The Bachelor 12 Episode 8

The Bachelor 12 Episode 7 brought us down to the final two, but before we find out who the winner of The Bachelor: London Calling is, it’s time for the women to tell all.

After getting drunk and making a fool out of herself up to and including giving Matt her underpants, Stacey says she’s embarrassed and usually doesn’t act like that.

Robin says her actions were a bit of a defense mechanism, and like DeAnna and McCarten last season, she was there just for the guy and wasn’t overly concerned about the other girls, who felt she was just there for the competition.

Oh great. Let’s relive the most uncomfortable fight of the season with the biggest mouth. Marshana continues to defend being a raving lunatic, with no effort to actually listen to anyone. This was pretty much a waste of time.

Amanda says she’s just as confused after having watched the show as she was when she left. Her biggest question for Matt would be why he never voiced any concerns to her. She takes this as a lesson for future relationships to open up more. I don’t think she’ll have any problems. On a season where there’s a soap star trying to further her acting career, Amanda’s still the best looking one there.

Matt’s got a new David Beckham haircut and is in need of a shave. He’s been listening back stage. His concern with Amanda was that she was using the word “like,” whereas the others were using the word “love.” He thought he had more of a chance of finding true love with either Shayne or Chelsea. He’s enjoyed watching the show and seeing Robin’s competitiveness. Stacey’s brought him another pair of underwear for his collection. Matt is indeed engaged. We’ll find out who the girl is next week, though in either case I’m not sure how enthused most people are considering the choices.

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