Biggest Loser Recap and Info: Fits and Fats

The Biggest Loser: Season 3 – Episode 9

November 15th, 2006 – Ha! Try as they might, NBC could not keep me from missing this weeks episode of the Biggest Loser! They even went so far as to schedule it 1-hour early at 8:00pm to try and throw me off again, but not this time, oh no no no, not this time! Of course it helps that I saw last weeks episode and noticed the time change, but that’s beside the point. Anyway, enough of this sham of a conspiracy and on to the gooey-nougaty-caramel filled episode 9 recap!

Find out who threw a huge fit and who didn’t lose a pound after the jump!

Tonight’s episode of the biggest loser 3 kicks off like any other with everyone sitting around, sulking and missing the last person to be eliminated. In this case, Bobby was the last contestant to get the boot, which drops the original blue team down to only two final members: Marty and Erik. Bob Harper, the blue team trainer since day one, pulls Marty and Erik aside for a good pep talk that seems to get them both pretty fired up, and you know what that means, off to the gym! Bob works his boys hard, as usual, going as far as to kneel on Marty’s back while he does push-ups. Ouch!

Kim Lyons, the red team trainer, has the newest contestants: Jaron and Adrian, out training in front of the ranch. She’s still trying to get used to the two newest additions to the show and is trying to learn each persons strengths and weaknesses, and just how to deal with each of them. One thing she learns right away is that Adrian is a whiny, over emotional, incredibly annoying person. She whines through the entire workout, which blows me away since Kim reluctantly agreed to train her after she sluffed her off in the previous episode. Biggest Loser 1 had an incredibly annoying female contestant in Lisa, and I’m getting the feeling Adrian is going to be season 3’s Lisa. Can we kick her out now, please?

Surprise! Everyone gets some well deserved pampering! A representative for Prevention Magazine comes into the house and tells everyone that they’ll be getting full makeovers. Make-up, haircuts, new clothes, the works, and all for a Prevention Magazine photo shoot. In the end, everyone loves their makeovers and a lot of the contestants have a hard time believing that they’ve actually dropped so much weight and so many sizes. They look fantastic, especially Marty!

the Biggest Loser Immunity Challenge

  • Each contestant is lifted 30-feet above the ground where they must ride an exercise bike on a suspended platform.
  • For every 2-miles each contestants burns through, they get to select a fellow contestant to drop 10-feet.
  • The last contestant to be riding their stationary bike above the ground wins Immunity!

Kai starts things off in a bad place right away. She hates heights and is freaking out, trying to peddle as hard as she can while the tears stream down her face. But Kai’s freak out was nothing compared to Adrian’s. Adrian threw a fit, saying the game was completely unfair, that it was rigged, that she has no chance of winning and that she might as well quit now since it’s 5 vs 2, meaning the old contestants will pick off the her and Jaron before anyone else. Though I can understand where she was coming from, it was just another cry baby, whiny hissy fit to throw, instead of shutting up and putting up in the challenge. She even went as far as to stomp off the screen, only to return again, still whining, after the commercial. That was just pathetic. I already hate this woman!

The challenge was a long one, and it’s hard to believe any of them lasted as long as they did with as fast as they were going, but they all did a fantastic job. The competition broke down to:

  • Jaron reaches 2-miles and drops Heather 10-feet
  • Kai drops Adrian
  • Wylie drops Jaron
  • Erik drops Jaron
  • Adrian drops Wylie
  • Heather drops Jaron
  • Jaron is the 1st biggest loser 3 contestant out of the challenge
  • Marty drops Adrian
  • Kai drops Adrian
  • Adrian is the 2nd contestant out
  • Wylie drops Heather
  • Erik drops Heather
  • Heather is the 3rd contestant out
  • Marty drops Kai
  • Kai drops Marty
  • Wylie drops Erik
  • Erik drops Wylie
  • Kai drops Marty
  • Marty drops Erik
  • Wylie drops Kai
  • Erik drops Wylie
  • Wylie is the 4th contestant out
  • Kai drops Marty
  • Marty is the 5th contestant out
  • Kai drops Erik
  • Erik is the 6th contestant out
  • Kai wins the biggest loser immunity challenge!

the Biggest Loser 3 Weigh In

  • 198lbs – Kai (down 3lbs)
  • 231lbs – Jaron (down 7lbs – 2.94%)
  • 179lbs – Heather (down 7lbs – 3.76%)
  • 274lbs – Marty (down 8lbs – 2.84%)
  • 163lbs – Adrian (down 7lbs – 4.12%)
  • 236lbs – Wylie (down 0lbs – 0%) – WOW! He must have gained muscle, that’s the only way.
  • 307lbs – Erik (down 11lbs – 3.46%)

Marty and Wylie, having the lowest total weight lost percentages of the group, both fell below the yellow line and were put up for elimination.

The girls are all chatting and they would prefer to keep Marty over Wylie since Marty has a great sense of humor and makes the competition funner. Although, on the other side, the guys see Marty as a huge threat and would rather keep Wylie around than him. You know what that means, there’s only one way to decide this outcome:

the Biggest Loser 3 Elimination Ceremony

  1. Adrian votes for Marty
  2. Jaron votes for Marty
  3. Kai votes for Wylie
  4. Heather votes for Wylie
  5. Erik votes for Marty

Marty is the next contestant to be eliminated from the biggest loser!

I have to admit, I was not expecting Erik to actually vote for Marty, but it makes sense. Erik took out one of his biggest threats, but now he’s the sole blue team member left, and after trainer Bob Harper told him not to get rid of Marty (in not so many words), I can only imagine how he’s going to react. Marty made incredible progress through out the season and he will, without a doubt, be looking amazing for the season finale.

the Biggest Loser Club Post Show Info

Marty came to the ranch weighing a massive 364lbs. After working his ass off, he managed to drop an awesome 90lbs, lowering his total weight to 274lbs when he was eliminated. Since leaving the ranch, Marty has some how managed to lose a further 50lbs! Making for a current weight of 224lbs and a total weight loss of a whopping 140lbs! I can’t get over it, he looks incredible. You’d be hard pressed to find a scrap of fat on his body now, he is solid as a rock.

So ends the November 15th – Biggest Loser 3: Episode 9 recap! Be sure to come back next week, November 22nd, for the episode 10 recap! While you’re waiting for the next recap, check out some of the other reality TV recaps offered at

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