Survivor Cook Islands: Is it all BS?

A fellow Vancouver Blogger that goes by the name Gus Greeper has a really interesting entry about this season’s Survivor Cook Islands. Apparently she went to the Cook Islands with her family in 1998 and from how she’s describing everything, it sounds like a lot of the aspects of this seasons Survivor are complete bs. Just a few points out of the post that make me go hmmm, are:

  • “There are fifteen islands in total. The main island whose name and capital is Rarotonga is so small you can ride a motor scooter around it in approximately twenty minutes.”
  • “ALL of the tribes are on Rarotonga although they are trying to make it look like they are using multiple islands they are not. Exile Island takes no more than ten minutes to swim out to I don’t remember exactly but I reached it without problem.”
  • “The white guys are at the park where I ran the triathlon. They could head over to the ‘Fruits of Rarotonga’ for a fruit smoothie.”
  • “The one group on aitutaki are in the lagoon where all the nice resorts are. It just kills the illusion that they are out in the wilderness.”
  • “And the reason that they stopped chasing the chicken is they would have run out on the road and been run over. You may have noticed in one shot when they were chasing the chicken that there was a pile of poles lying on the ground, you can’t cut trees in the park so they have supplied them with poles. Plus I think if you check they do not have bamboo in that part of the world. We have been all over that island I have never seen any.”

To find out more about this season’s Survivor Cook Islands and the Cook Islands in general, check out the story over at

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3 thoughts on “Survivor Cook Islands: Is it all BS?”

  1. You are all wet. I lived on Aitutaki and Rarotonga for six months. Rarotonga is a airplane ride away from Aitutaki. The survivors are all on islands also called Motu’s in the lagoon of Aitutaki. No permanent inhabitants on those small islands. The tribes are not on Rarotonga. Greeper needs to get it straight when blogging to the world!
    Also, there is plenty of bamboo on all of the islands. I had a grove right outside my house on Aitutaki. There are several resorts on Aitutaki but they are near the main island. Not far out in the lagoon. Easily verifiable if one cared about accuracy. Lastly, if they had kept chasing the chicken they would ahve eventually run into the beach on the other side of the tiny island they are living on.
    Drop me a line and I’ll share some pictures and web sites with you.
    Hollywood is always going to use a little illusion, but that’s what we want, isn’t it. If we could see the camermen in the episodes, we would be discussing that instead of the heart of the show.

  2. I found this post very funny. If you have actually been to Aitutaki you would no that living on the island is very harsh even for the locals. Only tourist have it easy in the hotels scattered around the island but even then the standard of luxury is not as high as you might experience in the Caribbean.

    PS: I’m not a Survivor fun.

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