Survivor: Nicaragua Episode 2

Survivor: Nicaragua Episode 1 kicked off the new season with the loss by the elderly tribe and their unanimous vote to get rid of Wendy. And just in case it wasn’t mentioned enough times, Jimmy Johnson is on the show.

Although he indicated he didn’t want to be the leader, the coach is giving everybody their assignments for the day. The other Jimmy is still jealous of him. Marty is comfortable with somebody else stepping up and potentially putting their neck on the line, as it takes the focus away from him.

Sash tells NaOnka that his goal is to bring as many minorities to the end as possible. Yeah, he’s apparently a minority, half black.

Holly, whose alliance already collapsed, continues to further alienate her tribesmates. She took some snails and decided to dump them, based on the look on Jill’s face when she was eating them. Holly has decided that, because she threw out their food, she is the one who needs to retaliate, taking Dan’s shoes and setting them adrift. Seems Dan brought a $1600 pair of shoes with him to the island. Why?

After doing this, Holly starts to feel guilty, apologizing for what she did. This isn’t doing her any favors. She wants to leave this game with honesty and integrity. Quickly apparently.

The tale of missing footwear continues. NaOnka is missing a sock. Her theory is an eye for an eye. Since one of her socks is missing, which she blames on a thief, she opts to steal somebody else’s socks. Now Jud can’t find his spare pair of socks. This causes her to get angry at him. These people are getting delusional early.

Holly’s having second thoughts about whether she can do this or not. Go ahead and quit then. I don’t want to listen to whining.

At the immunity challenge, one person from each tribe will race through mud to find a ball in hay. Once they have collected all four balls, three other tribe members will use wooden shields to bounce one ball from player to player until it lands in the barrel. First to four wins. They are also playing for reward, a choice between a tarp or fishing gear. The medallion of power, if used, grants a 1 ball lead, 25% of the way through, as well as allowing one weak person to sit out. Espada opts to use the power. NaOnka sits out for La Flor. Having chosen the power, Espada gets to have somebody sit out, and they choose Dan. Brenda and Jimmy J are up first. It’s just about tied. Jane and Kelly S go next. Kelly discovers the ball first. Alina goes next, as Jane finds the ball, allowing Holly to go. Alina grabs the ball. Kelly B is the last to run. Finding her ball first gets the younger tribe to the start of the next section first, in spite of the one ball disadvantage. Holly finally finds her ball. La Flor scores a point, which counting the disadvantage makes it a tie. They score again to take a lead 2-1. This is turning out to not be quite the balancing act I was expecting. All the players have to do is toss the ball and stop it from falling with their stomachs. Espada scores to tie it 2-2. Then they take the 3-2 lead. Benry keeps missing for the other tribe. Espada wins immunity. Really not a big fan of this silly twist. This massive advantage is just too much, although the younger tribe did make things interesting based on how pitiful Holly’s performance was. For their reward, the older tribe picks fishing gear.

Holly’s in a better mood following the win, but Jimmy J worries that people who have setbacks will continue to have setbacks.

Inside the fishing gear is a clue to the hidden immunity idol. No chance of hiding this since everybody is standing there. Jill figures it’s near treemail. Rather than going to get it for herself, she tells Marty where to look, and he happens to be standing next to Dan at the time. This allows Marty to find the idol, and this is enough to form a partnership of sorts, if not an alliance.

In the challenge, Kelly B performed well, eliminating the hope of certain tribe members that she would not be able to keep up in any sort of physical challenge. Ultimately, she may not, but it didn’t show here.

Fearing that she’s got a thing for Chase, Alina wants to get rid of Brenda.

Jud obviously wants to get rid of the sock stealer. The other guys all agree with him, but they fear that Chase is getting too close to Brenda.

NaOnka would like to target Shannon because he’s talking too much. Pot, meet kettle. Brenda thinks they can get Chase on their side. Seeing as he runs to tell her that Shannon is helping to plot against her, that may be a logical thought. Doesn’t seem either of these people have seen Survivor before. Their loud conversation is overheard by Alina, who warns the others.

The question is whether Chase wants to lie to Brenda, or if he would rather lie to the four people who he said he was going to vote against her with.

Shannon doesn’t know how to bite his tongue. Even a little. At tribal council, he has a warning for the guy who’s being led around by his girlfriend. Rather than accepting that Chase is torn between two alliances, Shannon continues to go off on him. Jud tells Shannon to stop being an idiot. Sash pipes in and tells him he’s digging his own grave, to which Shannon responds, “Are you gay?” Oh, it’s the middle school tribe.

Okay, Shannon’s done. Now it’s time for the next obnoxious person to open up a big mouth. NaOnka doesn’t like Fabio. He’s not surprised because she has an attitude. I noticed.

Jud’s voting based on the original gameplan. He guesses that’s still the plan now. Alina, too, is sticking with the plan she insisted on getting rolling.


With 7 votes, Shannon has been voted off the island. Hopefully NaOnka isn’t far behind. In closing, Shannon hopes the old people beat his tribe.

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