Survivor: David Vs. Goliath Episode 7

Having been a target since the beginning, Lyrsa finally met her demise in Survivor: David Vs. Goliath Episode 6 in the first vote in which the Goliaths haven’t given up their numbers and voted out one of their own.

The Tiva tribe hears a boat coming, followed by another. It’s time to merge.

Despite their awful voting strategy when they were separated into different tribes, Goliaths still have a narrow 7-6 advantage.

It’s not all happy on either side. Carl wants to get rid of Elizabeth. Meanwhile, it comes out at the feast that Alec flipped and already voted out a Goliath.

Dan immediately tells Kara that he found another idol. That’s the second time he’s done that, but at least this time he didn’t tell anyone else.

Alec, Mike, Christian, Gabby, Nick, and Alison have formed an alliance of six, which consists of three people from each of the original tribe. They plan to pick off some Davids first. Maybe the David members don’t have much choice, but they could also just be digging a hole.

The first individual immunity challenge requires them to keep swinging a pendulum through a frame and around a statue. Mike is out first, followed by Christian and then Carl. Gabby is next. Nobody is having any issues with the statue. Rather, they are being stopped by hitting the frame and their momentum falling apart. Kara is next. Nick is the first to actually drop his statue. After 15 minutes, those who remain must switch hands. Davie, Angelina, Alec, and John quickly drop. Dan is next. Elizabeth drops. Alison wins immunity.

In addition to Carl having issues with her, Elizabeth is also trying to rally people against Dan, which he learns she is doing. She needed that more than she thought. The flaw in that plan is that she’s not much of a threat. Granted, they are discussing that after she almost just won something.

Angelina has a different plan. Target Christian. She’s right. He is more threatening. However, there is no chance of that result happening.

She’s not alone in wanting to see a shake up. Gabby was onboard with the plan to get rid of a David, but she’s not happy with it. Still, she can’t do anything about it, and isn’t forcing her opinion on people.

When Angelina finds out that nobody supports her plan no matter how much she tries to dictate it to them, first she makes it clear she’s angry with them and thinks this is a mistake. Then, she warns Elizabeth.

Rather than being thankful for this information, Elizabeth uses it against her, throwing her under the bus at Tribal. Alison piles on saying she’s just trying to manage the jury, which apparently begins tonight. How does that work at 13 people? I thought these people were just losing it, but I’m confused how this math works.

Then Gabby starts crying. Again. Where did that come from?


With 7 votes, Elizabeth has been voted off the island. She went down swinging and probably helped to ultimately bring down Angelina, but it’s very odd to see 12 people united to get rid of the same person.

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