The Bachelor 12 Episode 7

Matt decided that, even though he kept around until the final four, he didn’t really know Noelle, and she was sent home in The Bachelor 12 Episode 6. That leaves us with a final three of Shayne (who arguably just wanted to boost her career as an actress), Chelsea (who has been somewhat cold and distant), and Amanda (I think he actually made the right pick with this one, regardless of the weird hometown date).

The girls are all heading to Barbados for overnight dates.

Shayne is up first. They get their own private island and start off with some water sports. He’s still very impressed by how pretty and at times airheaded she is, but he hopes to find out a little more about serious Shayne. They get into a discussion about what her mom had said, about how she became a bitter wife of a movie star. Shayne tells him that kissing someone on screen (this show notwithstanding?) is anything but romantic. She ensures him she doesn’t care for Brad Pitt… any more. Then she tries to convince him she’s intellectual. Upon finding out that he could see himself with her, she lets him know that she’s falling in love with him.

Amanda gets the second date. Since they’re both afraid of heights, they go on a zipline to jump 110 feet. She tells him she knows she has a problem with expressing emotion but that this is the first time she’s felt like this. She could see herself with him forever. Amanda believes they’ve had a breakthrough and reached the next level.

Chelsea is on the last date. Matt believes that they got off to a rocky start but made a lot of ground at the home visit. They go on a catamaran, and he finds it hard and awkward. The romance is gone, and she seems a million miles away. Matt thinks it’s the worst date. They go swimming with sea turtles, where she’s still distant. He’s got better eye contact with the turtle than with Chelsea. Matt hopes she’ll come to dinner in a different frame of mind. At dinner, he brings up the fact that he’s confused and frustrated. Her defense is that she can’t handle other girls being in the picture, but that she really is into being with him.


I must say I didn’t see that one coming. Amanda isn’t given a rose and will be going home. She’s shocked and can’t make sense out of him telling her he’s meant everything he’s ever said to her. She didn’t want to put out there what she said at dinner because she didn’t want to get hurt, like she has now. Amanda’s got a bit of a temper it seems.

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