Survivor Cook Islands Recap: Message in a Bottle

Survivor Cook Islands: Season 13 – Episode 9

November 16th, 2006 – Tonight’s episode of Survivor Cook Islands kicks off with a very nervous Jonathan, one of the newest members of the Raro tribe – thanks to episode 8’s mutiny – trying to prove himself as a provider for the tribe. It doesn’t seem to be working very well, but maybe they’ll come around. One thing is for sure, Candice is having no troubles getting adapted to her new spot as a member of the Raro tribe. Adam and Candice picked up right where they left of and were all over eachother, professing their allegiances to eachother until the end. Yeah right, we’ll see how long that lasts. I’ll steal a term from Big Brother for this one: Hello Showmance!

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Survivor Cook Islands Reward Challenge

  • Use compass and coordinates given by Jeff Probst to locate a chest buried under a bigger compass
  • Retrieve all 4 chests using the provided coordinates
  • Crack open the chests, pull out flag symbols and match them up with corresponding letters to spell out victory
  • The first tribe to assemble the puzzle is flown to a nearby island and joins a local tribe for an island feast. The winning tribe also gets to choose a member of the other tribe to be sent to exile island.

Aitu takes a quick lead in the challenge, up 2 chests to 1 over Raro and only gains more momentum. Aitu works together a lot better than Raro and takes a strong 3 to 1 lead, as Raro struggles to get their second chest. Aitu is the first tribe to have all 3 chest’s and they begin to assemble the puzzle while Raro still struggles with their 3rd chest. Aitu completes the puzzle quickly, winning the reward challenge while Raro is still working on the 3rd chest. Aitu blew Raro out of the water on this challenge and chose to send one of the traitors, Candice, to exile island as punishment.

Aitu arrives at a nearby island to receive their reward and are greeted heartily by a chief and his local tribe. The chief adorns each tribe member with a woven necklace of leaves as the island tribe members lift the Aitu members onto their shoulders in chairs and carry them to their village. While at the village, the Aitu members are treated like royalty, are given some really yummy looking food, lots to drink and everyone has a great time relaxing. Even the usually conservative Yul got into the swing of things, dancing between two big girls that pulled him up off the ground. Yay Yul! Finally busting out of his shell a bit.

Back at Raro’s beach, Jonathan is continuing to make a strong effort as the Raro equivalent of Ozzy, catching 11 fish and masquerading as the provider for the tribe. Looks like his fellow tribe mates are starting to buy the routine a little more. Lucky him.

Tree mail arrives at Raro and it’s a map of all the islands in the area, listing the islands off by name. All of the tribe members study the map and prepare for the upcoming challenge. They also seem to finally realize that Rebecca isn’t contributing to the tribe in any way, shape or form. It looks like she’s finally on pretty rocky road, yay!

Survivor Cook Islands Immunity Challenge

  • Candice returns from exile island and rejoins Raro (she has spent 3 days at exile island and only 24-hours at Raro, rough)
  • Each tribe member, 1 by 1, must swim out to a platform in the middle of the bay and unclip a bundle of island names suspended from the bottom of the platform
  • Once each tribe member has returned to the beach with a bundle, all tribe members must match up the island names with the islands depicted on a map
  • The first tribe to successfully retrieve all the bundles and assemble the map wins immunity!
  • **The losing tribe will be given a message in a bottle which they must keep sealed until the votes have been read at tribal council, at which time the bottle will be opened and the note read.**

As usual, since swimming is involved, Playboy Foursome star Ozzy gives Aitu a big lead right off the bat, retrieving the first bundle in no time. Yul was hot on his heels, helping Aitu to take a quick 2 to 1 lead. Parvati starts to catch things up for Raro as Becky takes to the water for Aitu and slows the momentum down a lot. Though Raro’s brief chance to catch up didn’t last long as Rebecca took to the water and promptly lost any time that was made up, and substantially more, for the Raro tribe. By the time Rebecca returns to the beach with Raro’s final bundle, Aitu has assembled and completed their map, winning the immunity challenge. Raro is just getting killed, and they out number Aitu by 3 people, that’s just sad.

There is descension in the ranks once back at Raro and plans to break up the 5 person alliance to boot Rebecca seem to be strongly in place. Though Adam and Candice have some worries about Becky and how she seems to be such a strong influence in Raro, and Nate is even considering booting Jonathan since he’s an outsider. Really, tribal council is a crap shoot and there is only one way to find out what went down:

Survivor Cook Islands Tribal Council

Revealed Votes:

  1. Becky votes for Rebecca
  2. Rebecca votes for Jonathan

Unrevealed Votes:

  1. Jonathan
  2. Rebecca
  3. Rebecca
  4. Rebecca
  5. Rebecca

Rebecca is the 10th person to be voted off the island, joining Brad as the second member of the jury.

Everyone is convinced that the message in a bottle is nothing more than notice of the impending merger. Parvati, with bottle in hand, is given the word by Jeff Probst to crack open the bottle and read the note. It says: “You have just voted out a member of your tribe, now you must vote out another.” Wow! It’s a double elimination night! Totally not what I was expecting.

All of the tribe members proceed to make their choices for elimination yet again, and the votes came down to:

  1. Jonathan
  2. Jonathan
  3. Jenny
  4. Jenny
  5. Jenny
  6. Jenny

In a move that, without a doubt, caught myself and surely thousands of others completely off guard, Jenny becomes the 11th person voted off the island and the 3rd member of the jury as the result of a double elimination round. I was really thinking Jonathan would be the one to get the boot. I guess his gallivanting as Ozzy really paid off.

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