Survivor: The Australian Outback Episode 11

Kucha and Keith finally got their way as Jerri was voted off the island in Survivor: The Australian Outback Episode 10.

Now that Kucha got their way, what’s their next step? They’re still outnumbered. Amber might be worth approaching, but they just voted out her top ally, although her tribe contributed to that as well. Amber feels sad because her own tribe didn’t even trust her enough to let her know what was going on. Keith doesn’t care. He blames her for liking Jerri in the first place.

Not having rationed, they’re down to their last meal of rice, if that. They’re not having luck with any fishing either.

Each person has $500 Australian to bid. $60 for 4 Doritos and salsa. Nick bids $60 and wins that item. Next item is peanutbutter and 4 squares of chocolate. Amber bids $80. Elisabeth bids $100. Tina goes $120. Elisabeth ups it to $140. Amber goes $160. Elisabeth doesn’t let her get the bid out before hitting $180. Colby goes $200. Elisabeth goes $220. She’s obviously going to win this item. Tina goes $240. Elisabeth goes to $260 and finally wins. Amber buys Mountain Dew for $80. Nick buys three crackers for $120. Keith buys pizza for $180. Tina buys Oreos and milk. Nick buys beer and pretzels for $100. Amber buys the 6 french fries and a dish of ranch dressing. Next item is iced coffee and chocolate peantubutter energy bar. Amber bids $100. Colby bids $120. Amber bids $140. Colby bids $160. Amber bids $180. Colby bids $200. Amber bids $220. Colby bids $240. Amber bids $260. Colby bids $280 to win. The next item is a real full size meal of mashed potatoes, turkey, and veggies. Amber bids $180. Tina bids $200. Elisabeth bids $220. Keith bids $240. Elisabeth asks for a loan from Tina and bids $260. Keith bids $280. Elisabeth gets more money from Tina and bids $300. Keith bids $320. For $340, Elisabeth and Tina win the meal and split it. Amber bids $120 for the mystery plate. Keith bids $140. Amber bids $160. Rodger bids $180. Amber bids $200 and wins the mystery plate, which is water from their river. Rodger bids $200 for the hamburger. Keith keeps trading bids with him, but all he’s doing is raising the price because he only has $300 left, so Rodger pays $320 for the burger. That’s it for the auction. Now everybody’s feeling sick, except for Amber and Colby, who didn’t eat very much.

The water keeps rising. They’re almost out of land.

Nick is complaining about the lack of food and just hopes to be out of there soon. Is he going out fishing to do something about it? That would be a no. He has been asked to go, but he doesn’t have any intention to do so. Nobody is happy with this from either tribe.

The immunity challenge is to create fire in the fire bucket and then raise that bucket with water in another bucket that has a hole in it. Nick is the first one to start getting water. Tina is next up with water. Keith, Amber, and Rodger follow them. Colby and Elisabeth are next. Everybody’s fire is doing fine, except for Nick’s, which is going out. Keith thinks he’s won and tosses his bucket, only to find out he hasn’t won yet. If he hadn’t slowed down, he had this thing won, but his next bucket still is not enough. As he continues to screw around, Colby wins immunity.

Elisabeth is taking the lack of food the hardest. She’s shaking and weak, but she still wants to try to help the others fish. When she gets up the hill, she finds out that a turtle took their second to last hook.

Jeff Probst comes carrying a tin, which they all assume contains rice. Yesterday at the immunity challenge, he saw something he hasn’t seen before: true lethargy. They’ve got 13 days left, and he doesn’t think they’re going to make it. They had plenty of stuff. They had enough rice to last the whole time, if rationed properly, and a tackle box with 25 hooks that couldn’t be beat. He’s got enough rice to last them the last two weeks, but it’s not coming without a price. He needs something back of substantial value. Rodger offers up the blankets. Not good enough. He wants the tarps and the Texas flag. Food versus shelter. Colby has no problem giving up his personal item. He sweetens the deal with 25 more hooks. That’s good enough to convince them all. With food, they hope to have the strength to rebuild.

Knowing it’s probably going to rain soon and they’ll need cover for the night, the first order of business is to build a new shelter. They realize they’re not going to be totally dry, but they do a decent job trying.

Amber’s nervous and feels like she may be the next one going. She could quite possibly flip to the other side. She’d be at the bottom there, but she’s at the bottom with her own tribe as well. That would be more likely to sink her with the jury, but it’s looking like whoever she sides with will just ride her until they don’t need her any more anyway.

Unlike everybody else, Keith doesn’t feel the need to bring his backpack to tribal council.


Knowing he’s gone anyway, Nick takes the opportunity to vote for Keith to lash out as his arrogance, while Elisabeth and Rodger vote for Amber. With 4 votes, Nick has been voted off the island, as Ogakor sticks together this time.

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