Survivor: David Vs. Goliath Episode 6

The Goliaths were in control of the game even after the tribe swap. What better way to keep that control than by voting out all their numbers? For the second week in a row in Survivor: David Vs. Goliath Episode 5, that’s how things played out with the elimination of the cast outcast Natalie.

Angelina says she only went against the tribe because she wanted Natalie’s jacket, which she did not get, as her multiple requests for a jacket fell on deaf ears. This may make Angelina an easy target, again despite Lyrsa’s uselessness.

Christian is the most inept fisherman in the history of Survivor. He’s trying. The only thing he lacks is skill.

For the reward challenge, one person will be attached to a bag of coconuts, which the others must hold while that person retrieves rings to toss. First place is cooking utensils and food with second place of a smaller portion of food. Kara sits out for Vuku; Alison sits out for Tiva. Jabeni’s relying on Lyrsa, which means they fall way behind. Vuku has a good lead, but they lose it on the rings. Tiva wins reward with good tossing. Nick’s tossing skills outweigh whatever Vuku can muster, which scores them second place.

Gabby is on the outside of the brochachos. Her play is to cry to Alison.

A month before coming on the show, Elizabeth was in so much back pain that she couldn’t even get out of bed. Surely sleeping on bamboo is the smart move to assist that then. After a couple weeks of this, she snaps at her tribe members about the state of the bed, as if they can make sleeping on that beach comfortable.

For the immunity challenge, they will carry a saucer to a water tower, fill it, cross obstacles, and empty what’s left into a well until they can release some puzzle pieces. Elizabeth sits out for Vuku; Gabby sits out for Tiva. Jabeni’s in last right away again, and they don’t take as much water as the others. Tiva fills their well in one shot. Vuku does it in two. Jabeni stops to rest. They finally get back, but they’ll need to go for a third run. Tiva also dominates on the puzzle with Christian leading them. Jabeni drops their saucer on the final run. Angelina suggests lifting it back up, but there is not much support for the suggestion. Vuku wins immunity.

The girls think they can talk the guys into how to vote, but really it’s the guys trying to convince each other or at least Mike trying to convince himself. Does he really vote out the third Goliath in a row, or does he reclaim some faith from his old tribe? Unlikely it goes to rocks.


With 3 votes, Lyrsa has been voted off the island. Nick went along with Mike’s wishes, and they are closer allies than he was with Lyrsa anyway.

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Survivor: David Vs. Goliath Episode 5

A tribe swap presented what seemed like an easy option in Survivor: David Vs. Goliath Episode 4. Gang up on the minority tribe members to keep the old Goliath tribe strong. Then Natalia opened her mouth. And again and again. Numbers be damned, Alec wasn’t willing to put up with her any longer.

The real problem for Alec is that now he’s in the minority because one person left to be replaced by another person from Exile Island, which he knew was going to happen but for some reason didn’t care.

They’ve been putting up with harsh weather since the beginning, but now it’s getting out of control. They are being evacuated until the cyclone passes. They don’t have to leave for very long, but they will be starting over because their shelters are destroyed.

For the reward challenge, they will use poles to knock sandbags out of a net, then use the sandbags to slingshot at targets. Reward is hens and a rooster with second place receiving a dozen eggs. Tiva is first to retrieve all the bags. Jabeni’s behind them, but they catch up on a seemingly simple task, untying the slingshot. Vuku comes from even further behind to win reward. Jabeni wins second place. Dan’s struggle to untie knots or hit targets leaves Tiva with nothing.

Kara throws Alec under the bus because she has no other option. It doesn’t make sense to get rid of him over her, though.

You would think having eggs to eat would be cause for celebration. Instead, it’s an opportunity for Natalie to get on everybody’s nerves. The usual. She insists on boiling all of the eggs that day, and that’s what is going to happen because she is the boss.

Having found one idol previously, Dan knows what to look for. Since they’re on a new island, he figures there must be a new idol. He goes searching as a defensive move to make sure Gabby is as easy to get rid of as he expects. He finds a clue, which tells him to look at the immunity challenge.

For the immunity challenge, they will race up and over an obstacle, lift a ladder, raise a bridge, retrieve a ball, and maneuver the ball to the top of a snake maze. Not much difference between the tribes heading into the maze. As they battle it out, Dan has an easy opportunity to grab the hidden immunity idol with little risk. It’s almost dead even as they head toward the top. Alec leads Vuku to an immunity win. John chose to do the maze for Tiva, which seemed like an odd choice. Christian replaced him, putting himself way behind the other two. However, he narrowly pulls out a victory over Nick, sending Jabeni to Tribal Council.

Lyrsa is a liability and an easy vote. Natalie has a proposal for Nick. If he would like to stay, how about he steal Lyrsa’s jacket, or he could just give her his?

Lyrsa’s hope is that nobody from any of the tribes likes Natalie. She makes Natalia, who was flipped on last week, look pleasant. I didn’t really buy it when they said that was going to happen then, but this is a lot easier. Mike is happy with the concept, but he wants to make sure not to blindside Angelina, unlike what Alec did to Kara.

Of course, the problem is that the Goliaths keep taking out their own numbers, so doing this would make the original tribes even. Didn’t see that coming from a tribe that was dominating.


With 3 votes, Natalie has been voted off the island. As with last week, again, too early, but not surprising. As Natalie’s leaving, Angelina repeatedly asks if she can have her jacket because she’s cold. There is no answer. Just the icing on the cake that once again demonstrates why they did what they did.

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Survivor: David Vs. Goliath Episode 4

The Goliaths lost for a change in Survivor: David Vs. Goliath Episode 3, forcing them to choose between the two most annoying people on their tribe, and they chose to get rid of the stronger of the two, Jeremy.

Before we get started, Bi has an announcement. She has decided to leave the game because of her injury, to prevent further damage because of her career.

Now we can proceed with the twist. They can drop their buffs. What’s the point of David Vs. Goliath if you’re intermingling them after three Tribals? But it doesn’t end there. They are splitting into three tribes.

Vuku (Orange): Natalia, Kara, Alec, David, Elizabeth
Tiva (Green): John, Dan, Alison, Christian, Gabby
Jabeni (Purple): Natalie, Mike, Angelina, Lyrsa, Nick

Between all the Goliath victories, someone just quitting, and luck of the draw, all three tribes have more Goliaths than Davids. Tiva will be starting over at a new beach.

Carl is the odd man out, who will head to Exile Island. Whoever loses gets him as their replacement.

Natalia’s paranoid already. She is afraid that Kara is getting along too well with new tribemate Elizabeth. Kara is not planning to screw up the numbers, but Natalia is sketchy.

Carl is immediately greeted by a clue. Fate has decided he shall receive an advantage, an idol nullifier, which can block the use of an idol of any other player. He must play it during the vote, trying to guess correctly who is playing an idol. If an idol is played for that person, it does not count.

Natalie has no interest in getting to know these people either. They were afraid that Natalie may flip, which is a reasonable concern, but it would be just as easy for the others to flip and get rid of her because nobody trusts her. This wouldn’t have happened with Jeremy.

Gabby was playing a game of fear before, and it’s only getting worse. As Christian gets along with their new tribe, she’s becoming the outcast.

For the immunity challenge, one caller will sit on a driving wheel while two blindfolded people push them. The caller will then guide two other people through a table maze. Tiva pulls ahead of the others on the final obstacle. Jabeni was struggling at the start of the challenge, but they move into second with Vuku pulling up the rear. Tiva never looks back and wins immunity and reward of pastries and coffee. They nearly threw it away, but Jabeni finally lands their ball to place second and win immunity.

Elizabeth was in a good spot, but she seems to be the easiest target tonight. Davie will use his idol if pushed, but that push will not come tonight. She thought she could find an idol and get rid of Natalia, but neither of those plans seem to be working. Plan B is to offer to go after Davie.

Natalia’s aggressiveness puts her name into the mix. Seems unlikely that will actually happen. Flip and hand the Davids the numbers when Carl comes back? This does not sound like a serious plan.

During the middle of Tribal Council, Alec gets up and whispers in Elizabeth’s ear. That’s weird. Kara says she trusts him. Natalia unsurprisingly expresses her disapproval.


With 3 votes, Natalia has been voted off the island. This seems like a really dumb move, but Natalia invited it. She continues behaving as she had been behaving even as her torch is snuffed. Even if it does turn out Alec made the wrong decision in the long run, this show is satisfaction enough that it was right for now. Though she wasn’t part of this vote, Kara for some reason voted Davie.

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Survivor: David Vs. Goliath Episode 3

The Davids lost again in Survivor: David Vs. Goliath Episode 2, so rather than voting out their weakest links, they chose to get rid of Jessica.

Gabby considers Christian her number one ally. He may play along, but his primary ally is Nick. The two of them spread gossip that Gabby is to blame for the last vote. Nick sees this as an opportunity to get rid of someone who may become a closer ally to Christian than he is.

Jeremy’s paranoid that everybody is talking about him behind his back. He calls a tribe meeting to tell people to stop doing this. Are they actually doing it, though? Furthermore, he warns people that Dan has an idol. He didn’t exactly show it to him, but he knows because he is searching through people’s belongings.

A very rainy immunity challenge requires to them to maneuver through an obstacle course while attached to a rope, hook and pull a sled, and solve a large block puzzle. Reward is wet blankets, pillows, and other comfort items. Natalia and Angelina sit out for Goliath. Alec and Bi are the two on the obstacle course and end up dead even. That frees up two groups of three for the next leg. Still tied. Goliath pulls into a bit of a lead on the sled ring toss, but it’s anybody’s game heading into the puzzle. It’s the two nerds going against presumably less well equipped goliaths, including Natalie, who insisted on not sitting out as usual. Davids win immunity.

Despite the good news, Bi sprained her MCL during the challenge. She previously tore it and had to sit out for two months from her fighting. A weak knee could turn an otherwise potentially helpful asset into a liability.

Natalie’s failure at the challenge could easily be the final nail in her coffin. As it is, people don’t like her bossing them around and being aggressive, which she acknowledges, though she tries to use more favorable words.

Her only hope is that Jeremy is a dangerous player who has proven to be willing to do anything. Angela is pushing very hard to make this plan happen. Under the right circumstances, it’s not a tough sell because Jeremy is a problem. He’s just less of a problem than Natalie and can also contribute in a team game.

Though she’s annoyingly scrambling by arguing with Jeremy, Natalie seems to know she only has a couple hours left in the game. The bickering continues at Tribal Council. Whoever goes, I don’t think we’ve seen the last of this behavior from the one who remains.


With 6 votes, Jeremy has been voted off the island. Not the smartest move this early in the game.

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Survivor: David Vs. Goliath Episode 2

Any strategy went out the window in Survivor: David Vs. Goliath Episode 1 when Pat was medically evacuated after being injured on the transport back from the immunity challenge.

The hits keep coming. This time, the tribes get some of the worst weather conditions, a cyclone.

Kara seems to be in a showmance with Dan, but she wants people to know that isn’t really true. Natalia decides the girls have the power and have the guys wrapped around their fingers.

Dan says two too many people know about the idol. You told them. There was no reason for it. Now, more people know. Jeremy searches his bag and finds it. His rationale is that smart people should expect people to search their belongings. He also tells Mike.

Since he caught the octopus, Davie wants to fall into the role of provider. He’s constantly searching for food. And other things. In his travels, he finds an idol.

Nick was the target, but now that they lost Pat, they can’t just throw potentially strong people away. Carl targets Lyrsa as the weakest person. Not an unreasonable accusation. She takes credit for the first challenge, the one that Christian won and she just happened to be there, as an example of why this is wrong.

Natalie’s game is to lay low and get along with people. She can’t even do that little. John warns her, and she aggressively takes it to the others. She calls it assertive and doesn’t care if people get offended. Oh, they will.

For the immunity challenge, they will climb a ladder to retrieve a key to unlock a boat, paddle to a platform, retrieve bags of puzzle pieces, and solve a block puzzle on a wobbly table. Natalie sits out for Goliath. In addition to her social conflicts, she’s not apparently going to be any use in challenges either. Alec is the ladder climber and easily beats Bi. She finally finishes by the time Goliath starts on the puzzle. This seems over, but they aren’t exactly the puzzle tribe if the first challenge is any indication. Perhaps none of that matters because Jeff eventually tells us it’s been over an hour and they’re still working on the puzzle. In the end, Goliaths win immunity and fishing gear.

Lyrsa’s hail Mary is Jessica, not the most logical option, but they aren’t playing to win challenges, just to make it another day. Elizabeth wants to save her friend. Gabby is worried about a Lyrsa vote because she admits she’s also weak, so if weak people are targets, she’s next. They hope to win over Christian and in turn Nick.


With 5 votes, Jessica has been voted off the island. Not a result I would have predicted, but there are just enough people worried about what the others will do with the power rather than what will happen in challenges.

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Survivor: David Vs. Goliath Episode 1

Season 37 pits 10 contestants who are the underdogs against 10 who have had it easier. Some members of the Goliath tribe laugh at their challengers as they see them getting on the boat. Not a great first impression.

David (Orange): Bi, Carl, Christian, Davie, Elizabeth, Gabby, Jessica, Lyrsa, Nick, Pat
Goliath (Purple): Alec, Alison, Angelina, Dan, Jeremy, John, Kara, Mike, Natalia, Natalie

The Goliath tribe is asked to pick the weakest man and woman on the opposing tribe. Christian and Lyrsa are selected. Then they pick their own strongest man and woman: Alison and John.

Because the others have selected the competitors, the David tribe may now pick which path they prefer. They choose to send the others over a plank bridge, through a net tube, and then have them do a 15 block puzzle. Davids will do the beam over water, crawl under nets, and do the 8 piece slide puzzle.

Lyrsa and Christian jump out to an early lead, but the second obstacle was not quite so easy, roughly tying the teams as they hit the puzzle. Davids solve the puzzle in less than 5 seconds to win a shelter kit reward. Apparently, Christian wrote slide puzzle algorithms as an undergrad. Apparently, people write slide puzzle algorithms. This is the problem with these choices. They picked the physically weakest man, disregarding that he is not mentally weak.

Dan and Kara are already flirting pretty much minute one.

Pat is a property manager and immediately takes charge of the shelter building. The problem is that he may fall into the trap of the overbearing chief when others don’t want a chief. On the opposite end is Nick, who doesn’t see why he should waste energy building.

Likewise, Natalie thinks she is the other tribe’s boss. She is a CEO and old enough to at least be the mother of most of the others. She’s used to being in charge of such people.

Jessica is a 19 year old pretending to be 22 because she doesn’t want others to think she is too young. So 3 years then.

Mike goes looking for an idol right away. This is not going to help him remove the target already on his back from being on The Amazing Race and people believing he probably doesn’t need the money. Despite all their whining about how he is trying too hard and putting a target on his back, everybody follows suit. Kara, Natalia, and Dan go idol hunting in a group. Dan is the one to spot it. Rather than keeping it secret, he calls it out and tells them. That may form a bond, but it could also backfire.

Davie manages to catch an octopus. If he keeps it up and can become the provider, he’ll be safe for a while.

The immunity challenge will require them to run through obstacles, dig under a log, trying to be first so the other team must be penalized by having to untie knots, climb a ladder, cross the Survivor pole vault, and solve a giant number puzzle. Carl and Alec are the diggers, and Alec gives Goliaths the lead, which only grows. Christian is the caller for his tribe in this giant slide puzzle, while the other tribe is yelling at each other. It wouldn’t seem that would be a winning strategy, but Goliaths win immunity. That was close enough that, if not for the early performance, Davids could have won.

Just as we thought the drama of the Tribal Council was coming up, we cut to a scene of Pat on a stretcher. They were on a boat transporting them back to camp, and they hit a wave which led to him injuring his back. He’s begging to not leave despite the obvious pain. They have to take him to the hospital, which means he is out of the game.

You want to talk about underdogs. Hell of a way to get eliminated from the game. It’s not like he did anything wrong. Maybe it was avoidable with better safety precautions being taken by the crew, but he was just coming from a challenge, standard mundane routine.

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