Survivor: The Australian Outback Episode 13

In a rather senseless and potentially dangerous move, Amber was voted out in Survivor: The Australian Outback Episode 12, leaving two Kucha still alive.

The tribe has moved to a new shelter as planned, but this new shelter is quite leaky. Colby thinks Tina’s hit rock bottom, but Elisabeth has been rock bottom for a few days or so.

Their loved ones will be participating online in the reward challenge. One at a time, they will be asked a series of survival trivia questions. For the winner, a private 30 minute chat online, and a $500 shopping spree to spend on their loved ones. They all also get danish and coffee, which they get to eat during their brief greeting to their families.

1. In the southern hemisphere, the sun rises in which direction?

2. The emu is the largest bird in the world. True or false?
False. Ostrich.

3. Heat cramps are caused by the loss of what?

4. Of the ten most venemous snakes in the outback, how many live in Australia?
All 10 that live in the outback also live in Australia.

5. If you are 1 mile from a lightning strike, approximately how long will it take you to hear the thunder?
5 seconds. 1 second is a myth.

With 4 correct answers, Tina’s family wins the reward challenge. Everybody else gets one last chance to send a brief IM. Keith takes the opportunity to propose.

For the day, everybody’s happy, and nobody’s plotting someone else’s demise.

The next morning, they wake up, and they see the river running through their old camp. Good thing they decided to move.

That new rice that they bargained away their shelter for has been rationed, but Colby and Elisabeth are worried that Keith’s cooking way too much. Colby has had enough. He’s tired of this clown, and his game with him is done. Jerri could have warned you weeks ago, dude. Colby doesn’t think Keith has done anything worth being in the game still, and I’d argue he is right. Keith just dumb lucked his way into having the numbers advantage, which he’s kept no matter how foolishly he’s played.

The immunity challenge is based on a story about the island, which the players will use to free themselves from their shackles. Colby’s got 2 locks open, and so does Elisabeth. Rodger has 0. Colby takes the lead at 3, and Elisabeth and Keith are also now at 3. Keith takes the lead at 4, and Colby joins him, as does Tina. Keith is the first to get all 5 locks open. He returns with only 4 locks, meaning he has to return to find the fifth one he dropped. While Keith’s looking, Colby wins immunity for his third time in a row.

Tina asks Rodger who he thinks needs the money the most between himself and Elisabeth. He responds Elisabeth.

Elisabeth thinks that Colby will vote for Rodger but hopes that Keith has driven him crazy enough that he’ll vote for him. Colby’s struggle is whether he wants to sit next to someone he can beat or someone he feels is deserving.


With three votes, Rodger has been voted off the island. Ogakor remains in charge and together, whether they like each other or not.

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