Survivor: David Vs. Goliath Episode 3

The Davids lost again in Survivor: David Vs. Goliath Episode 2, so rather than voting out their weakest links, they chose to get rid of Jessica.

Gabby considers Christian her number one ally. He may play along, but his primary ally is Nick. The two of them spread gossip that Gabby is to blame for the last vote. Nick sees this as an opportunity to get rid of someone who may become a closer ally to Christian than he is.

Jeremy’s paranoid that everybody is talking about him behind his back. He calls a tribe meeting to tell people to stop doing this. Are they actually doing it, though? Furthermore, he warns people that Dan has an idol. He didn’t exactly show it to him, but he knows because he is searching through people’s belongings.

A very rainy immunity challenge requires to them to maneuver through an obstacle course while attached to a rope, hook and pull a sled, and solve a large block puzzle. Reward is wet blankets, pillows, and other comfort items. Natalia and Angelina sit out for Goliath. Alec and Bi are the two on the obstacle course and end up dead even. That frees up two groups of three for the next leg. Still tied. Goliath pulls into a bit of a lead on the sled ring toss, but it’s anybody’s game heading into the puzzle. It’s the two nerds going against presumably less well equipped goliaths, including Natalie, who insisted on not sitting out as usual. Davids win immunity.

Despite the good news, Bi sprained her MCL during the challenge. She previously tore it and had to sit out for two months from her fighting. A weak knee could turn an otherwise potentially helpful asset into a liability.

Natalie’s failure at the challenge could easily be the final nail in her coffin. As it is, people don’t like her bossing them around and being aggressive, which she acknowledges, though she tries to use more favorable words.

Her only hope is that Jeremy is a dangerous player who has proven to be willing to do anything. Angela is pushing very hard to make this plan happen. Under the right circumstances, it’s not a tough sell because Jeremy is a problem. He’s just less of a problem than Natalie and can also contribute in a team game.

Though she’s annoyingly scrambling by arguing with Jeremy, Natalie seems to know she only has a couple hours left in the game. The bickering continues at Tribal Council. Whoever goes, I don’t think we’ve seen the last of this behavior from the one who remains.


With 6 votes, Jeremy has been voted off the island. Not the smartest move this early in the game.

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