Survivor: David Vs. Goliath Episode 5

A tribe swap presented what seemed like an easy option in Survivor: David Vs. Goliath Episode 4. Gang up on the minority tribe members to keep the old Goliath tribe strong. Then Natalia opened her mouth. And again and again. Numbers be damned, Alec wasn’t willing to put up with her any longer.

The real problem for Alec is that now he’s in the minority because one person left to be replaced by another person from Exile Island, which he knew was going to happen but for some reason didn’t care.

They’ve been putting up with harsh weather since the beginning, but now it’s getting out of control. They are being evacuated until the cyclone passes. They don’t have to leave for very long, but they will be starting over because their shelters are destroyed.

For the reward challenge, they will use poles to knock sandbags out of a net, then use the sandbags to slingshot at targets. Reward is hens and a rooster with second place receiving a dozen eggs. Tiva is first to retrieve all the bags. Jabeni’s behind them, but they catch up on a seemingly simple task, untying the slingshot. Vuku comes from even further behind to win reward. Jabeni wins second place. Dan’s struggle to untie knots or hit targets leaves Tiva with nothing.

Kara throws Alec under the bus because she has no other option. It doesn’t make sense to get rid of him over her, though.

You would think having eggs to eat would be cause for celebration. Instead, it’s an opportunity for Natalie to get on everybody’s nerves. The usual. She insists on boiling all of the eggs that day, and that’s what is going to happen because she is the boss.

Having found one idol previously, Dan knows what to look for. Since they’re on a new island, he figures there must be a new idol. He goes searching as a defensive move to make sure Gabby is as easy to get rid of as he expects. He finds a clue, which tells him to look at the immunity challenge.

For the immunity challenge, they will race up and over an obstacle, lift a ladder, raise a bridge, retrieve a ball, and maneuver the ball to the top of a snake maze. Not much difference between the tribes heading into the maze. As they battle it out, Dan has an easy opportunity to grab the hidden immunity idol with little risk. It’s almost dead even as they head toward the top. Alec leads Vuku to an immunity win. John chose to do the maze for Tiva, which seemed like an odd choice. Christian replaced him, putting himself way behind the other two. However, he narrowly pulls out a victory over Nick, sending Jabeni to Tribal Council.

Lyrsa is a liability and an easy vote. Natalie has a proposal for Nick. If he would like to stay, how about he steal Lyrsa’s jacket, or he could just give her his?

Lyrsa’s hope is that nobody from any of the tribes likes Natalie. She makes Natalia, who was flipped on last week, look pleasant. I didn’t really buy it when they said that was going to happen then, but this is a lot easier. Mike is happy with the concept, but he wants to make sure not to blindside Angelina, unlike what Alec did to Kara.

Of course, the problem is that the Goliaths keep taking out their own numbers, so doing this would make the original tribes even. Didn’t see that coming from a tribe that was dominating.


With 3 votes, Natalie has been voted off the island. As with last week, again, too early, but not surprising. As Natalie’s leaving, Angelina repeatedly asks if she can have her jacket because she’s cold. There is no answer. Just the icing on the cake that once again demonstrates why they did what they did.

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