Reality TV: Dancing With The Stars Jerry Springer Without Partner

It was clear from the get go that Jerry Springer, host of the Jerry Springer Show, didn’t have a hope in hell at winning Dancing With the Stars, but now his chances are even lower then before, if that is actually possible.

Jerry’s Dancing With the Stars partner, Kym Johnson, has developed a knee injury and has been forced to withdraw from the competition. Tragedy of all tragedies, whatever shall we do!

You know they’ve got to bring someone else in to repalce Kym Johnson and I can’t help but feel sorry for whoever that unlucky soul is. Sure, getting on a show like Dancing with the Stars can do wonders for your career if you’re a relative unknown, but if you’re partnered with Jerry Springer you’re not going to be around for very long and the air time you do get will be about as good for your career as being on the Jerry Springer Show.

In other Dancing with the Stars news:

Mario Lopez is being accused of cheating and being a ringer.

A women that was allegedly his former dance partner has said Mario Lopez is far from being an amateur and won a series of dance competitions when he was younger.

Mario’s reps came back by stating that he is in no way a professional or ringer, and the only dance competition’s he’s performed in where hip-hop dance-offs. Ooh, how ghetto.

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