Beauty and the Geek 5 Episode 8

Randi was obnoxious from the start and continued to get worse as the season went on until she finally got the boot in Beauty and the Geek 5 Episode 6. Greg was also there somewhere, taking the fall for his partner’s actions.

Everybody will be going to a snow resort, Big Bear Lake. Most people are excited, but Chris doesn’t view it with the same elation.

The house will miss Greg, but he left behind a cake that he spent all day baking. They all share it, which turns out to be a very serious religious experience.

On the bus ride to the resort, the group tells stories of dangerous things they’ve done in the past. Chris’ story is about a 50 gallon trash bag full of acetylene, a small room, and a match. Stay on this guy’s good side.

When they do arrive, Chris isn’t any more positive. The rest of the gang is having fun in the snow, while he goes off and stares into the distance on his own, which worries his partner Cara.

The fact that Joe’s got a crush on her is troublesome to Tara, who has no interest in him and doesn’t want to pretend otherwise. She’s more interested in Tommy anyway. In an effort to completely offend Joe, she builds a wall in the middle of their bed so she doesn’t have to get anywhere near him. It’s obvious Tara hasn’t learned anything in her time at the mansion.

Matt has developed a personality in his head that he’s Don Juan, and he wants to go around and be a total pimp. He cuddles for a bit with Cara.

The challenge is about building teamwork and sleds. The beauties will build a sled with the tools their geeks bring them. They can only get one tool at a time. Once the sled’s built, they’ll climb the hill and complete the course together. Joe and Tara fail to communicate, and it’s obvious they will fail the challenge. Cara has no idea what she’s doing and has no plan. Kristina and Jason are having difficulty communicating. She blames him for not knowing what the term “bottom black piece” means. Regardless, they manage to finish the sled a mile ahead of everybody else. She takes full credit and considers him an idiot. They come close but don’t quite finish the course, so they have to go again, good news for the others. They do so much worse the second time and don’t even come close. In this time, Cara manages to finish, and she and Chris get to go. Poorly. They wipe out pretty quickly. Amanda and Tommy are next to finish the sled. Kristina and Jason wipe out a third time. On their first go, Amanda and Tommy cross the finish line and win. They both give each other credit and work well together, something that the first two teams can’t do.

Since everything’s running fairly smoothly, it’s time for a twist, and like all the other twists on this show, it’s not that good of a twist. Each team gets one vote. The team with the most votes will not be returning to the mansion. In the event of a tie, the winners of the challenge will decide.

In the middle of everybody making a decision of who to vote out, Tara and Joe decide this would be the best time to have a loud argument about how she’s ignoring him. She tells him that 60% of the time she can’t stand him and wants to strangle him.

Kristina & Jason-Tara & Joe (because of the way Tara treats Joe)
Joe & Tara-Kristina & Jason (Tara got her way)
Chris & Cara-Matt & Leticia (because of Cara’s relationships with Kristina and Tara)
Matt & Leticia-Chris & Cara (out of fear of being targeted)

I’d have thought somebody could have played this scenario smarter so it didn’t end up in a 1-1-1-1 tie. With all the teams having a vote against them, that leaves Tommy & Amanda to make the tiebreaking vote. Each of them have picked one team to stay. Tommy picked Matt & Leticia. Amanda, unfortunately, picked Tara & Joe. Because Chris & Cara have taught Amanda a lot, they have chosen Jason & Kristina for elimination.

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