Heroes Episode 19 Recap

The day has finally come! It seems like forever since I watched Heroes episode 18 and man am I ever glad the wait it over. Heroes episode 19 has been one hell of a long time in the making, but it is all going to be worth it in the end.

Since I’ve been looking forward to tonight’s episode for so long, I’ve decided to do something special to welcome the show back. Instead of kicking back, watching the show, taking notes and then writing a full recap a few hours later, tonight’s Heroes Episode 19 Recap will be live! Heroes on NBC airs tonight at 9/8c, so stay tuned and stick around. You’ll be able to find out what is happening when it’s happening!

In the meantime, get yourself warmed up for tonight’s episode by catching up with some Heroes spoilers:

Heroes episode 19 spoilers – Part 1
Heroes episode 19 spoilers – Part 2
Heroes episode 19 spoilers – Part 3

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