Survivor: Nicaragua Episode 3

Shortly after uttering his homophobic and bitter last words, Shannon was voted off the island in Survivor: Nicaragua Episode 2.

Everybody pretends to be getting along now that tribal council is over, except for NaOnka, who doesn’t like anybody anyways.

Marty’s jealous of Jimmy Johnson. Still.

Marty’s decided to reveal to the tribe that he has the hidden idol, which he says they can use together against the other tribe.

Dan doesn’t want to admit he’s struggling. He insists he’s as strong as any of the women.

For the challenge, both tribes will race to collect 10 tribe-colored barrels and place them in a pyramid. Then they will toss sandbags, attempting to land them on top of each barrel. In addition to immunity, they are playing for reward, a Survivor garden: sauces, spices, fruit, and a sustainable herb garden. The medallion advantage is slightly less ridiculous than it was last week, allowing for 2 out of the 10 barrels to be completed at the start of the challenge. La Flor decide not to use the advantage. La Flor starts off quickly, as the younger group gets their 10 barrels set first, allowing them to make the first score. The tribes put their money on Benry and Tyrone in what evolves into an individual game. Tyrone pulls ahead 3-2. 4-2. 5-2. 6-3. A few tosses later, it’s tied at 6. Then it’s 7-6 for the younger tribe. 8-6. Neither of them is budging to let anybody else have a shot. 9-6. 9-7. With the challenge having run away from them, the older tribe have decided to put Jimmy T in as a substitute tosser. He makes it 9-8, but that’s as close as it will begin. La Flor wins immunity and reward.

Inside the reward basket is a hidden immunity idol clue. Kelly B spots this. Unfortunately for her, so does NaOnka. When they get back to camp, a chick fight ensues, which NaOnka wins, promptly walking away with the clue after smushing the bananas. She says she just got hood on her, but that should not be confused with getting ghetto. As much as she’d like to keep this all to herself, she’s not smart enough to figure it out, so she shows Brenda.

Jimmy T blames Jimmy J for the loss. He should have been in there instead of Tyrone. When in doubt, blame the coach. As per usual, Marty piles on the coach as well. Like Jimmy T, he’s wanted to get rid of him since day 1. He wants people to follow him around like the puppetmaster because following Jimmy J around as the puppetmaster instead would be stupid. I’m onboard with the get rid of Marty theory, but sadly that does not seem to be materializing.

Dan’s argument is that he’s average. At least he’s not the worst. For that matter, nobody wants to admit to being one of the weak players on the team, with the exception of Jimmy J.

Jimmy J
Jimmy J
Jimmy J
Jimmy J
Jimmy J

Hope as they might to keep the celebrity in the game, with 5 votes, Jimmy Johnson has been voted off the island. Now maybe Marty and Jimmy T can find something new to whine about.

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