Beauty and the Geek 5 Episode 9

In a typically bad twist, following a vote that led to a four way tie, Tommy & Amanda decided to send Jason & Kristina home in Beauty and the Geek 5 Episode 8. And Tara decided to be bitch-like to Joe.

The guys decide to give Jason a Viking funeral. It doesn’t get much more geeky than that.

Tara claims she and Joe turned a new leaf. Hopefully it sucks less than their last leaf.

The beauties are going to work on home improvement. Cara thinks there’s a cute plumber on Desperate Housewives. Tara doesn’t want to smell poo.

The guys are going to be doing fashion. Tommy wants the chapter on sweater vests. There’s probably just one sentence: don’t wear them. Chris has a great deal of familiarity with putting on makeup. Too much. Joe doesn’t understand what’s wrong with the clearance rack.

Tommy’s still obsessed with Amber. Get over it already, dude.

Some geeky girls come out for the geek competition, and it is up to the geeks to give them makeovers. The beauties will determine who is the winner without knowing who made over which girl. The first step is for the geeks to take before photos. Then they have to pick out outfits, followed by telling makeup artists and hairstylists how to make them over. And lastly some after photos. The beauties must vote on a scale of 1-4 how dramatic the makeovers were. They’re trying to play strategically, guessing which one their partner actually did. Way too easy for that to backfire. The top two were Chris and Tommy. Chris is the winner of the makeover challenge. Leticia’s annoyed by his celebrating. Tara’s not happy with Joe’s performance and still fed up with him. Why are these two still here?

The beauties will need to fix a bathroom that looks like a poorly maintained gas station restroom. Like any good plumber, they keep the producers busy with blurs covering their cracks. Leticia is the first one to get the tub unclogged, and she ends up finishing the sink and the toilet before anybody else is able to even get done with the tub.

Leticia & Matt and Chris & Cara are safe, meaning that Joe & Tara and Tommy & Amanda will be going to the elimination room.

Tara gets the first question correct. Tommy gets his first question correct. Amanda gets the second question right. Joe gets the second question for the guys right, bringing us down to one final question. Amanda is correct, and she and Tommy are safe. Joe & Tara have finally been given the boot. Not sure how much either of them have learned. Still, they do at least go out on a positive note, or they try anyway. He’s in the middle of explaining how he’s lucky to have known her, but she cuts him off because he spits while talking, grossing her out too much to finish the conversation. An appropriate conclusion.

Stay tuned to dingoRUE for another recap of Beauty and the Geek 5 episode 10, when we will find out who the winner is, which airs Tuesday at 8/7c on The CW.

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