Survivor: Nicaragua Episode 1

Survivor returns to Central America for season 21 in Nicaragua, and it’s on Wednesdays now, whatever’s up with that. The Survivor: Nicaragua cast consists of 20 contestants, including former Dallas Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson.

Since the main twist of the season is young against old, we already know how the tribes break down.

La Flor (under 30): Alina, Brenda, Benry, Chase, Jud, Kelly B, Kelly S, NaOnka, Sash, Shannon
Espada (over 40): Dan, Holly, Jane, Jill, Jimmy J, Jimmy T, Marty, Tyrone, Wendy, Yve

That twist has not yet been revealed to the contestants, however. They all go on a trek to meet somewhere in the middle, and they are under the impression that those they are walking with are their tribemates. That’s not the case.

Kelly B is keeping her amputation a secret, or so she thinks. Jimmy Johnson isn’t going to keep his secret very long either.

We start off right away with a challenge. Hidden somewhere is a medallion of power. The person who returns with that medallion will claim it for their tribe, and it may give them a “huge advantage.” They discover it’s up a tree, and Brenda arrives there first to claim the medallion. Marty is happy that someone on his tribe just won. Problem for him: she’s on the other tribe. Now they are divided based on age.

Jimmy J wanted some young people to carry him. Conversely, Chase wanted the Super Bowl winning coach.

Probst gives Brenda and her tribe an option. Hold on to the unknown power, or trade it for flint and fishing gear. But wait. There’s more. What they don’t keep, the other tribe gets. Fire and fish is huge. This power better be damn good. La Flor opt to trade for the fire and fishing gear, giving away the medallion of power to Espada.

Holly wants to make an alliance with Wendy. Already.

The old people have one advantage. At least one of them is bound to wear glasses. With the glasses in hand, Jane is able to start a fire quickly, so now they have the fire and also the power.

Shannon has determined that Jud is a dumb blonde, and he has already nicknamed him Fabio.

Kelly B is still trying to hide that she’s an amputee, but she has decided that is a stupid idea, so she decides to go ahead and reveal. Shannon already has a fear of sympathy votes. It’s day 1, dude.

Jimmy J is already sickly. If they need an excuse to get rid of someone, this is certainly it. As the tribe’s most senior member and a celebrity of sorts, he already has a big enough target on his back.

Chase has a decision to make. Does he want to align with Brenda or Shannon? Whatever he plans to do, he tells Brenda he’s in with Shannon, information she plans to use to her advantage, one way or another.

The hidden immunity idol is back, and a clue is tied to the well. Whoever goes to get water first gets the clue and is granted the choice of whether or not to reveal this information. Alina and Kelly B decide to keep this to themselves. That said, they’re forced to work together now, which Alina does not like because she doesn’t want to go to the end with Kelly considering the sympathy vote risk.

La Flor approaches the immunity challenge with a chant and dance. A little weird. One person will pour water at the top of the tower, while five others use sections of gutter to direct that water into a barrel. When this is filled, a bag of puzzle pieces will drop, and the remaining four contestants will solve the puzzle. The medallion of power offers advantages at challenges. This week’s advantage is one bucket of water already in the barrel at the start, or about 20% of the way done. The catch is that, when used, the medallion changes hands, so not keeping it was probably the right move since the younger tribe will get it back eventually anyway. They choose not to use it this time. La Flor is the first to release the puzzle pieces, but Espada is not far behind. It’s a battle between each tribe’s women to get the puzzle solved first. La Flor wins immunity.

Jimmy T will be voting for the other Jimmy. He makes this obvious to Marty, rudely.

Jimmy J wants to get rid of the weakest player, either himself or Wendy. He tells this to Holly, Wendy’s ally. Wendy realizes she’s an outcast, and Holly won’t even talk to her.

Good luck getting anybody to make a decision. They dance around the topic without anybody willing to name a name.

At tribal council, Wendy says she finds it interesting that nobody has asked her age. Is this something she typically gets asked this quickly after meeting somebody? As a warning to the tribe, she says that her nickname is Chatterbox. After that, she proceeds to not shut up.


Although they indicated that it was a hard decision, everybody voted Wendy off the island.

Stay tuned to dingoRUE for another live recap of Survivor: Nicaragua Episode 2, which airs Wednesday at 8/7c on CBS.

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