Beauty and the Geek 5 Winner

I couldn’t decide which of the two was more useless, but it didn’t matter because both Joe and Tara were sent packing in Beauty and the Geek 5 Episode 9. Now we’re down to the final three: Matt Carter & Leticia Cline, Tommy Severo & Amanda Corey, and Chris Follett & Cara.

Since only two teams make it to the end, one of these teams must be eliminated right away. It’s a pop quiz about how well each person knows their teammates.

What do the geeks think is their beauty’s hidden talent?
Matt: Leticia barks like a dog (correct).
Tommy: He doesn’t recall that Amanda knows the states in alphabetical order.
Chris: Cara likes to sing apparently (correct).

What superpower would your beauty want?
Tommy: Flight (correct)
Matt: Flight (correct)
Chris: Telekinesis (Cara says that’s wrong and stupid)

What personality do the beauties think their geeks have: George Clooney, Albert Einstein, or Dan Cook?
Leticia: George Clooney (Matt says Einstein)
Amanda: Dan Cook (whoever that is, it’s right)
Cara: Albert Einstein (Chris agrees)

Who does the beauty think was the most beautiful person in the house this season?
Matt: Matt (Leticia says Kristina)
Tommy: Jillian (Amanda says Amanda)
Chris: Kristina (Cara agrees)

Chris & Cara are safe.

Sudden death question: What is the first thing the geek does after he gets out of bed?
Leticia: Bathroom (he says he turns on the shower first)
Amanda: Exercises (correct)

Tommy & Amanda will also be moving to the final two to compete with Chris & Cara for title of Beauty & The Geek 5 winner. That means Matt & Leticia will be going home, though they deserve to be there more than Chris & Cara do.

On the last day, all the eliminated houseguests have returned to spend the day with the final two. Amber’s back and has been told (by a bitter Kristina) that Tommy has a thing for Tara now. Stick with Tara, dude, as Amber doesn’t even like you in that way anyway. Tara and Kristina quickly get into a rat fight. Neither of them win.

Amanda’s concerned that Tom is so distracted by Amber. She wants to concentrate on the challenge. Even if they have no clue what the challenge is going to be, or whether it will even be a challenge for that matter. He tells her he won’t get distracted this close to the finish line.

When they wake up the next morning, the former cast members are gone, or, rather, missing. They need to use what they’ve learned to find them. Each person is at a place in LA that represents their personality. They’ll drive around searching, and it’s first come first served, so they run the risk that they’re not just going to the wrong place but possibly going to the right place after the other team has already picked that person up.

They have a computer with Internet access and a book of clues with information on each castmate. Chris & Cara find Amber at fashion institute FITM. Tommy & Amanda find Jonathan at Jax restaurant but have no logical plan how to proceed from there. Amanda learns how to spell Lincoln. Chris & Cara try to find Jason at a Gold’s Gym, but Tommy & Amanda already got him. But Chris & Cara do manage to get to nearby Matt first. Tommy & Amanda arrive there as well too late. Tommy remains calm, which makes Amanda freak out more. Tommy & Amanda also arrive at Greg too late. Chris & Cara also get Tiffany at the Saddle Ranch bar. Tommy & Amanda find Randi. Then they find Tara at the Roosevelt Hotel. Both teams are having issues with traffic.

The full results are now ready to be revealed. The team with the most passengers will be the winner of the $250,000 prize and become more than just a beauty and a geek. If only I knew who the heck all these people are, I’d make a list, but let’s just go with a number count.

Chris & Cara: Four
Tommy & Amanda: Five

With that, the Beauty and the Geek 5 winners are Tommy & Amanda. Both Chris and Cara express happiness for their opponents.

Rumor has it that Beauty and the Geek is done, at least for the foreseeable future, unless the producers can come up with a compelling twist to shake things up. Considering the typical quality of the twists they throw at us, I’m not holding my breath, but even still, there is hope that it will come back in this current format but just not any time soon.

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