Protect Your Personal Space

Do you live in a big city? Are you sick of having your personal space invaded on the bus, skytrain, subway or streets? Then the folks over at LuLuBrands have the perfect invention for you.

The “Excuse Me” flag is a bright yellow flag, inscribed with the words “Excuse Me”, that is attached to a pole that is fixed to a belt. The pole projects 3-feet from the belt, and when worn, creates a 3 foot protective bubble of personal space.

All those that choose to ignore your newly found 3 foot circle of personal space may suffer such horrid injuries as poked eyes, scratches and pole slaps. For your own good, don’t enter the 3 foot circle of personal spacey doom!

Watch a video of the “Excuse Me” personal space protector in use!


Author: soultrance

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