens the door, and Sock says they brought him a giant roll of plastic. He manages to realize he gave away his soul for nothing, as Andi still loves Sam. Then his body starts floating. Which is new. Out pops a guy with a chainsaw. Now he’s after Greg, too. Sam tries to convince Greg to calm down. Talking sense into him doesn’t work, but knocking him out with a trophy does.

Ben’s learned a lesson from the whole almost being killed by a madman debacle. He’s got a message for Sarah: he’s free to date, too.

Sam plays his get out of Hell free card on Greg. He knows he can’t use it on himself anyway because the Devil will screw him over some other way.

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