Biggest Loser Recap and Info: Two New Contestants

The Biggest Loser: Season 3 – Episode 8 Recap

November 8th, 2006 – As a result of some confusion, I ended up watching America’s Next Top Model and missing half of tonight’s episode of the Biggest Loser. I swear I do not remember them mentioning that tonight’s episode would be a 2-hour episode. So, since I missed the first half of the show, I can only recap the last half – but everyone knows that’s when all the important stuff happens anyways. So read on, and find out what happened in episode 8 of the Biggest Loser.

I’m guessing in the first half of the show a group of at home contestants were brought back for their chance to get back into the game again, and though a surprising amount of the at home contestants have done an amazing job and lost incredible amounts of weight, there was only room for two more. The best male and best female, to whom the honors went to, Jaron of Arkansas and Adrian of North Dakota.

Right off the bat it seems like neither of the new contestants really wants to conform to how thing are done at the ranch, and Jaron chats it up with Bob about his diet, which is great, but Bob doesn’t believe to be maintainable. After a bit of the ole’ back and forth, back and forth, Jaron agreed to do things Bobs way, since, you know, it works!

Adrian was having issues of her own, especially with Kim. Her issues weren’t focused on the food like Jaron, but rather the working out and exercise routine. She had got into the habit of working out in the morning and at night while at home, and didn’t like the idea of giving that up. Kim gave her the option to either work out with her as a trainer, or to be on her own for the rest of the show. Ouch. After spending her first day working out by herself and feeling lonely, she ends up breaking down in tears while talking (“see also: complaining about her own stupidity”) to Kai and, in the end, goes back to Kim and asks for another chance. Kim does give her a second chance and promptly throws her into the pit of a never ending 1-on-1 last chance workout. Girl had that coming.

Now, that’s enough of the filler, on to what everyone has come here for:

Biggest Loser Weigh In

This weeks weigh in is Duo style. Each team must lose enough combined total weight to keep themselves out of the bottom two, or they will face elimination, sorta. How interesting.

  • 236lbs – Wylie (down 6lbs)
  • 282lbs – Marty (down 4lbs)
  • Total weight loss: 10lbs
  • Total percentage of loss: 1.89%
  • 170lbs – Adrian (down 4lbs)
  • 238lbs – Jaron (down 10lbs)
  • Total weight loss: 14lbs
  • Total percentage of loss: 3.32%
  • 201lbs – Kai (down 7lbs)
  • 318lbs – Erik (down 20lbs) – WOW!
  • Total weight loss: 27lbs
  • Total percentage of loss: 4.95%
  • 252lbs – Bobby (down 3lbs)
  • 186lbs – Heather (up 4lbs) – Double Wow!
  • Total weight loss: 0lbs (gained 1lbs)
  • Total percentage of loss: 0%

While bobby is busy feeling horrible, giving up all hope and knowing that he is going to be going home, even if he doesn’t want to, Heather is almost gloating about how well she screwed him over. It was her plan all along to do poorly so they would be on the chopping block and everyone would vote to eliminate Bobby. One thing is for sure, the game playing in this season of the Biggest Loser has far surpassed any kind of game playing in the previous seasons. They’re getting down right evil about it. I love it!

Biggest Loser Elimination Ceremony

  1. Adrian and Jaron vote for: Bobby
  2. Erik and Kai vote for: Bobby
  3. Wylie and Marty’s vote is not counted

There you have it, Bobby is the next contestant to be eliminated from season three of the Biggest Loser. But it doesn’t end there. With Bobby’s elimination comes the dissolving of the duo’s, and now the game really begins, as it’s every man/woman for themselves. The strategy should get really interesting now. This is going to be some cut throat shiznit!

Biggest Loser Club Post Show Information

Bobby did fantastic while at the ranch and I have all the faith in the world that he will continue. He’s happy to be back with his family, back working for the fire department and back home. Bobby came to the biggest loser ranch weighing 321lbs. When he left the ranch, he weighed 252lbs, a total weight loss of 69lbs. Since leaving the ranch, Bobby has gone on to drop another 25lbs, dropping his weight to 227lbs, making for a grand total weight loss of a whopping 94lbs! Fantastic work Bobby, look forward to seeing you at the finale.

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