Survivor: The Australian Outback Winner

The alliance stuck together in Survivor: The Australian Outback Episode 14, voting out Elisabeth to leave a final three of Keith Famie, Colby Donaldson, and Tina Wesson.

Tina’s in a great spot here. Both the guys will probably bring her with them, so she’s guaranteed a spot in the final two. It’s a matter of what the boys can put together to get themselves there.

With two hours and only three people left, they’ve got an awful lot of time to kill here. This is why the final four is no longer a full episode by itself.

They are given the tools necessary to do some arts and crafts and make an idol to give back to the land. This is part of their reflection about what has happened over the past 42 days.

The next day, they offer up their idols after taking the walk remembering their fellow castaways. Probst gives them some alone time at the waterfall before the tribal council, and when they’re done thinking, they toss their idols in the river.

Keith doesn’t think he has any chance of winning, but he’s fine with it.

With 1/3 of the episode done, it’s time to get to the point. They make their way to tribal council for the final immunity challenge. It’s a Q&A challenge. All this time, and it boils down to some questions about their tribemates.

Which former Survivor would be the one to tell you to work your magic?
Alicia. Everybody is right.

What town is Rodger from?
Crittenden. Everybody is right.

According to their Survivor application, who is the only member of the Barramundi tribe with a masters degree?
Rodger. Everybody is wrong.

Who spent 12 years living in Germany?
Jerri. Everybody is right.

Who is the person in this picture?
Elisabeth’s brother Kenny. Colby and Tina are right.

What two Survivors have tattoos of Chinese characters?
Alicia and Jeff. Nobody is right.

Jeff and Alicia also wear jewelry on the same part of their body. What is it, and where do they wear it?
Thumb rings. Colby is right.

Whose shorts are these?
Nick. Tina is right.

What is Elisabeth’s boyfriend’s name?
Tim. Everybody is right.

What college did they both attend?
Boston College, not to be confused with Boston University. Colby and Tina are right.

With just 2 questions left, Keith is out of the running.

Who said on their Survivor application they would like to be stranded with President Clinton or the pope because they’re the most likely to be rescued?
Nick. Neither are right.

It’s now tied at 7 for the final question.

Who stated on their Survivor application form that their proudest accomplishment was being on the dean’s list in college for 5 semesters?
Amber. Colby wins immunity.


Keith has been voted off the island. Colby has gotten his way. Jerri won’t win, and Keith won’t win. Neither the smartest of plays since he’s up against one of the most well liked people on the tribe. Regardless of how well Colby has played most of the game, these choices have been particularly poor.

Tina and Colby both take credit for how far Keith got, and both indicate they wanted to get rid of him when given the chance.

Colby believes that Tina has played the game better than anyone else, apparently himself included. He feels certain he could have won against Keith, but he doesn’t know that he even has a 50/50 shot against Tina. On the basis of sheer stupidity, Colby just simply does not deserve to win this game, but he is a deserving second.

The jury indicates they have not shared any information with anybody else about who they are voting for. Not exactly something that can be controlled, and even if they don’t say anything specificaly, they can certainly beat around the bush.

Tina doesn’t want to tell the jury they should vote for her. Rather, she would like to give the jury a lecture not to vote based on hurt feelings.

Colby guesses he’s supposed to make a speech to the jury that’s supposed to indicate that he deserves to win. He doesn’t know that he does deserve to win. He considers himself a jack of all trades, who didn’t necessarily do anything great but did everything pretty good.

Rodger wants a couple of instances where they did not tell the truth, and to know whether they played the game as ethically as they could. Tina gives an example of the Amber vote. She doesn’t feel that lying is unethical because it’s all part of the game. Colby’s moment is that he lied to Jerri about being in the final three with her. Maybe he did have a struggle with ethics.

Amber wants to know what three things got them to this point, and what are they going to do with the money. Colby refused to mentally check out of the game, fooled himself into thinking he was full with water, and took time out to enjoy the experience every now and then. He would spend the money on a Harley Davidson, buying the building his dad is having to sell due to financial reasons, and taking care of his mom. Tina got there based on strategy, Colby, and heart/God. She would pay off her house, her best friend’s house, and start a fund and spend the interest one time a year on a family that’s in need (an idea she got from Elisabeth).

Elisabeth asks which two people they would exclude from the prize if they could give it to 5 others. Tina says Jerri and Rodger. Colby says Jerri and Keith. Elisabeth does not allow any explanations. Jerri is obvious and didn’t hurt either of them. Rodger’s already got plenty of money. Colby knows he ain’t gonna harm himself by answering Keith.

Keith would like an instance of use of manipulation. Colby says the Mitchell vote, and Tina follows suit. A smart answer considering who they’re talking to, since Keith was saved in the process of that vote.

Alicia asks what they’re most and least proud of. Tina is proud of the role she played. Her least proud moment was every tribal council when she had to vote someone out. Colby starts with his least proud moment, probably today realizing how little respect he’s showed the land. His most proud moment was the water bucket immunity win.

Nick, assuming that Kucha would have won the immunity challenge if Mike didn’t have his accident (an assumption with maybe 50/50 odds of being accurate), wants to know who would be in their places and why if Mike were still around. Colby responds Nick because he had the mental game going before the merge, and Mike as well because he had it together. Tina can’t really answer the question because she didn’t know them very well as a tribe, but she does think Mike would be one of the two.

Jerri would like to allow them to clear their conscience for something they might have done to another person. Oh, it’s obvious what she’s looking for here. Tina felt awful after looking in Kel’s bag for beef jerky. Colby feels guilty about Rodger and Elisabeth and Alicia, but he doesn’t have any regrets.

Colby doesn’t have any last words.

Tina returns to how this is a game of strategy.

Tina (Alicia)
Tina (Keith)
Colby (Rodger)
Colby (Amber)
Colby (Nick)
Tina (Jerri)
Tina (Elisabeth)

By a vote of 4-3, Tina Wesson is the Survivor: The Australian Outback winner. Congrats to Colby for handing the game away.

Interestingly enough, Tina was an alternate. Two weeks before this all started, she wasn’t going. Keith, meanwhile, was supposed to be on the first one.

At the finale, Michael shows off his hands. They look good as new. Despite what happened, he felt it was the greatest experience.

Debb didn’t want to be part of the reunion because the press tore her apart. There’s no way she’d do this again. Due to how much he suffered, Mitchell would also never do this again.

Kel has forgiven Jerri, although he doesn’t like her. She can’t count on getting a Christmas card from him. Jerri doesn’t expect everyone to like her, which is a pretty safe bet, but she hopes people can differentiate between Survivor and real life.

Kimmi called Alicia, but Alicia didn’t return the call. Alicia says she’s over it now, but Kimmi won’t be getting a Christmas card either.

With a feeling he was going to go the night he was voted out, Jeff sabotaged the tribe, releasing their 13 fish into the water.

Survivor: The Australian Outback Episode 14

Rodger was voted out in Survivor: The Australian Outback Episode 13, leaving just one Kucha left standing against the alliance that’s both imploding and not making a lot of sense yet nonetheless still intact.

With Rodger gone, Elisabeth misses her family more, which she decides to discuss with Tina. As they near the end, they’re more able to afford the luxury of thinking of normal things like home.

Today’s challenge combines elements from previous challenges. They will start blindfolded and shackled and negotiate a ropes course, take off their blindfolds and complete a puzzle to get a key to undo the shackles, cross a balance beam, and start a fire on a fire scale. Reward is a Pontiac Aztek, which at the time was a new SUV but has since been discontinued. Let the car curse begin. Colby’s leading as usual. He is the first to complete the ropes course. Tina and Keith are behind him. Elisabeth is in last. Colby still leads after the puzzle. Elisabeth moves into second. Keith and Tina are bringing up the rear. Now it’s a matter of who can keep crossing the balance beam with their bucket of water the fastest. Colby is still in the lead moving into the fire lighting stage. Elisabeth is a close second. Tina’s in third but obviously out of it. Colby wins reward. In addition to the new car, which guarantees he won’t win the game, he also gets a mattress, hot shower, and a meal.

When they go to get treemail, they get a scale and a mirror. Are they brave enough to check it out? Tina can’t bring herself to look into the mirror, but she gets on the scale to find out she has lost 16 pounds and is now down to 99. Elisabeth is down from 113 pounds to 101. Keith has dropped to 143 pounds from 170. Colby is down 25 pounds from his starting weight of 190. Between the four of them, they’ve lost a third grader.

Colby’s keeping his conversation with Keith to a minimum. He gets the feeling Keith needs to win tomorrow. Tina and Elisabeth bid him farewell as he goes to get his car, but nobody knows where Keith has disappeared to because Keith keeps going off on his own.

Upon arrival at his new vehicle, Colby’s got one more surprise. His mom has paid a visit to the outback. She’s bothered by the look she sees in his eyes, probably due to lack of food. The next morning, she returns with Colby to camp to visit the others, and after talking for a while, she’s got some care packages for each of them.

The immunity challenge is a memory game. There are 18 matching pairs in all. Whoever gets the most wins. Colby gets the first match. After several more matches, Colby has 2, Elisabeth has 2, Keith has 1, and Tina has 1. More time passes, and Colby and Keith have 3, while Tina and Elisabeth have 2. Continuing on, Colby has 6, Keith has 5, and Elisabeth and Tina have 3. It’s mathematically impossible for either Elisabeth or Tina to win. Colby is looking to win, whereas Keith is looking to force a tie. Colby gets number 7 to win immunity.

It’s unlikely anybody will want to get rid of Tina, though as one of the more likeable people with good jury support, she should certainly be a consideration. but Keith and Elisabeth are both in danger depending on which way Colby wishes to go.


With three votes, Elisabeth has been voted off the island, bringing an end to Kucha’s run. Based on his voting strategy, it would seem that Colby is following the plan he considers to be taking the least likeable person along with him in Keith, yet he got rid of Jerri and continues to keep Tina around.

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Survivor: The Australian Outback Episode 13

In a rather senseless and potentially dangerous move, Amber was voted out in Survivor: The Australian Outback Episode 12, leaving two Kucha still alive.

The tribe has moved to a new shelter as planned, but this new shelter is quite leaky. Colby thinks Tina’s hit rock bottom, but Elisabeth has been rock bottom for a few days or so.

Their loved ones will be participating online in the reward challenge. One at a time, they will be asked a series of survival trivia questions. For the winner, a private 30 minute chat online, and a $500 shopping spree to spend on their loved ones. They all also get danish and coffee, which they get to eat during their brief greeting to their families.

1. In the southern hemisphere, the sun rises in which direction?

2. The emu is the largest bird in the world. True or false?
False. Ostrich.

3. Heat cramps are caused by the loss of what?

4. Of the ten most venemous snakes in the outback, how many live in Australia?
All 10 that live in the outback also live in Australia.

5. If you are 1 mile from a lightning strike, approximately how long will it take you to hear the thunder?
5 seconds. 1 second is a myth.

With 4 correct answers, Tina’s family wins the reward challenge. Everybody else gets one last chance to send a brief IM. Keith takes the opportunity to propose.

For the day, everybody’s happy, and nobody’s plotting someone else’s demise.

The next morning, they wake up, and they see the river running through their old camp. Good thing they decided to move.

That new rice that they bargained away their shelter for has been rationed, but Colby and Elisabeth are worried that Keith’s cooking way too much. Colby has had enough. He’s tired of this clown, and his game with him is done. Jerri could have warned you weeks ago, dude. Colby doesn’t think Keith has done anything worth being in the game still, and I’d argue he is right. Keith just dumb lucked his way into having the numbers advantage, which he’s kept no matter how foolishly he’s played.

The immunity challenge is based on a story about the island, which the players will use to free themselves from their shackles. Colby’s got 2 locks open, and so does Elisabeth. Rodger has 0. Colby takes the lead at 3, and Elisabeth and Keith are also now at 3. Keith takes the lead at 4, and Colby joins him, as does Tina. Keith is the first to get all 5 locks open. He returns with only 4 locks, meaning he has to return to find the fifth one he dropped. While Keith’s looking, Colby wins immunity for his third time in a row.

Tina asks Rodger who he thinks needs the money the most between himself and Elisabeth. He responds Elisabeth.

Elisabeth thinks that Colby will vote for Rodger but hopes that Keith has driven him crazy enough that he’ll vote for him. Colby’s struggle is whether he wants to sit next to someone he can beat or someone he feels is deserving.


With three votes, Rodger has been voted off the island. Ogakor remains in charge and together, whether they like each other or not.

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Survivor: The Australian Outback Episode 12

Having postponed the inevitable for one extra tribal council by voting out Jerri, the members of Kucha were still unable to come up with a strategy that actually worked, and Nick was voted out in Survivor: The Australian Outback Episode 11.

Now that they’ve got new rice, they have decided to be very careful with it. They are living on much less than they were before, but at least they’ve got something.

Keith, Colby, and Tina are in control and arrogant about it.

The reward challenge is a rope course. The first person to reach all four checkpoints gets to saddle up and ride off with some Australian cowboys to have some of their authentic grub. Since it will be an overnight reward, they will also have a cot to sleep on and some bacon and eggs the next morning. Colby’s got the lead with Amber right behind him, and that’s how things will end up. Colby wins reward. Rodger and Tina are in third and fourth. Elisabeth is in fifth. Keith finishes eventually. As a sample of what he’s going to get tonight, he receives some bread. He is not given the option of inviting anybody along with him.

Within about 10 minutes of taking off on his trek, Colby runs into the worst storm he’s ever seen. He can barely see anything, and the rain feels like hail. He feels sorry for all the others who have to go back to a very wet beach. When they’re returning from the challenge, they come to a crossing, which they had crossed to get there. It’s flooding waters, a stark contrast to the one puddle that had been there a couple hours earlier. They have to wait for a couple hours for the creek to settle. During this wait, they’re left to wonder what, if anything, is left of their camp.

Then we see what they’re going to see when they’re able to: their camp is flooding. Their personal items are floating away, and that rice that they just traded their shelter away for is in the water as well. Their camp is wrecked, but some of it still remains. They start to look around and find out that their fishing hooks are gone, too, as is everything they had to cook with.

While they suffer, Colby’s living the life. He hangs out with a bunch of cowboys, sits around a fire, and eats beans and beef stew, which is something he would have done while he was at home.

Back at camp, they have some hope that they might see something floating. They do find the rice as it’s getting dark. Tina wants to cross further down where it’s deeper but there is no current, but Keith wants to play Superman and cross at the most dangerous point. Both of them make it across safely regardless, and they manage to grab the rice and bring it back.

The celebration ends when they realize the matches is in Keith’s now soaked coat, so they’re not going to start a fire to dry off, and they won’t be able to cook that rice. They all go through the most miserable night they’ve ever had. The next morning when they wake up, they decide they have to build higher and just hope they don’t get struck by lightning. Colby returns to a depressed camp.

The immunity challenge is a slingshot contest. The last person left standing with a plate intact will win immunity. Keith chips Colby’s plate. In return, Colby knocks down one of Keith’s plates. Elisabeth and Amber both get hit the next time. Amber once again gets hit. Tina’s first plate is hit. Keith returns the favor to Colby. Rodger’s first plate is taken out by Colby. Amber is the first one out of the game. With Amber having been struck by Elisabeth, Rodger, and Colby, they’re leaving it no secret that she’s not safe, and the former Kucha aren’t even going to try to work with her. Tina strikes Keith. Rodger is also down to one plate. Colby is knocked down to one plate by Rodger. Keith is eliminated. Tina is eliminated by Colby. Colby knocks out Rodger. Elisabeth has two plates left, while Colby has one. Down to one each. Colby wins immunity, which at some point should possibly lead someone to believe he’s a threat.

Probst blames the tribe for their decision to put the shelter in the sand. Rodger says it was not his idea. The females wanted to be on the beach. To be fair, if they hadn’t been forced to abandon their camp so they could go participate in a challenge, they would have been able to save it. In a real life situation, everybody in camp would not have left. Someone would have remained behind to stand guard.


Amber’s tribe has turned on her, with the exception of Colby, who voted along tribal lines. What that gets them I’m not real clear, but the result is that Elisabeth and Rodger live to see another day. With 4 votes, Amber has been voted off the island.

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Survivor: The Australian Outback Episode 11

Kucha and Keith finally got their way as Jerri was voted off the island in Survivor: The Australian Outback Episode 10.

Now that Kucha got their way, what’s their next step? They’re still outnumbered. Amber might be worth approaching, but they just voted out her top ally, although her tribe contributed to that as well. Amber feels sad because her own tribe didn’t even trust her enough to let her know what was going on. Keith doesn’t care. He blames her for liking Jerri in the first place.

Not having rationed, they’re down to their last meal of rice, if that. They’re not having luck with any fishing either.

Each person has $500 Australian to bid. $60 for 4 Doritos and salsa. Nick bids $60 and wins that item. Next item is peanutbutter and 4 squares of chocolate. Amber bids $80. Elisabeth bids $100. Tina goes $120. Elisabeth ups it to $140. Amber goes $160. Elisabeth doesn’t let her get the bid out before hitting $180. Colby goes $200. Elisabeth goes $220. She’s obviously going to win this item. Tina goes $240. Elisabeth goes to $260 and finally wins. Amber buys Mountain Dew for $80. Nick buys three crackers for $120. Keith buys pizza for $180. Tina buys Oreos and milk. Nick buys beer and pretzels for $100. Amber buys the 6 french fries and a dish of ranch dressing. Next item is iced coffee and chocolate peantubutter energy bar. Amber bids $100. Colby bids $120. Amber bids $140. Colby bids $160. Amber bids $180. Colby bids $200. Amber bids $220. Colby bids $240. Amber bids $260. Colby bids $280 to win. The next item is a real full size meal of mashed potatoes, turkey, and veggies. Amber bids $180. Tina bids $200. Elisabeth bids $220. Keith bids $240. Elisabeth asks for a loan from Tina and bids $260. Keith bids $280. Elisabeth gets more money from Tina and bids $300. Keith bids $320. For $340, Elisabeth and Tina win the meal and split it. Amber bids $120 for the mystery plate. Keith bids $140. Amber bids $160. Rodger bids $180. Amber bids $200 and wins the mystery plate, which is water from their river. Rodger bids $200 for the hamburger. Keith keeps trading bids with him, but all he’s doing is raising the price because he only has $300 left, so Rodger pays $320 for the burger. That’s it for the auction. Now everybody’s feeling sick, except for Amber and Colby, who didn’t eat very much.

The water keeps rising. They’re almost out of land.

Nick is complaining about the lack of food and just hopes to be out of there soon. Is he going out fishing to do something about it? That would be a no. He has been asked to go, but he doesn’t have any intention to do so. Nobody is happy with this from either tribe.

The immunity challenge is to create fire in the fire bucket and then raise that bucket with water in another bucket that has a hole in it. Nick is the first one to start getting water. Tina is next up with water. Keith, Amber, and Rodger follow them. Colby and Elisabeth are next. Everybody’s fire is doing fine, except for Nick’s, which is going out. Keith thinks he’s won and tosses his bucket, only to find out he hasn’t won yet. If he hadn’t slowed down, he had this thing won, but his next bucket still is not enough. As he continues to screw around, Colby wins immunity.

Elisabeth is taking the lack of food the hardest. She’s shaking and weak, but she still wants to try to help the others fish. When she gets up the hill, she finds out that a turtle took their second to last hook.

Jeff Probst comes carrying a tin, which they all assume contains rice. Yesterday at the immunity challenge, he saw something he hasn’t seen before: true lethargy. They’ve got 13 days left, and he doesn’t think they’re going to make it. They had plenty of stuff. They had enough rice to last the whole time, if rationed properly, and a tackle box with 25 hooks that couldn’t be beat. He’s got enough rice to last them the last two weeks, but it’s not coming without a price. He needs something back of substantial value. Rodger offers up the blankets. Not good enough. He wants the tarps and the Texas flag. Food versus shelter. Colby has no problem giving up his personal item. He sweetens the deal with 25 more hooks. That’s good enough to convince them all. With food, they hope to have the strength to rebuild.

Knowing it’s probably going to rain soon and they’ll need cover for the night, the first order of business is to build a new shelter. They realize they’re not going to be totally dry, but they do a decent job trying.

Amber’s nervous and feels like she may be the next one going. She could quite possibly flip to the other side. She’d be at the bottom there, but she’s at the bottom with her own tribe as well. That would be more likely to sink her with the jury, but it’s looking like whoever she sides with will just ride her until they don’t need her any more anyway.

Unlike everybody else, Keith doesn’t feel the need to bring his backpack to tribal council.


Knowing he’s gone anyway, Nick takes the opportunity to vote for Keith to lash out as his arrogance, while Elisabeth and Rodger vote for Amber. With 4 votes, Nick has been voted off the island, as Ogakor sticks together this time.

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Survivor: The Australian Outback Episode 10

As the strongest person on the island, Alicia was voted out in Survivor: The Australian Outback Episode 8.

Has the Kucha tribe learned from last time, or will they continue to push the anti-Jerri vote that did not work before?

The roof of Nick’s mouth feels like it’s burning. He has enlarged taste buds, so he thinks that’s the problem. He can barely even swallow water at this point.

With the rainy season here, the tribe is getting more miserable. They’re less able to sleep, the work they have to do is more difficult, and the water is muddy, which has decreased their fishing prospects and forced them to fish from the shore, where they’re losing their hooks. The result of the decreased fish is that they’re eating more rice than they should. They’re down now to their last two meals of rice.

Reward challenge is here, and even that’s a cause for friction within the tribe. They’re told they will split into partnerships of one man and one woman each. So do they pull them out of a hat? Nope, Jerri doesn’t want to. She wants Colby. The others veto her. Jerri gets Colby anyway. Reward is to go via helicopter to one of the seven natural wonders of the world, the Great Barrier Reef, where they will go snorkeling in the clear blue water and get lunch. The challenge is an obstacle course on the beach. The teams are: Jerri & Colby, Tina & Rodger, Amber & Keith, and Nick & Elisabeth. Keith & Amber beat Tina & Rodger to move on to the finals. In a slightly more fair match, Jerri & Colby still easily beat Nick & Elisabeth to move to the finals as well. Amber’s doing a decent job of keeping up with the competition, but Keith’s dragging her down. Colby is making sure that Jerri keeps up with him, no matter how much he has to throw her around and hope to break something. Jerri and Colby win reward.

So does this count as a first date? Colby tells Jerri right away that he doesn’t want to hear a word about Survivor or the others. Under the tent is a feast with every kind of picnic food and some champagne. When they’re done eating, they head out and swim in the middle of the Great Barrier Reef with their underwater cameras. Jerri tells Colby this is one hell of a first date. He just considers it downtime away from the game and nothing more. He’s still thinking, though. When he returns to camp, he’s brought everybody back a piece of coral.

Unless he wins immunity, Nick’s the most likely target, but he’s pretty much burned out, so whether he’ll actually try is the question.

The immunity challenge is a test of balance. The first round is to knock their opponent off balance using a rope, but it’s not a tug of war. The second round is a shaky beam. The finalists will square off on a pair of unsteady platforms. Keith and Rodger are up first, and Rodger wins. Nick and Jerri square off next, and Jerri looks strong but ends up falling backward. Colby and Tina go next, and there’s really no question that Colby will win this. Amber and Elisabeth are perhaps the most evenly matched of the pairs, and Amber moves to the next round. Colby next goes against Rodger, which once again is an unfair fight. Nick takes on Amber on the beam, and Amber looks like she may have the upper hand but eventually falls in. It’s Nick against Colby, and somehow Nick manages to outlast Colby to win immunity.

Because Nick has immunity, Elisabeth’s neck’s on the chopping block. Will they come up to a workable strategy? Elisabeth is sticking to the same thing as last time: vote for Jerri. Tina tells her it ain’t gonna work.

Keith is whining about not eliminating Jerri right away. Colby wants to see calmer heads prevail and stick to the original plan. The reality is they can get rid of Jerri and still have the numbers, although it is the more dangerous path to take, and really not worth the risk considering things are going perfectly as it is.

At tribal council, Jerri acknowledges she’s surprised even herself by saying and acting the way she has due to stress/hunger/etc. She wishes she could take back some of the things she’s said.


Keith’s whining worked. Jerri has finally gotten her comeuppance, and she’s not too surprised. That makes Amber the most out of the loop person on the tribe, but it still leaves Kucha shy on numbers unless they come up with an alternate strategy because getting someone to turn on Amber will be a lot harder than getting someone to turn on Jerri. They haven’t altered the outcome… they’ve merely given themselves one more tribal council.

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Survivor: The Australian Outback Episode 8

Thanks to Kimmi’s big mouth, Ogakor knew exactly who had votes against him, allowing them to gain the upper hand and vote out Jeff in Survivor: The Australian Outback Episode 7.

Rodger says it’s now every man for himself, as he realizes that Kucha as a tribe can easily be picked off. His plan is to keep catching fish.

Alicia expects four people on the jury to be Kucha members, so the other tribe better play nice.

Tina and Keith are gravitating toward Rodger because they’re closer in age. She says that she wants the good guys to win. So up on the screen pops Jerri, who knows she can’t trust her tribe.

Speaking of Jerri, she still wants to be in control of the rice. Alicia and Elisabeth are tending to the rice. Jerri doesn’t like it. It’s mushy. The good thing for Elisabeth here is that she can tell that Tina’s not happy with Jerri, who is quickly becoming the most logical final two opponent, since she has few friends on either side.

For Kucha, though, their way in may be to get the others to vote against Jerri. In addition to the fact that Elisabeth has noticed that Tina has issues with Jerri, Alicia has noticed the same for Keith and Jerri.

Tina is bonding with Elisabeth. Between those two hanging out and Keith and Rodger hanging out, that could be a powerful foursome.

The reward challenge is a boomerang toss, the most popular weapon in Australia. The person whose boomerang comes closest to the red flag wins reward. Reward is a full meal. Alicia is outside the target. Keith is further outside it. Colby isn’t even close. Tina is still unable to catch Alicia. Jerri is the first one to get inside the circle at the second ring. Nick’s inside the target but not close enough. Rodger comes close but no supper. Elisabeth is outside the target. Amber is close enough to Jerri’s toss that they need to measure it. Jerri wins reward. She’s gonna have to choose someone to go with her. So she asks who really, really, really wants this? Everybody. She picks Amber, unsurprisingly, but she does have a reasonable explanation for it: Amber came so close to winning it.

When the others return to camp, they’re quite happy because Jerri is no longer there. As openly vocal as they’re being about how much they hate Jerri, there’s a smarter strategy here than campaigning against Jerri: let her know just how much her tribe hates her.

Amber and Jerri are worried about Tina, who has been a completely different person since the merge. They’re worried they’re going to get their backs stabbed.

Upon their return, Jerri and Amber feel out of place. Nobody’s happy to see them. Colby makes his way down to the beach to get some time alone. So Jerri takes this as her opportunity to go talk to him. She’s worried about Tina and Keith. Colby tells her the truth: Tina and Keith are going to the finals with him. However, he convinces her that he’s with her and Amber. He won’t lose sleep over lying. After all, he’s just lying to Jerri. He doesn’t care that it’s a stupid idea for him to go up against Keith or Tina. His only concern is that Jerri is not allowed to win.

The object of the immunity challenge is to connect posts with ropes to form squares. Whoever’s rope completes the square gets a point, and they can continue scoring points as long as they can complete squares. Amber gets the first point. Nick gets his first. Colby gets 1, then 2. Jerri gets 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. Keith gets 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and on through 17. Amber gets 2 through 10. Tina gets 1 through 16. Not enough. Keith wins immunity.

Nick and Alicia feel Elisabeth is foolish for thinking that Jerri will be sent home. They assume one of them will be gone.

It’s time for tribal council, which means it’s time for a rain storm.


Because she intimidated the men as much as the women, Alicia has been voted off the island. She is the first member of the jury, and she leaves with a positive attitude and a smile, having already prepared herself for her eviction.

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Survivor: The Australian Outback Episode 7

Survivor: The Australian Outback Episode 6 saw the departure of Michael after he passed out and fell into the fire.

Unlike what they do nowadays, they’re not even trying to keep it a mystery. The merge is coming, and they will be going into it at 5 members each.

Everybody on Kucha agrees they need to stick together, and they have no plans to turn on each other until it becomes necessary. They want to find a weak link that can flip on the other tribe. Their plan is to target Keith or Amber. There’s a problem, though. Kimmi and Debb are coming back to haunt them again. Debb voted against Jeff at the first tribal council, and Kimmi told Ogakor about it, which in the event of a tie would work against Kucha. Unlike Kucha, which is guessing who has past votes, Ogakor knows for sure Jeff has at least 1.

Ogakor remains in the dark. They assume that whoever’s been evacuated is gone, but they don’t know who it is or what happened. After much speculation, they finally get treemail (yet no information). It’s boys’ night out. Colby and Keith will be headed over to Kucha to scout it. Meanwhile, Kucha is getting girls’ night out, allowing Elisabeth and Alicia to check out Ogakor’s camp (they’ll have to forego their last chicken, in favor of white rice).

Kucha would like to get rid of Jerri as one of its first targets. If they do vote for her or Keith, that would give them the advantage.

While all of Kucha wants to live at Kucha beach, Colby’s keeping an open mind.

When the girls arrive at Ogakor, they’re able to finally shed some light on what happened with Mike, who they have been told will be okay.

Over on Kucha, their boys are surprised it’s a sausagefest. They were expecting a girls’ night out from the other tribe. Keith and Colby, also, are disappointed to find out that they’re not getting a meal from the girls. However, they do get to eat some chicken with spices.

When Keith left, he might have thought to check his pocket. He took his tribe’s only matches with him. Jerri will need to bite her tongue and not talk badly about him.

Jerri will serve up tortillas and tomatoes. They don’t have much more to offer, but they’re doing what they can. Either way, they’re going to talk about food all day long.

In addition to all the food, Kucha has so much firewood they don’t even worry about it, and they have a kitchen and a bunch of other things. Jerri and Amber are looking forward to leaving Ogakor beach behind.

Guess what: they’re going to have to start from scratch. They can take whatever they can carry, but it is a new site untouched by either tribe. The good news is that, since they’ve made it to the merger, they’re given a box full of food. Nick was hoping to try to be equal, but he’s not going to get his hand eaten by one of the women.

Jeff sees the other tribe go off within 15 minutes. He assumes they’re strategizing.

Rodger would like to build the hut up in the trees, but the girls would like to go in the sand. Colby’s just going to do whatever everybody else wants to as to not ruffle any feathers. With that said, they build in the sand.

Now that they’re a new tribe, they need a new name: Barramundi.

The immunity challenge is called the perch. They will stand on pillars. This could be a while. After an hour and a half, Nick hops in. He’s getting dizzy, so he’d rather just rest if he doesn’t think he can win. Colby jumps in next. That was… odd. He hopes to draw attention toward himself and away from Keith and Jerri. At 4 hours, Jeff brings out peanutbutter and chocolate. Elisabeth is going crazy. After she yells Colby’s name, Probst gets an idea, which is to give Nick and Colby some food. Rodger has decided to bail so he can have the rest. After some debate, Jeff jumps in as well, feeling he won’t be able to outlast the women anyway. At 6 hours, 47 minutes, Probst returns. He’s got ice cream and hot fudge. Amber and Jerri both jump in before he can even finish his sentence. For Amber, that works because she’s safe (unless she gets put up against someone who also has 0 votes), but Jerri’s neck is on the line since she has votes against her. At 8 hours, 23 minutes, Jeff returns to a shivering Elisabeth, who wants to negotiate, as she’s in the worst shape. Half an hour later, Probst returns with a boat to get her and bring her back to shore without getting wet. At 10 hours, 17 minutes, Probst returns again with an offer of hot coffee or hot chocolate and a boat ride in. Alicia accepts. Immediately after, before Alicia’s even out of earshot, Keith turns to Tina and says he needs it. She agrees, knowing that she has to take one for the tribe. Keith wins immunity. Now they just have to convince the other tribe to not vote for Jerri.

The day’s not over yet. They still have to go to tribal council, so hopefully they’ve gotten all their plotting in before that. Tina and Keith are open about the fact that she gave him the win and why. Colby plans to vote based on a move determined the first week they were there. It’s obvious they remember Kimmi’s words well.


It’s a tie. They will vote again.


Tied again. In the event of a tie, previously cast votes determine the outcome. Colby has 0 votes against him; Jeff has 1 vote against him. Jeff has been voted off the island by Ogakor, with an assist by Kimmi’s big mouth.

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