Survivor: The Australian Outback Winner

The alliance stuck together in Survivor: The Australian Outback Episode 14, voting out Elisabeth to leave a final three of Keith Famie, Colby Donaldson, and Tina Wesson.

Tina’s in a great spot here. Both the guys will probably bring her with them, so she’s guaranteed a spot in the final two. It’s a matter of what the boys can put together to get themselves there.

With two hours and only three people left, they’ve got an awful lot of time to kill here. This is why the final four is no longer a full episode by itself.

They are given the tools necessary to do some arts and crafts and make an idol to give back to the land. This is part of their reflection about what has happened over the past 42 days.

The next day, they offer up their idols after taking the walk remembering their fellow castaways. Probst gives them some alone time at the waterfall before the tribal council, and when they’re done thinking, they toss their idols in the river.

Keith doesn’t think he has any chance of winning, but he’s fine with it.

With 1/3 of the episode done, it’s time to get to the point. They make their way to tribal council for the final immunity challenge. It’s a Q&A challenge. All this time, and it boils down to some questions about their tribemates.

Which former Survivor would be the one to tell you to work your magic?
Alicia. Everybody is right.

What town is Rodger from?
Crittenden. Everybody is right.

According to their Survivor application, who is the only member of the Barramundi tribe with a masters degree?
Rodger. Everybody is wrong.

Who spent 12 years living in Germany?
Jerri. Everybody is right.

Who is the person in this picture?
Elisabeth’s brother Kenny. Colby and Tina are right.

What two Survivors have tattoos of Chinese characters?
Alicia and Jeff. Nobody is right.

Jeff and Alicia also wear jewelry on the same part of their body. What is it, and where do they wear it?
Thumb rings. Colby is right.

Whose shorts are these?
Nick. Tina is right.

What is Elisabeth’s boyfriend’s name?
Tim. Everybody is right.

What college did they both attend?
Boston College, not to be confused with Boston University. Colby and Tina are right.

With just 2 questions left, Keith is out of the running.

Who said on their Survivor application they would like to be stranded with President Clinton or the pope because they’re the most likely to be rescued?
Nick. Neither are right.

It’s now tied at 7 for the final question.

Who stated on their Survivor application form that their proudest accomplishment was being on the dean’s list in college for 5 semesters?
Amber. Colby wins immunity.


Keith has been voted off the island. Colby has gotten his way. Jerri won’t win, and Keith won’t win. Neither the smartest of plays since he’s up against one of the most well liked people on the tribe. Regardless of how well Colby has played most of the game, these choices have been particularly poor.

Tina and Colby both take credit for how far Keith got, and both indicate they wanted to get rid of him when given the chance.

Colby believes that Tina has played the game better than anyone else, apparently himself included. He feels certain he could have won against Keith, but he doesn’t know that he even has a 50/50 shot against Tina. On the basis of sheer stupidity, Colby just simply does not deserve to win this game, but he is a deserving second.

The jury indicates they have not shared any information with anybody else about who they are voting for. Not exactly something that can be controlled, and even if they don’t say anything specificaly, they can certainly beat around the bush.

Tina doesn’t want to tell the jury they should vote for her. Rather, she would like to give the jury a lecture not to vote based on hurt feelings.

Colby guesses he’s supposed to make a speech to the jury that’s supposed to indicate that he deserves to win. He doesn’t know that he does deserve to win. He considers himself a jack of all trades, who didn’t necessarily do anything great but did everything pretty good.

Rodger wants a couple of instances where they did not tell the truth, and to know whether they played the game as ethically as they could. Tina gives an example of the Amber vote. She doesn’t feel that lying is unethical because it’s all part of the game. Colby’s moment is that he lied to Jerri about being in the final three with her. Maybe he did have a struggle with ethics.

Amber wants to know what three things got them to this point, and what are they going to do with the money. Colby refused to mentally check out of the game, fooled himself into thinking he was full with water, and took time out to enjoy the experience every now and then. He would spend the money on a Harley Davidson, buying the building his dad is having to sell due to financial reasons, and taking care of his mom. Tina got there based on strategy, Colby, and heart/God. She would pay off her house, her best friend’s house, and start a fund and spend the interest one time a year on a family that’s in need (an idea she got from Elisabeth).

Elisabeth asks which two people they would exclude from the prize if they could give it to 5 others. Tina says Jerri and Rodger. Colby says Jerri and Keith. Elisabeth does not allow any explanations. Jerri is obvious and didn’t hurt either of them. Rodger’s already got plenty of money. Colby knows he ain’t gonna harm himself by answering Keith.

Keith would like an instance of use of manipulation. Colby says the Mitchell vote, and Tina follows suit. A smart answer considering who they’re talking to, since Keith was saved in the process of that vote.

Alicia asks what they’re most and least proud of. Tina is proud of the role she played. Her least proud moment was every tribal council when she had to vote someone out. Colby starts with his least proud moment, probably today realizing how little respect he’s showed the land. His most proud moment was the water bucket immunity win.

Nick, assuming that Kucha would have won the immunity challenge if Mike didn’t have his accident (an assumption with maybe 50/50 odds of being accurate), wants to know who would be in their places and why if Mike were still around. Colby responds Nick because he had the mental game going before the merge, and Mike as well because he had it together. Tina can’t really answer the question because she didn’t know them very well as a tribe, but she does think Mike would be one of the two.

Jerri would like to allow them to clear their conscience for something they might have done to another person. Oh, it’s obvious what she’s looking for here. Tina felt awful after looking in Kel’s bag for beef jerky. Colby feels guilty about Rodger and Elisabeth and Alicia, but he doesn’t have any regrets.

Colby doesn’t have any last words.

Tina returns to how this is a game of strategy.

Tina (Alicia)
Tina (Keith)
Colby (Rodger)
Colby (Amber)
Colby (Nick)
Tina (Jerri)
Tina (Elisabeth)

By a vote of 4-3, Tina Wesson is the Survivor: The Australian Outback winner. Congrats to Colby for handing the game away.

Interestingly enough, Tina was an alternate. Two weeks before this all started, she wasn’t going. Keith, meanwhile, was supposed to be on the first one.

At the finale, Michael shows off his hands. They look good as new. Despite what happened, he felt it was the greatest experience.

Debb didn’t want to be part of the reunion because the press tore her apart. There’s no way she’d do this again. Due to how much he suffered, Mitchell would also never do this again.

Kel has forgiven Jerri, although he doesn’t like her. She can’t count on getting a Christmas card from him. Jerri doesn’t expect everyone to like her, which is a pretty safe bet, but she hopes people can differentiate between Survivor and real life.

Kimmi called Alicia, but Alicia didn’t return the call. Alicia says she’s over it now, but Kimmi won’t be getting a Christmas card either.

With a feeling he was going to go the night he was voted out, Jeff sabotaged the tribe, releasing their 13 fish into the water.

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