Vancouver Flash Mob: Talk like a Pirate day

vancouver talk like a pirate day

My friend and fellow Vancouver Blogger Andrew of asked me to get the word out about an upcoming Vancouver Flash Mob event, celebrating the annual Talk Like a Pirate Day.

Check it out, September 19th, 2006 @ 4:30pm PST at Grandview Park on Commerical Drive.

For more information, visit

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1 thought on “Vancouver Flash Mob: Talk like a Pirate day”

  1. **Breaking News**
    Darth Lissen presents:
    Lightsaber Flashmob Vancouver

    Spontaneous lightsaber battle

    Date: Sunday July 13th
    Time: 8pm sharp!! Till approx 8:10pm
    Location: Vancouver Art Gallery field (The Olympic Clock side)
    750 Hornby Street, Vancouver BC

    Sound like fun? We thought so.

    All you need to join us is a lightsaber. It could be a fancy FX saber, a Toys R Us $20 special or simply a painted cardboard tube, you decide! Come dressed as your favorite Star Wars character? Of course! But it’s not essential. You don’t even need to be a Star Wars fan…it’s all about getting out into the public eye, waving a sword around, having fun, and having a laugh.

    Make it fun, keep it safe, and be careful of the little kids in the crowd, this is all-ages fun.
    Come on by and prove once and for all who is the more powerful, the Jedi…or the Sith!

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