The Apprentice Los Angeles Winner – Live Finale

Welcome to another edition of the Apprentice live blog. Tonight’s episode has been weeks in the making and we will finally find out who The Apprentice Los Angeles winner is! There is less than 10 minutes to go before the start of the season finale, so stay tuned.

Since this is a live blog, this post will be updated during every commercial break, so keep refreshing to find out what’s happening, as it happens! Grab a drink, something to snack on and get comfy, here we go!

  • Donald, Don and Ivanka Trump all take to the stage of the Hollywood Bowl in front of a roaring crowd.
  • Trump kicks things off by narrating a recap of the entire season, the challenges, winners and rewards.
  • Don’t forget, unlike previous season of The Apprentice, the finale is pitting the final 4 against each other, not the final 2.
  • Trump introduces the final four contestants, and they are: Stefani Schaeffer, James Sun, Nicole D’Ambrosio and Frank Lombardi.

  • The entire cast of the Apprentice Los Angeles takes to the stage and Donald Trump ask’s a few of them who the winner should be.
  • Trump moves back to the item at hand and begins to screen the videos produced as part of the Apprentice episode 13 task.
  • Trump asks Stefani if James did well. She says he did a very good job. Trump asks why he should hire her instead of James and she tells him about her role as a producer.
  • Trump asks James why he should be chosen as the winner and he talks about his leadership abilities.
  • Same question for Frank and he talks about his ability to direct and lead.
  • Nicole says Frank did a great job too.
  • Trump asks Trump who to pick as winner. Naturally, he picks Nicole. Though everyone sees his thoughts for what they are, totally biased.
  • Trump asks Surya if his thoughts of Frank have change, he says no.
  • The Donald asks for Aaron’s thoughts, and he says that James should be the Apprentice Los Angeles Winner.
  • Trump outlines the two jobs up for grabs.
    • #1 – Overseeing the development of luxury estates, a golf course, and various other things at Trump Capcana
    • #2 – Overseeing the construction and development of Trump Towers Atlanta, a 47 story luxury condominium building.
    • Each job comes with a$250,000 salary.
  • Trump asks each contestant which they would choose. Stefani chooses Capcana, James chooses Atlanta, Nicole chooses Capcana and Frank chooses Atlanta.
  • Ivanka Trump lays it out and tells Frank and Nicole that she wasn’t impressed with their video. Nicole defends the video. Don Trump says picking on a bum was a terrible idea, picking Surya as part of the team was a terrible idea and generally everything they did was a terrible idea. Seems like he’s trying to be like daddy a little to much.
  • Donald Trump asks each contestant which two should get the boot. Stefani says Frank and Nicole. James says Frank and Nicole. Nicole says James and Stefani. Frank says Stefani and James. No surprises there.
  • Trump tells Frank hiring Surya was a bad idea, a really bad idea with their history. Their movie was bad, but he was on the chopping block since day one. Frank is fired!
  • Trump tells Nicole he’s not a big fan of inter office love, the mini movie wasn’t very good. Nicole is fired!
  • It’s all down to James and Stefani now, who will take it?
  • Videos for he final two role. Stefani is a lawyer (I think) in a high power law office in Los Angeles. She does a lot of work in construction and development and, apparently, is a big fan of Karate, as the video shows her training.
  • James’ video roles. James left a big sales and marketing company with a 6 figure income to start his own company in Seattle. He came to the country as and immigrant and has worked his way to where he is. Married for four years with a little girl.
  • The Donald introduces a special friend, George! Wow, it’s his boardroom buddy from the apprentice season 1-5.
  • Trump asks him for his advice and he says James has been great but he loses track. Stefani has been great, but she needs to work on leadership skills.
  • Ivanka asks the finalists if they can work alone since they rely on each other a lot. Stefani defends her abilities as being a leader and running things. James says she’s a more behind the scenes leader while he’s a more up front leader.
  • Don Trump asks James if he is able to focus on the big picture and not get hung up on small things and James defends himself.
  • Trump asks Heidi who she would choose. Heidi would choose Stefani as The Apprentice LA winner.
  • Trump asks James and he says it’s to hard to decide.
  • The Donald asks Surya who should win and he picks American Idol 6 superstar Sanjaya, since he’s looking for work. Ha!
  • Stefani says she’s done great since day one, she’s never talked crap about her crew and she’s never had a negative thing said about her by any member of her teams in the boardroom.
  • Trump says they’re both fantastic candidates and congratulates them both for making it as far as they have.
  • Trump is worried about Stefani with how she’s seemingly flown under the radar for a lot of the show.
  • The Donald tells James that he’s done great, but there have been a few comments he’s made through-out the show he didn’t like and, even though he’s sure he’s going to do well.
  • Donald Trump makes his decision.

The Apprentice Los Angeles Winner Is Stefani Schaeffer!

I have to admit, that choice caught me off guard. I’ve been pulling for James since day one and pegged him as the winner since the very first show. I’m disappointed he didn’t win as I’m not a big fan of Stefani, but oh well.

Thanks to everyone for reading! Check out for even more reality TV news, recaps and spoilers.

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7 thoughts on “The Apprentice Los Angeles Winner – Live Finale”

  1. Well, I think people like james did not need six figure job in the first place,
    but what eventually came down on him is a racial glass ceiling.
    He’s a yellow and asian man.
    That’s all I can think of as to why he was not selected.
    He showed great leadership roles.
    And great respect.
    Unless virginia tech shooting had something to do with it,
    stephanie is great but not excellent.

    BUt the fact is Korea is a good place to live and people like him can always fit in where Korea is.
    Whatever donald’s purpose of not selecting an asian man while he selected women, black, indian heritage.
    Big loss for him

  2. Additionally I feel sorry for the loss of a good opportunity for james, but there are tens of great companies willing to hire people like him so i think it’s a waste of time to waste a site for dating which may even be related to some scams like

    Tens of companies out there owned by asians as well,
    Annoying, Hah? must be a scam.

  3. Hi –
    I live in the UK & have followed & loved every episode of the Apprentice LA from the Yahoo site BUT where has episode 14 gone? We can’t seem to get the coverage for the Finale as we have with all the others.
    We can’t use the NBC website in the UK unfortunately.
    Any ideas or help on tracking down Episode 14 would be really appreciated.

  4. Same here Cornelius, I have been looking for the Season Finale, I thought I was going to find it on this site.

    Nevermind, I think Sir Alan Sugar’s show will keep us happy and content.

  5. I’ve done some searching and I have to admit, I haven’t been able to find anything that might help you guys either. No sign of any videos available for the UK.

    Sorry I couldn’t be of more help guys.

  6. Thanks for your site! I’ve been watching a rerun of LA Apprentice and MISSED the showing of the final episode — and therefore didn’t know who won! Many thanks for having this site available to put me out of my misery == like you, I thought James would win but…it was Stefani. Good work!!

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