Big Brother 13 Episode 5

Following Keith’s eviction in Big Brother 13 Episode 4, Jordan won HOH.

Rachel thanks her lucky stars that the newbies are idiots.

Everybody pretends they were on the same side. Adam acknowledges that they approached him. When he says this, Dominic walks out of the room. They’re both ready to turn on each other.

Dominic’s new strategy is to flirt with Daniele. Good luck with that.

Adam continues to be honest, this time telling Jeff and Jordan he didn’t vote with them. If he’d just kept his mouth shut, it’s possible nobody would have known anything. Now neither side of the house can trust him.

Rachel hates Cassi and wants to get rid of her on that basis. Didn’t Rachel say she wasn’t going to play emotionally this year?

Jeff, Jordan, Daniele, and Porsche automatically get a pass for the have/have not competition. The others get dressed up in ant costumes with both partners in one outfit. Bring on the really bad not so hidden nor clever sexual references. The first duo to crawl across the backyard picnic four times will be able to choose the two who are have nots. Kalia and Lawon clearly have no prayer as usual. Cassi & Shelly likewise aren’t going to win this. Brendon & Rachel are leading from the beginning with their only threat being Adam & Dominic. Brendon & Rachel end up winning.

Before the decision, they need to rescue Kalia, who apparently got may or may not have gotten injured toward the end of the competition. The medic comes to check her out and wipe away the mostly fake tears.

Dominic & Adam and Cassi & Shelly are chosen to be have nots for the week, meaning that Kalia and Lawon are haves for the week. In addition to slop, the have nots get jelly beans and jerky.

Dominic makes a pitch to the veterans. He wants to team up with them because his back’s against the wall and he’s out of options. Well, that’s an appealing proposal.

Cassi tells Jeff & Jordan they’re not her targets. Brendon & Rachel are, though she’s not opposed to getting rid of the other new people either.

So now it comes down to a choice of two. The other two girls hate Cassi. Shocker. Jeff & Jordan would like to target Dominic, though.

Jeff is automatically safe.
Daniele and Porsche are also automatically safe.
Rachel & Brendon are safe.
Shelly & Cassi are safe.
Kalia & Lawon are safe.
Adam & Dominic have been nominated for eviction.

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