Survivor: Nicaragua Episode 5

After the old people lost yet again in Survivor: Nicaragua Episode 4, they got rid of the last remaining Jimmy.

Holly’s shocked by Jimmy’s departure, and she realizes she’s an outcast. Marty, meanwhile, believes he’s the master of the game, and is on the track to winning the game. Apparently, his strategy is to dominate the tribe that keeps losing every week, helping to make sure they get weaker and weaker. Wonder what he intends to do post-merge when his tribe has been decimated and he is the leader of one.

Doesn’t matter. When they meet Jeff, they can drop their buffs. Time for a tribe shuffle. They seem to have grown tired of this lame young vs. old twist that’s really not working.

They draw for rocks. Yellow and blue rocks are for captains. Brenda draws yellow; Holly draws blue. Better news for Holly than for Brenda, who’s doing quite well. Brenda will choose 3 people from the older tribe, while Holly will pick 4 members from the younger tribe. Jane, Jill, and Marty will join the younger tribe; Alina, Benry, Chase, and NaOnka join the older tribe. Good luck to those who picked Marty and NaOnka.

Oh, and the medallion of power is done, too. Good riddance to that.

From here we head right into reward challenge. Ah, the whole old format is back, now with two challenges per episode. Two members will toss balls that will bounce and change direction along the way, while two members of the other tribe work to try to catch those balls. If a ball hits the ground, the other tribe scores a point. Reward is chickens and a rooster. Hopefully this will not present a moral dilemma for anybody like it usually lamely does. Sash drops the ball, and Espada leads 1-0. Holly’s struggling to even get the ball up the wall. Tyrone drops a ball, and it’s tied 1-1. Marty drops the ball, giving Espada back the lead. Alina drops the ball, and it’s tied again. Marty drops another ball, and Espada wins reward.

Tyrone’s comfortable bossing around the new younger members of his tribe.

Holly is thrilled to have a new lease, and she’s bonding with the kids quickly. The rest of her tribe alienated her, so it’s no surprise this is her way out. Not that it’s necessarily smart, but it gives her a better shot than she had otherwise.

NaOnka’s willing to work with Alina if it means having the numbers.

On the other side, there is a preexisting lead of 5-3, so there is no need to scramble for numbers.

Like Holly, Jane is happy with the switch. She was an outcast, and she didn’t particularly care for her tribe. Given the opportunity to break up Marty and Jill, she’ll take it.

Marty hears the story about how NaOnka shoved Kelly B and ran off the clue, which he likens to cancer in the tribe. I won’t argue with him there. Knowing Jane will probably tell them that he has the idol, he reveals that he has it himself. Brenda views this move as arrogant.

NaOnka says that she’s worried because of the rain. When she’s cold, she loses it. So what we’ve seen of her so far is not her losing it? Alina’s fine with her breakdown.

Three tribe members will rotate somebody on a wheel, who will go underwater, take in a mouthful of water, and spit it into a tube. Once that tube is full, a ball will be released, with which tiles are to be broken. Seriously? Kelly B, purple Kelly, and Brenda are on the wheel for La Flor; Alina, Holly, and Yve are on the wheel for Espada. La Flor is moving noticeably faster than Espada. In spite of their slowness, Espada’s got the lead because La Flor’s speed is causing them to miss. Espada releases their ball first. Tyrone breaks the first tile to take the 1-0 lead for Espada. Jane ties it 1-1. Fabio takes the 2-1 lead for La Flor. Benry ties it 2-2. Fabio scores again for the 3-2 lead. Jane connects again to lead 4-2. Benry scores twice to tie it 4-4. Fabio scores for a third time to win immunity for La Flor. Espada may have a new tribe, but they’re still not winning.

NaOnka doesn’t want anybody to view her as a quitter, but she’s done. She doesn’t care. She really wants to go home. Quitter.

Everybody, except Tyrone, wants to eat the chicken. How about a vote then? Dead chicken coming up. Everybody else goes to cook the chicken, but he protests by sticking to himself in the background. However, he doesn’t have any trouble eating more than his share, which does not get lost on anybody else.

Tyrone was never on anybody’s good side, and he’s not doing himself any favors. On the other hand, NaOnka is a quitter. NaOnka’s an easy person to eliminate, but the concern is whether Holly will stick with the younger people so they can retain the lead.

In spite of her whining, NaOnka has decided that she appreciates her tribe and their encouraging words.


With 5 votes, Tyrone has been voted off the island. Can’t completely argue with the decision to keep the numbers, although the elimination of Dan would have accomplished the same thing without weakening the tribe.

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