dingoRUE.com Status Update

Hello all you faithful readers. I apologize for the lack of updates recently, life has been very busy of late and I haven’t had the time, nor the drive to write anything. For the past week myself and my wife have been working on completing her Canadian immigration papers, and for those of you who have never had the pleasure of filling out said papers, they are a royal pain in the butt. It seems like every time we thought we were done, we’d read it over again and find out we were still missing something. Luckily all that is over and done with, the package was sent in last week and now we play the waiting game.

We also decided to take a bit of a break from life and have been in Port Alberni on Vancouver Island visiting family for the Easter weekend. Unfortunately, that also means that the chances of me watching the Apprentice Los Angeles tonight are pretty slim, and the chances of me live blogging or recaping the show are somewhere between slim and none at all.

So, if Apprentice Los Angeles news is what you’re looking for, check out the following sites:

Thanks to all the loyal readers out there for your patience. Rest assured dingoRUE is far from dead and I’m planning to kick things back into gear this coming week, so to quote someone, from somewhere and sometime – stay tuned!


If you have any suggestions, thoughts or ideas for what you’d like to see on dingoRUE, please feel free to contact me via email or leave a comment. I read all emails and comments I receive and love to hear from you all!

Hillary Clinton 1984 Video Ad

Wow, I have been trying to keep politics out of dingoRUE for quite some time now, but I just couldn’t resist spreading the word about this one at least a little. Being a Canadian, a lot of America’s seem to think we don’t really know very much about US politics, when the actual fact is that Canadians generally know quite a bit about American politics, and in some cases, more than that of Canadian politics. Much like Canada gets most of it’s TV shows and reality TV shows from American networks, a great deal of the news is also American and even those news shows that aren’t American report heavily on American news.

So, getting back to my original point, it is damn near impossible to watch any form of television without at least learning something about the impending 2008 US Presidential elections and today I came across a really interesting video online. One of the hottest topics of the 2008 Presidential election is the competition between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, well, it looks like someone (though supposedly not a member of Obama’s campaign) put together and circulated an incredibly well done campaign video on YouTube. The video is a modified version of the world renowned Apple Computers Orwellian “1984” ad featuring Hillary Clinton as the face of Big Brother. Anyways, I’ve spent enough time talking about it, watch it and see for yourself!

The Original Apple 1984 Ad:

Hillary Clinton 1984 Ad:

dingoRUE Status Update

I know, I know, its been a few days since I last updated. Trust me, its not like I haven’t thought about updating, it’s just been a very busy last few days. The 14th was of course, Valentines day, the 15th was my birthday, the 16th was my surprise birthday party and tonight it was my wife and I’s very first anniversary. And when I wasn’t out and about with my wife, at work, or celebrating, I spent my free time fighting with my brand new laptop. I treated myself to a new blogging tool and man has setting this thing up to run a wireless network been a giant pain in the butt. You’d think the folks at Microsoft would make it easier for an XP machine to see a Vista machine and vice versa, but apparently no one considered that. I’ve got the laptop seeing my desktop and connecting to wireless internet, but the XP box still can’t see my Vista laptop, so there are still a few bugs to work out, but I’ve got the basics in place.

Anyhow, enough about what I’ve been doing, lets get to what I’m going to do. Tonight I’ll be posting the Apprentice LA episode 6 recap and tomorrow I hope to post the Survivor Fiji episode 1 and 2 recaps and a Heroes episode 16 preview post, so keep your eyes peeled!

Up Up And Away!

Just as a warning to everyone, I’ll be working on the site all weekend trying to get dingoRUE 2.0 – as I like to call it – up and fully functional before the weekend is over. Not sure if it’s going to happen, but I’m going to try. So, if you’re cruising around and things are slowing down, not loading or looking completely different, just refresh your screen.

Here’s hoping everything goes according to planned! Sorry for the inconvenience.


After a few long days and even longer nights, I believe everything is finally working as it should with the new layout. A few things still need to be tweaked to fix some issues in IE and I still have a bit of messing with template files to do, so all is not done yet, but the general look is in place now. I will also be updating the About, Advertising and Credits page in the very near future.

And, for all the reality TV fans out there, not to worry, I will be posting my usually The Apprentice 6: LA recap tonight, so stay tuned! Oh, and I still have a Survivor Fiji recap that I’ll be writing up tomorrow as well.

Most importantly, let me know what you think of everything. If something isn’t working right, please let me know and I’ll try to fix it asap.

Valentine’s Day Lingerie from Yandy.com

Valentine’s day is quickly approaching and all you guys out there know what that means. It’s time to start thinking about what to get your wife/girlfriend/significant other for the Hallmark holiday. But rest assured ladies, behind every grinning face and box of chocolates there is a man thinking “hmm, I wonder what she got me.”

In all honesty, most women seem to be fairly easy to buy for, for Valentine’s day, at least if you’re as lucky as I am. I’m willing to bet that the majority of women will be happy with just about anything they’re given, as long as it’s given in love and it’s not something all together stupid like lingerie. Any man should know that generally, lingerie isn’t a gift you give to a woman, it’s a gift a woman gives to you. So guys, keep it simple, flowers, chocolates, jewelry, clothes and a fancy dinner are always good staples, but don’t be afraid to get a little more romantic and creative than that, make things exciting!

Ladies, if you’d like to do something special for your man this year, Valentine’s day lingerie is always a well received gift, and it definitely has it’s benefits for both parties.

To find that special bit of lingerie for the upcoming Valentine’s day, go to Yandy.com. Yandy’s has a huge selection of all you standard styles of lingerie, and even has a few things for the wilder side of life. The site is very well laid out, easy to navigate and offers up just about anything a mans heart could desire. They even offer express shipping for all you last minute shoppers out there. But, I have to admit, the best part about Yandy.com is the fact that they cater to everyone and even have a great selection of Plus Size lingerie. So don’t be afraid to check-out what Yandy’s has to offer, who knows, you may just like it after all.

Oh, and guys, here are a few places for you to check out:

So get out there and get shopping, time is running out. Oh, and don’t forget, be creative! Everyone appreciates originality.

Disclaimer: This is a paid post provided for ReviewMe.com. Even though this is a paid post, I have researched everything to the fullest and the opinions I offer are genuine.

Protect Your Personal Space

Do you live in a big city? Are you sick of having your personal space invaded on the bus, skytrain, subway or streets? Then the folks over at LuLuBrands have the perfect invention for you.

The “Excuse Me” flag is a bright yellow flag, inscribed with the words “Excuse Me”, that is attached to a pole that is fixed to a belt. The pole projects 3-feet from the belt, and when worn, creates a 3 foot protective bubble of personal space.

All those that choose to ignore your newly found 3 foot circle of personal space may suffer such horrid injuries as poked eyes, scratches and pole slaps. For your own good, don’t enter the 3 foot circle of personal spacey doom!

Watch a video of the “Excuse Me” personal space protector in use!

Source: Gawker.com

Daylight Savings Time: Fall Back, Fall Back

Head on over to the 2007 version of this post here: Daylight Saving Time.

The last few months have seemingly flown by for me. Work has been keeping me good and busy which likely plays a big part in how fast time is seeming to go by. Halloween is a mere three days away, and you know what that means. This Sunday is the big day for everyone that obeys the rules of daylight savings time to set their clocks back another hour, and everyone knows what that means, an extra hours sleep, yay!

An interesting little tid-bit about this years daylight savings time fall back event comes compliments of the consumerist. Apparently 2006 will be the last year we fall back BEFORE Halloween:

Fall Back Day is Sunday and this here is the very last Halloween that will fall after the end of Daylight Savings Time. Why? The Energy Policy Act of 2005, extends Daylight Savings Time by 4 weeks! The result? An estimated energy savings of 1% nationally.

So don’t forget! Set your clocks back an hour this Sunday, at 2am to be exact. You wouldn’t want to end up showing up for work an hour early, though it could earn you some brownie points with the boss man.