Big Brother 13 Episode 4

How long can one of the “greatest players ever” last without America pulling the strings? In Big Brother 13 Episode 13, we got our answer with the departure of Evel Dick: a couple of nights. The situation on the block remained unchanged, and tonight either Porsche or Keith, both disasters at playing this game, will be going home.

The Regulators want Porsche gone, for good reason. She’s clearly not on their side and has never had any interest in being there.

The veterans have realized something. They need to stop hiding up in their room alone away from everybody else. Actual veterans would have realized that long before now.

Brendon & Rachel get into a stupid fight because she told people she calls him Bookie. His poutfest is the result of his insecurity in his masculinity. Is this really happening?

Shelly and Adam are the potential swing votes that they hope to sway. Shelly is told that they want to get rid of Cassi. Their strategy to get Adam: think of their nickname. Really? Kalia doesn’t seem to be on their radar, in spite of how much she hates Keith.

Dominic: Porsche
Brendon: Keith
Jordan: Keith
Cassi: Porsche
Lawon: Porsche
Jeff: Keith
Daniele: Keith
Adam: Porsche
Kalia: Keith
Shelly: Keith

By a vote of 6-4, Keith has been evicted from the Big Brother house. In spite of Porsche being more like a Kia, Keith’s big mouth got him in trouble. Congrats to Shelly and Kalia for giving away the numbers, but unbeknownst to them they’re on the bottom of either totem pole, so I don’t know that it really matters either way. For the time being, though, it puts them in a good spot. The other newbies will go after the veterans, while the veterans will go after the other newbies. Being in the middle has its advantages at this stage of the game, no matter how much Rachel hates floaters.

Rachel is not eligible to compete as outgoing HOH. Daniele and Porsche are also out because they have golden keys.

The HOH competition is mini golf. They have to get closest to the hole in 1 without landing in the water hazard. Dominic gets a 6. Adam gets an 8. Cassi goes in the water. Shelly also goes in the water. Lawon follows suit. Kalia ties Dominic. Jordan takes the lead with 3. Jeff and Brendon throw it to give Jordan the HOH.

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