Survivor: Nicaragua Episode 6

Following a tribe shuffle in Survivor: Nicaragua Episode 5, the new Espada could have picked the guy with the bum knee or the whiner who just the day before said she wanted to quit. Instead, they voted out Tyrone.

Dan says he thinks he’s done. He’s not sure he can take too many more nights of this weather. Not another one.

Yve is surprised she was left in the dark in the vote, which ended in a result she did not see coming.

Brenda would like to see 3 votes for Marty, 3 votes for Jill, and then whichever one of them goes home really doesn’t matter.

When Espada shows up at the immunity challenge (already?), Marty says “Awesome for us” when he sees the other tribe got rid of one of their strongest members. Tonight, both tribes are going to tribal council for a vote. One person from each tribe will win immunity. They will race to an individual digging area, where they will dig up three rope rings with a paddle, tossing the rings into a holder attached to their waists. In the final round, the winner from each tribe will square off in a ring toss for tribal reward, a feast to eat while listening to the other tribe’s tribal council.

Espada goes first. Strangely, Holly actually does well at this challenge, scoring her first ring before anybody else and then her second ring. Benry and Alina tie her at 2. Dan is a lost cause. Alina and Holly make their final toss, which Holly completes to win immunity.

La Flor is next. Everybody gets on the board with a point except purple Kelly. Marty, Kelly B, and Jill score their second. Jill drops her last ring. So does Kelly B. After a second try, Jill wins immunity.

That pits Jill against Holly in the ring toss. Holly scores first. Jill ties it at 1. Then she takes the lead 2-1. Holly ties them at 2. Jill wins reward for La Flor.

When they get back to camp, La Flor pretend to all be one tribe. That pretending does not last long, pretty much because it’s pretend. With Marty having hidden immunity and Jill having regular immunity, that screws up their original plan.

Sash suggests splitting the vote 3 for Marty and 3 for Kelly B, telling Kelly B that their votes are going for Jane.

Marty tells Fabio that he’s a grandmaster in chess. He’s not. Nor is Guillermo Vilas, an ex tennis player, who Marty claims is a great Argentine grandmaster. In any case, this all makes sense to Fabio.

If Espada continues its pattern, the choice is between Dan or Yve. Dan really does not want to be there, but he doesn’t want to lose face by quitting either.

Benry would like to get rid of Yve rather than Dan. Chase would rather surprise Benry and keep Yve. Furthermore, there is concern that Dan’s knees are getting worse and worse, as they have with each passing day.

Yve tells Alina and NaOnka that she knows the other side more intimately than Dan and Holly do. Well, that was a pretty stupid thing to say.

Jane is told the plan, or at least some small portion of the plan. Jane’s told that her responsibility for this evening is to vote for Marty. No problem.

Fabio likes Marty. He’s not sure he wants to vote for him. Nobody has any clue which way Fabio is leaning.

Marty is instructed to write down Jane’s name. He can do that. If they’re really locked on Jane, why is everybody talking so much? Nonetheless, he feels pretty safe that they’re voting for Jane, so maybe he should hang on to his idol.

As the winners of the reward portion of the challenge, La Flor will vote first.

At tribal council, Brenda is asked whether Jane has reason to worry. No, not from them, just from Jill and Marty. Marty feels uneasy seeing Brenda’s attempt at backstabbing. Marty turns to Jane and mouths the words “Vote Brenda.” Interesting. If only these two could actually trust each other. He doesn’t have the numbers to bring about change just yet, but he could stir the pot.

Marty declines to play his hidden immunity idol.

Kelly B
Kelly B
Kelly B

We have a tie. In the event of a tie, everybody will revote, except for the two with the most votes, Marty and Kelly B. Whoever they keep is dangerous because neither of them will like having been played.

Kelly B
Kelly B
Kelly B
Kelly B

With 4 votes, Kelly B has been voted off the island. It’s fair to say she has been blindsided.

Having completed their task, La Flor will feast on chicken and beef kabobs, while watching Espada vote.

Dan feels animosity from Yve because she says the fact: he’s a liability in challenges. His response is that she’s pretty arrogant, although she’s not the one always bragging about how much money she has.

As they leave, Marty wishes Dan good luck.


His name may have come up. Again. But Dan dodges another bullet. With 4 votes, Yve has been voted off the island.

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Survivor: Nicaragua Episode 5

After the old people lost yet again in Survivor: Nicaragua Episode 4, they got rid of the last remaining Jimmy.

Holly’s shocked by Jimmy’s departure, and she realizes she’s an outcast. Marty, meanwhile, believes he’s the master of the game, and is on the track to winning the game. Apparently, his strategy is to dominate the tribe that keeps losing every week, helping to make sure they get weaker and weaker. Wonder what he intends to do post-merge when his tribe has been decimated and he is the leader of one.

Doesn’t matter. When they meet Jeff, they can drop their buffs. Time for a tribe shuffle. They seem to have grown tired of this lame young vs. old twist that’s really not working.

They draw for rocks. Yellow and blue rocks are for captains. Brenda draws yellow; Holly draws blue. Better news for Holly than for Brenda, who’s doing quite well. Brenda will choose 3 people from the older tribe, while Holly will pick 4 members from the younger tribe. Jane, Jill, and Marty will join the younger tribe; Alina, Benry, Chase, and NaOnka join the older tribe. Good luck to those who picked Marty and NaOnka.

Oh, and the medallion of power is done, too. Good riddance to that.

From here we head right into reward challenge. Ah, the whole old format is back, now with two challenges per episode. Two members will toss balls that will bounce and change direction along the way, while two members of the other tribe work to try to catch those balls. If a ball hits the ground, the other tribe scores a point. Reward is chickens and a rooster. Hopefully this will not present a moral dilemma for anybody like it usually lamely does. Sash drops the ball, and Espada leads 1-0. Holly’s struggling to even get the ball up the wall. Tyrone drops a ball, and it’s tied 1-1. Marty drops the ball, giving Espada back the lead. Alina drops the ball, and it’s tied again. Marty drops another ball, and Espada wins reward.

Tyrone’s comfortable bossing around the new younger members of his tribe.

Holly is thrilled to have a new lease, and she’s bonding with the kids quickly. The rest of her tribe alienated her, so it’s no surprise this is her way out. Not that it’s necessarily smart, but it gives her a better shot than she had otherwise.

NaOnka’s willing to work with Alina if it means having the numbers.

On the other side, there is a preexisting lead of 5-3, so there is no need to scramble for numbers.

Like Holly, Jane is happy with the switch. She was an outcast, and she didn’t particularly care for her tribe. Given the opportunity to break up Marty and Jill, she’ll take it.

Marty hears the story about how NaOnka shoved Kelly B and ran off the clue, which he likens to cancer in the tribe. I won’t argue with him there. Knowing Jane will probably tell them that he has the idol, he reveals that he has it himself. Brenda views this move as arrogant.

NaOnka says that she’s worried because of the rain. When she’s cold, she loses it. So what we’ve seen of her so far is not her losing it? Alina’s fine with her breakdown.

Three tribe members will rotate somebody on a wheel, who will go underwater, take in a mouthful of water, and spit it into a tube. Once that tube is full, a ball will be released, with which tiles are to be broken. Seriously? Kelly B, purple Kelly, and Brenda are on the wheel for La Flor; Alina, Holly, and Yve are on the wheel for Espada. La Flor is moving noticeably faster than Espada. In spite of their slowness, Espada’s got the lead because La Flor’s speed is causing them to miss. Espada releases their ball first. Tyrone breaks the first tile to take the 1-0 lead for Espada. Jane ties it 1-1. Fabio takes the 2-1 lead for La Flor. Benry ties it 2-2. Fabio scores again for the 3-2 lead. Jane connects again to lead 4-2. Benry scores twice to tie it 4-4. Fabio scores for a third time to win immunity for La Flor. Espada may have a new tribe, but they’re still not winning.

NaOnka doesn’t want anybody to view her as a quitter, but she’s done. She doesn’t care. She really wants to go home. Quitter.

Everybody, except Tyrone, wants to eat the chicken. How about a vote then? Dead chicken coming up. Everybody else goes to cook the chicken, but he protests by sticking to himself in the background. However, he doesn’t have any trouble eating more than his share, which does not get lost on anybody else.

Tyrone was never on anybody’s good side, and he’s not doing himself any favors. On the other hand, NaOnka is a quitter. NaOnka’s an easy person to eliminate, but the concern is whether Holly will stick with the younger people so they can retain the lead.

In spite of her whining, NaOnka has decided that she appreciates her tribe and their encouraging words.


With 5 votes, Tyrone has been voted off the island. Can’t completely argue with the decision to keep the numbers, although the elimination of Dan would have accomplished the same thing without weakening the tribe.

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Survivor: Nicaragua Episode 4

The old tribe voted out their leader in Survivor: Nicaragua Episode 3, sending Jimmy Johnson packing.

Jimmy T considers this time to celebrate, and hence annoy his fellow castaways with his loudness.

They find the water and mud washing up on them, as the beach proceeds to disappear following the rains.

NaOnka and Brenda still haven’t figured out that hidden immunity idol clue. After thinking about it overnight, Brenda has decided that it’s probably near treemail. Their combined lack of having a clue does not help, but they ultimately do find the idol. NaOnka wants to make one thing clear. Although Brenda is the reason they have the idol, NaOnka considers it hers and nobody else’s.

Alina and Kelly B hope to find the idol as well. Too late for that. NaOnka uses this as an opportunity to tell Kelly B she doesn’t like her. Yeah, this is news. This chick doesn’t like anybody. For sure, Kelly B won’t vote for her if she makes it on the jury, and by the way, she should keep her leg away from the fire.

Jimmy T has been nominated as Espada’s leader, but for all his talk, he does not want the leadership role. Now Jimmy T doesn’t like Marty either. Seems the only thing they had going was their dislike/jealousy for Jimmy J. Marty has decided that Jimmy T is delusional and paranoid.

For today’s challenge, one person will be the caller. The rest of the tribe will be blindfolded and paired up, and they will be directed to gather up 10 paired items, then one pair will be guided to get a set of keys to unlock a chest. The winning tribe will get immunity and a choice between a bunch of items, such as a tool kit, tarp, rope, knives, or a complete fishing kit. La Flor uses the medallion of power. Daniel sits out for Espada. The Kellys sit out for La Flor. Brenda and Tyrone are the callers. La Flor starts with 2 of the 10 items already collected, or about 18% of the way done. Not the most advantageous of times to use the power. The younger tribe quickly jumps up 5-0. I don’t think we even need to wait for this to finish. With a huge advantage that doesn’t fade throuhgout, La Flor wins immunity and reward. They choose their three reward items: the fishing gear, tarp, and cooking supplies.

When they get back to camp, Jimmy T asks for an opportunity to contribute more. So is there something he could have done to change the outcome? Probably not. Somebody stop this guy from running his mouth already.

Chase spots the clue, hides it, and stashes it. He, too, shares it with Brenda. Unlike the two chicks who took overnight to figure it out, he immediately knows where it is. But wait. No need to bother looking… NaOnka already has the idol. At least Brenda doesn’t send him on a wild goose chase, hoping to prove their trust to each other.

Marty chooses to eat a couple of sea urchins, rather than contributing to the community pot. Jimmy T calls him out for doing this. Marty considers this the way to be sent home. Ironically, eating food that should be shared has historically been far more fatal. It’s personal for Marty. He doesn’t want to get rid of the weak link. Rather, he wants to get rid of this guy who he just doesn’t like.

On the other side of the argument, Dan’s still limping, which again makes him a target, particularly of Jimmy J’s allies. How much more can they take of him sitting out every challenge?

Jimmy T is starting to realize that him continuing to open his mouth is probably not making him any friends. Nonetheless, he will keep doing so. After they focus on this at tribal council, he says he’s going to be a worker bee. So no more whining about how he wants to be the leader then?

The old people believe they could have won without the disadvantage from the power. Probst tells them to get real.


With Marty firmly in control of the tribe and making it personal, Jimmy T has been voted off the island. Can’t say I’ll miss him, but I’m not real impressed with Marty either.

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Survivor: Nicaragua Episode 3

Shortly after uttering his homophobic and bitter last words, Shannon was voted off the island in Survivor: Nicaragua Episode 2.

Everybody pretends to be getting along now that tribal council is over, except for NaOnka, who doesn’t like anybody anyways.

Marty’s jealous of Jimmy Johnson. Still.

Marty’s decided to reveal to the tribe that he has the hidden idol, which he says they can use together against the other tribe.

Dan doesn’t want to admit he’s struggling. He insists he’s as strong as any of the women.

For the challenge, both tribes will race to collect 10 tribe-colored barrels and place them in a pyramid. Then they will toss sandbags, attempting to land them on top of each barrel. In addition to immunity, they are playing for reward, a Survivor garden: sauces, spices, fruit, and a sustainable herb garden. The medallion advantage is slightly less ridiculous than it was last week, allowing for 2 out of the 10 barrels to be completed at the start of the challenge. La Flor decide not to use the advantage. La Flor starts off quickly, as the younger group gets their 10 barrels set first, allowing them to make the first score. The tribes put their money on Benry and Tyrone in what evolves into an individual game. Tyrone pulls ahead 3-2. 4-2. 5-2. 6-3. A few tosses later, it’s tied at 6. Then it’s 7-6 for the younger tribe. 8-6. Neither of them is budging to let anybody else have a shot. 9-6. 9-7. With the challenge having run away from them, the older tribe have decided to put Jimmy T in as a substitute tosser. He makes it 9-8, but that’s as close as it will begin. La Flor wins immunity and reward.

Inside the reward basket is a hidden immunity idol clue. Kelly B spots this. Unfortunately for her, so does NaOnka. When they get back to camp, a chick fight ensues, which NaOnka wins, promptly walking away with the clue after smushing the bananas. She says she just got hood on her, but that should not be confused with getting ghetto. As much as she’d like to keep this all to herself, she’s not smart enough to figure it out, so she shows Brenda.

Jimmy T blames Jimmy J for the loss. He should have been in there instead of Tyrone. When in doubt, blame the coach. As per usual, Marty piles on the coach as well. Like Jimmy T, he’s wanted to get rid of him since day 1. He wants people to follow him around like the puppetmaster because following Jimmy J around as the puppetmaster instead would be stupid. I’m onboard with the get rid of Marty theory, but sadly that does not seem to be materializing.

Dan’s argument is that he’s average. At least he’s not the worst. For that matter, nobody wants to admit to being one of the weak players on the team, with the exception of Jimmy J.

Jimmy J
Jimmy J
Jimmy J
Jimmy J
Jimmy J

Hope as they might to keep the celebrity in the game, with 5 votes, Jimmy Johnson has been voted off the island. Now maybe Marty and Jimmy T can find something new to whine about.

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Survivor: Nicaragua Episode 2

Survivor: Nicaragua Episode 1 kicked off the new season with the loss by the elderly tribe and their unanimous vote to get rid of Wendy. And just in case it wasn’t mentioned enough times, Jimmy Johnson is on the show.

Although he indicated he didn’t want to be the leader, the coach is giving everybody their assignments for the day. The other Jimmy is still jealous of him. Marty is comfortable with somebody else stepping up and potentially putting their neck on the line, as it takes the focus away from him.

Sash tells NaOnka that his goal is to bring as many minorities to the end as possible. Yeah, he’s apparently a minority, half black.

Holly, whose alliance already collapsed, continues to further alienate her tribesmates. She took some snails and decided to dump them, based on the look on Jill’s face when she was eating them. Holly has decided that, because she threw out their food, she is the one who needs to retaliate, taking Dan’s shoes and setting them adrift. Seems Dan brought a $1600 pair of shoes with him to the island. Why?

After doing this, Holly starts to feel guilty, apologizing for what she did. This isn’t doing her any favors. She wants to leave this game with honesty and integrity. Quickly apparently.

The tale of missing footwear continues. NaOnka is missing a sock. Her theory is an eye for an eye. Since one of her socks is missing, which she blames on a thief, she opts to steal somebody else’s socks. Now Jud can’t find his spare pair of socks. This causes her to get angry at him. These people are getting delusional early.

Holly’s having second thoughts about whether she can do this or not. Go ahead and quit then. I don’t want to listen to whining.

At the immunity challenge, one person from each tribe will race through mud to find a ball in hay. Once they have collected all four balls, three other tribe members will use wooden shields to bounce one ball from player to player until it lands in the barrel. First to four wins. They are also playing for reward, a choice between a tarp or fishing gear. The medallion of power, if used, grants a 1 ball lead, 25% of the way through, as well as allowing one weak person to sit out. Espada opts to use the power. NaOnka sits out for La Flor. Having chosen the power, Espada gets to have somebody sit out, and they choose Dan. Brenda and Jimmy J are up first. It’s just about tied. Jane and Kelly S go next. Kelly discovers the ball first. Alina goes next, as Jane finds the ball, allowing Holly to go. Alina grabs the ball. Kelly B is the last to run. Finding her ball first gets the younger tribe to the start of the next section first, in spite of the one ball disadvantage. Holly finally finds her ball. La Flor scores a point, which counting the disadvantage makes it a tie. They score again to take a lead 2-1. This is turning out to not be quite the balancing act I was expecting. All the players have to do is toss the ball and stop it from falling with their stomachs. Espada scores to tie it 2-2. Then they take the 3-2 lead. Benry keeps missing for the other tribe. Espada wins immunity. Really not a big fan of this silly twist. This massive advantage is just too much, although the younger tribe did make things interesting based on how pitiful Holly’s performance was. For their reward, the older tribe picks fishing gear.

Holly’s in a better mood following the win, but Jimmy J worries that people who have setbacks will continue to have setbacks.

Inside the fishing gear is a clue to the hidden immunity idol. No chance of hiding this since everybody is standing there. Jill figures it’s near treemail. Rather than going to get it for herself, she tells Marty where to look, and he happens to be standing next to Dan at the time. This allows Marty to find the idol, and this is enough to form a partnership of sorts, if not an alliance.

In the challenge, Kelly B performed well, eliminating the hope of certain tribe members that she would not be able to keep up in any sort of physical challenge. Ultimately, she may not, but it didn’t show here.

Fearing that she’s got a thing for Chase, Alina wants to get rid of Brenda.

Jud obviously wants to get rid of the sock stealer. The other guys all agree with him, but they fear that Chase is getting too close to Brenda.

NaOnka would like to target Shannon because he’s talking too much. Pot, meet kettle. Brenda thinks they can get Chase on their side. Seeing as he runs to tell her that Shannon is helping to plot against her, that may be a logical thought. Doesn’t seem either of these people have seen Survivor before. Their loud conversation is overheard by Alina, who warns the others.

The question is whether Chase wants to lie to Brenda, or if he would rather lie to the four people who he said he was going to vote against her with.

Shannon doesn’t know how to bite his tongue. Even a little. At tribal council, he has a warning for the guy who’s being led around by his girlfriend. Rather than accepting that Chase is torn between two alliances, Shannon continues to go off on him. Jud tells Shannon to stop being an idiot. Sash pipes in and tells him he’s digging his own grave, to which Shannon responds, “Are you gay?” Oh, it’s the middle school tribe.

Okay, Shannon’s done. Now it’s time for the next obnoxious person to open up a big mouth. NaOnka doesn’t like Fabio. He’s not surprised because she has an attitude. I noticed.

Jud’s voting based on the original gameplan. He guesses that’s still the plan now. Alina, too, is sticking with the plan she insisted on getting rolling.


With 7 votes, Shannon has been voted off the island. Hopefully NaOnka isn’t far behind. In closing, Shannon hopes the old people beat his tribe.

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Survivor: Nicaragua Episode 1

Survivor returns to Central America for season 21 in Nicaragua, and it’s on Wednesdays now, whatever’s up with that. The Survivor: Nicaragua cast consists of 20 contestants, including former Dallas Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson.

Since the main twist of the season is young against old, we already know how the tribes break down.

La Flor (under 30): Alina, Brenda, Benry, Chase, Jud, Kelly B, Kelly S, NaOnka, Sash, Shannon
Espada (over 40): Dan, Holly, Jane, Jill, Jimmy J, Jimmy T, Marty, Tyrone, Wendy, Yve

That twist has not yet been revealed to the contestants, however. They all go on a trek to meet somewhere in the middle, and they are under the impression that those they are walking with are their tribemates. That’s not the case.

Kelly B is keeping her amputation a secret, or so she thinks. Jimmy Johnson isn’t going to keep his secret very long either.

We start off right away with a challenge. Hidden somewhere is a medallion of power. The person who returns with that medallion will claim it for their tribe, and it may give them a “huge advantage.” They discover it’s up a tree, and Brenda arrives there first to claim the medallion. Marty is happy that someone on his tribe just won. Problem for him: she’s on the other tribe. Now they are divided based on age.

Jimmy J wanted some young people to carry him. Conversely, Chase wanted the Super Bowl winning coach.

Probst gives Brenda and her tribe an option. Hold on to the unknown power, or trade it for flint and fishing gear. But wait. There’s more. What they don’t keep, the other tribe gets. Fire and fish is huge. This power better be damn good. La Flor opt to trade for the fire and fishing gear, giving away the medallion of power to Espada.

Holly wants to make an alliance with Wendy. Already.

The old people have one advantage. At least one of them is bound to wear glasses. With the glasses in hand, Jane is able to start a fire quickly, so now they have the fire and also the power.

Shannon has determined that Jud is a dumb blonde, and he has already nicknamed him Fabio.

Kelly B is still trying to hide that she’s an amputee, but she has decided that is a stupid idea, so she decides to go ahead and reveal. Shannon already has a fear of sympathy votes. It’s day 1, dude.

Jimmy J is already sickly. If they need an excuse to get rid of someone, this is certainly it. As the tribe’s most senior member and a celebrity of sorts, he already has a big enough target on his back.

Chase has a decision to make. Does he want to align with Brenda or Shannon? Whatever he plans to do, he tells Brenda he’s in with Shannon, information she plans to use to her advantage, one way or another.

The hidden immunity idol is back, and a clue is tied to the well. Whoever goes to get water first gets the clue and is granted the choice of whether or not to reveal this information. Alina and Kelly B decide to keep this to themselves. That said, they’re forced to work together now, which Alina does not like because she doesn’t want to go to the end with Kelly considering the sympathy vote risk.

La Flor approaches the immunity challenge with a chant and dance. A little weird. One person will pour water at the top of the tower, while five others use sections of gutter to direct that water into a barrel. When this is filled, a bag of puzzle pieces will drop, and the remaining four contestants will solve the puzzle. The medallion of power offers advantages at challenges. This week’s advantage is one bucket of water already in the barrel at the start, or about 20% of the way done. The catch is that, when used, the medallion changes hands, so not keeping it was probably the right move since the younger tribe will get it back eventually anyway. They choose not to use it this time. La Flor is the first to release the puzzle pieces, but Espada is not far behind. It’s a battle between each tribe’s women to get the puzzle solved first. La Flor wins immunity.

Jimmy T will be voting for the other Jimmy. He makes this obvious to Marty, rudely.

Jimmy J wants to get rid of the weakest player, either himself or Wendy. He tells this to Holly, Wendy’s ally. Wendy realizes she’s an outcast, and Holly won’t even talk to her.

Good luck getting anybody to make a decision. They dance around the topic without anybody willing to name a name.

At tribal council, Wendy says she finds it interesting that nobody has asked her age. Is this something she typically gets asked this quickly after meeting somebody? As a warning to the tribe, she says that her nickname is Chatterbox. After that, she proceeds to not shut up.


Although they indicated that it was a hard decision, everybody voted Wendy off the island.

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Survivor: Nicaragua Cast

Survivor is back for season 21, and this time the tribes have been split between the older people and the younger people. I just hope casting hasn’t suffered any for the sake of this twist (we’ve seen that before).

The 20 contestants who make up the Survivor: Nicaragua cast are:

Alina Wilson
Downey, CA
Art Student at California State University (Fullerton)

Ben “Benry” Henry
Los Angeles, CA
Club Promoter

Name: Brenda Lowe
Miami, FL
Paddleboard Co. Owner

Chase Rice
Fairview, NC
Pro Race Car Jackman

Dan Lembo
Watermill, NY
Real Estate Executive

Holly Hoffman
Eureka, SD
Swim Coach

Jane Bright
Jackson Springs, NC
Dog Trainer

Jill Behm
Erie, PA
ER Doctor

Jimmy Johnson
Islamorada, FL
Former NFL Coach

James “Jimmy T” Tarantino
Gloucester, MA
Commercial Fisherman

Jud Birza
Venice, CA

Kelly Bruno
Durham, NC
Medical Student at University of North Carolina

Kelly Shinn
Mesa, AZ
Nursing Student at the University of Hawaii

Marty Piombo
Mill Valley, CA
Technology Executive

NaOnka Mixon
Los Angeles, CA
PE Teacher

Matthew “Sash” Lenahan
New York, NY
Real Estate Broker

Shannon Elkins
Lafayette, LA
Pest Control Co. Owner

Tyrone Davis
Inglewood, CA
Fire Captain

Wendy DeSmidt-Kohlhoff
Fromberg, MT
Goat Rancher

Yve Rojas
Kansas City, MO

Yve Rojas Survivor Nicaragua

Yve Rojas Survivor Nicaragua

Yve Rojas
Kansas City, MO

Personal Claim to Fame: I am most proud of my daughters. They are independent, kind, smart and inspiring – an ongoing accomplishment.
Inspiration in Life: My mother. She is remarkable.
Hobbies: Traveling by myself, dancing, yoga, catching the last movie of the day.
Pet Peeves: Not being acknowledged when I speak.
3 Words to Describe You: Tenacious, resilient, magnetic.
SURVIVOR Contestant You Are Most Like: A mix between Bob Crowley and Danni Boatwright. Intelligence + Athleticism + Generosity = a lethal winning combination.
Reason for being on SURVIVOR: Turning 40 was tough. I want to be an example of perseverance for my girls…make life and dreams happen and forget about age!
Why you think you will be the sole SURVIVOR: I am utterly unassuming. I am never what people expect after they get to know me.