Reaper Episode 15

Sam and Andi finally went out on a date in Reaper Episode 14, though he managed to convince her that she just hallucinated all that stuff about her almost dying. The rebellion to bring down the Devil didn’t work, largely because the group of demons was too mean about it.

Sam’s making dinner for Andi. He insists he wants to cook for her and that she won’t get food poisoning. An angry Tony shows up to interrupt the dinner. After roughing Sam up a bit, he agrees to cook for him, advising him he’s leaving town and dropping out of society. He hopes to rebuild the army and defeat the Devil. Andi overhears the last part of the conversation, which doesn’t sound like it’s from the cookbook as Sam claims.

Josie and Sock are together again. Now Ben’s moping.

The Devil brings Sam to a soccer game, where he tells him a bunch of the kids have the same father, Jack King, who’s also the proud father of a few hundred other children. He works at a sperm bank. Sam gets a cool vessel, a retractable sickle. Andi catches them while they’re toying with it. They pretend they already ate when Andi asks about lunch. Instead, they head off to the sperm bank, and this time Andi follows them. After filling out an application, they go into Jack’s office, sickle in hand. Then they decapitate him… in front of an open window… with Andi watching. They may have some explaining to do. He ain’t dead, though. They need to hack him a few more times. His head’s still alive and talking. They’re pretty sure he’s gone once they get rid of his head, but they don’t realize his hand’s still alive.

Ben has a chat with a girl at work, who tells him his Phil Collins (aka soulmate) is out there.

Sam brings Andi some flowers. Her response is to attack him and accuse him of killing somebody. He promises her there’s an explanation. He just can’t tell her what it is, but after a threat of calling the cops, he tells her to just give him some time to talk to his other boss about his other job so he can tell her the truth. He’s got 24 hours to come clean.

Gladys at the DMV wonders why Sam’s got a note attached to the vessel. She agrees to send it without asking questions. The Devil got the note, but he’s more concerned about the vessel, which is missing a piece. He meets sam at a video store, where the surveillance tape shows Jack, who managed to regenerate himself. Sam asks for permission to tell Andi the truth, agreeing to a favor, a terrible favor one day in the future in exchange. So now he’s got another deal with the Devil.

Ben’s got a surprise for the boys. They have a new roommate, Sarah from work, who is also now Ben’s wife. She needed a greencard, or so he says.

Andi wants to hear the news sober. Sam wanted to be tactful about it, but Sock’s got an easy explanation. Sam works for the Devil. She walks away because she wants a real explanation. If Sam can’t handle the problem, the Devil will handle it for him. Ben and Sock have solved the problem, though. They kidnapped her and threw her in the trunk, though they haven’t planned what they’re going to do with her after that. Sam opens the seat up to talk to her from the other side, bringing her a juice box to play nice. She lies to him, but he doesn’t buy it. So she attacks him, but it takes a while for the other guys to notice because they’re distracted. They do notice eventually, though, and rescue Sam, but Andi promises to kill all of them.

This leads them to a theory. Go visit Tony and his band of demons in the country to scare Andi into believing the truth. Once Tony turns into his demon form, she seems to believe it. Problem is they left the keys in the car, so she steals it and drives off. Sam loves her, but he’s sick of being patient.

Jack goes to the hospital to take pictures of his new kids. He’s not sure how many of them are his. The boys show up at the hospital, where Sam’s greeted by the Devil. He fixed his problem with Andi. She’s in the trunk. Apparently his idea of fixing things is the same as Ben and Sock’s. Sam talks to her again, and she won’t tell. She can’t handle it, so he tells her he loves her. She’s afraid of him. Probably not the response he was looking for.

Ben looks for the maternity ward, but on his way, he meets up with a woman with green eyes reading a Sue Grafton novel who likes mixed martial arts. It’s his soulmate after all. Too bad he’s married now.

Sam and Sock spot Jack. He really wants to escape, so he cuts off his hand. Sock’s off to get the hand. Sam will handle the rest. As Sam’s fighting Jack, Jack manages to get the sickle away from him. Andi comes in and inadvertently kills Jack. Now Sock needs to deal with the new naked Jack, but he manages to escape. Sam hunts him down, though, and that takes care of the last of the pieces.

Ben wants to go out with the girl he met at the hospital, but his wife won’t let him. Go figure.

Andi shows up at the bar, and she seems to be over the whole fear thing. Now that that’s done with, though, it’s time to pay up the favor. The Devil wants an inside man to betray Tony and get him information beyond the circle.

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