Survivor: David Vs. Goliath Episode 4

The Goliaths lost for a change in Survivor: David Vs. Goliath Episode 3, forcing them to choose between the two most annoying people on their tribe, and they chose to get rid of the stronger of the two, Jeremy.

Before we get started, Bi has an announcement. She has decided to leave the game because of her injury, to prevent further damage because of her career.

Now we can proceed with the twist. They can drop their buffs. What’s the point of David Vs. Goliath if you’re intermingling them after three Tribals? But it doesn’t end there. They are splitting into three tribes.

Vuku (Orange): Natalia, Kara, Alec, David, Elizabeth
Tiva (Green): John, Dan, Alison, Christian, Gabby
Jabeni (Purple): Natalie, Mike, Angelina, Lyrsa, Nick

Between all the Goliath victories, someone just quitting, and luck of the draw, all three tribes have more Goliaths than Davids. Tiva will be starting over at a new beach.

Carl is the odd man out, who will head to Exile Island. Whoever loses gets him as their replacement.

Natalia’s paranoid already. She is afraid that Kara is getting along too well with new tribemate Elizabeth. Kara is not planning to screw up the numbers, but Natalia is sketchy.

Carl is immediately greeted by a clue. Fate has decided he shall receive an advantage, an idol nullifier, which can block the use of an idol of any other player. He must play it during the vote, trying to guess correctly who is playing an idol. If an idol is played for that person, it does not count.

Natalie has no interest in getting to know these people either. They were afraid that Natalie may flip, which is a reasonable concern, but it would be just as easy for the others to flip and get rid of her because nobody trusts her. This wouldn’t have happened with Jeremy.

Gabby was playing a game of fear before, and it’s only getting worse. As Christian gets along with their new tribe, she’s becoming the outcast.

For the immunity challenge, one caller will sit on a driving wheel while two blindfolded people push them. The caller will then guide two other people through a table maze. Tiva pulls ahead of the others on the final obstacle. Jabeni was struggling at the start of the challenge, but they move into second with Vuku pulling up the rear. Tiva never looks back and wins immunity and reward of pastries and coffee. They nearly threw it away, but Jabeni finally lands their ball to place second and win immunity.

Elizabeth was in a good spot, but she seems to be the easiest target tonight. Davie will use his idol if pushed, but that push will not come tonight. She thought she could find an idol and get rid of Natalia, but neither of those plans seem to be working. Plan B is to offer to go after Davie.

Natalia’s aggressiveness puts her name into the mix. Seems unlikely that will actually happen. Flip and hand the Davids the numbers when Carl comes back? This does not sound like a serious plan.

During the middle of Tribal Council, Alec gets up and whispers in Elizabeth’s ear. That’s weird. Kara says she trusts him. Natalia unsurprisingly expresses her disapproval.


With 3 votes, Natalia has been voted off the island. This seems like a really dumb move, but Natalia invited it. She continues behaving as she had been behaving even as her torch is snuffed. Even if it does turn out Alec made the wrong decision in the long run, this show is satisfaction enough that it was right for now. Though she wasn’t part of this vote, Kara for some reason voted Davie.

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