Survivor: David Vs. Goliath Episode 6

The Goliaths were in control of the game even after the tribe swap. What better way to keep that control than by voting out all their numbers? For the second week in a row in Survivor: David Vs. Goliath Episode 5, that’s how things played out with the elimination of the cast outcast Natalie.

Angelina says she only went against the tribe because she wanted Natalie’s jacket, which she did not get, as her multiple requests for a jacket fell on deaf ears. This may make Angelina an easy target, again despite Lyrsa’s uselessness.

Christian is the most inept fisherman in the history of Survivor. He’s trying. The only thing he lacks is skill.

For the reward challenge, one person will be attached to a bag of coconuts, which the others must hold while that person retrieves rings to toss. First place is cooking utensils and food with second place of a smaller portion of food. Kara sits out for Vuku; Alison sits out for Tiva. Jabeni’s relying on Lyrsa, which means they fall way behind. Vuku has a good lead, but they lose it on the rings. Tiva wins reward with good tossing. Nick’s tossing skills outweigh whatever Vuku can muster, which scores them second place.

Gabby is on the outside of the brochachos. Her play is to cry to Alison.

A month before coming on the show, Elizabeth was in so much back pain that she couldn’t even get out of bed. Surely sleeping on bamboo is the smart move to assist that then. After a couple weeks of this, she snaps at her tribe members about the state of the bed, as if they can make sleeping on that beach comfortable.

For the immunity challenge, they will carry a saucer to a water tower, fill it, cross obstacles, and empty what’s left into a well until they can release some puzzle pieces. Elizabeth sits out for Vuku; Gabby sits out for Tiva. Jabeni’s in last right away again, and they don’t take as much water as the others. Tiva fills their well in one shot. Vuku does it in two. Jabeni stops to rest. They finally get back, but they’ll need to go for a third run. Tiva also dominates on the puzzle with Christian leading them. Jabeni drops their saucer on the final run. Angelina suggests lifting it back up, but there is not much support for the suggestion. Vuku wins immunity.

The girls think they can talk the guys into how to vote, but really it’s the guys trying to convince each other or at least Mike trying to convince himself. Does he really vote out the third Goliath in a row, or does he reclaim some faith from his old tribe? Unlikely it goes to rocks.


With 3 votes, Lyrsa has been voted off the island. Nick went along with Mike’s wishes, and they are closer allies than he was with Lyrsa anyway.

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