The Biggest Loser Season 13 Episode 14

Returning below the yellow line for another week in The Biggest Loser Season 13 Episode 13, Megan was voted out.

If you’re tired of the growing oversaturation of singing competitions on TV, NBC has one word for you: tough. Tonight begins the 1 hour The Biggest Loser phase, as what was once viewed as NBC’s shining star gets sidelined in favor of The Voice. Apparently, we need another night dedicated to yet another American Idol clone (and a filler results show at that… great) instead of The Biggest Loser, which while admittedly dragging at times with the longer time frame is at least original.

Each person is greeted at the challenge with a window that has a picture of their former self. They will have to climb a cargo net, grab a ball, and use a slingshot to break both panes of glass in their picture. Reward is a 1 pound advantage. Punishment for placing last is a 1 pound disadvantage. On her first shot, Kim makes contact. Chris also strikes. Buddy hits twice to win the challenge. Everybody else remains to compete for the disadvantage. Mark scores and then scores again to make himself safe. Conda scores her first hit. Jeremy follows. Kim is safe. Jeremy is safe, so he can’t hand the challenge to his sister for a change. Chris is safe. Conda loses.

It’s makeover week with Jeannie Mai, plus Jessica Simpson’s hairdresser Ken Paves. They also get to hear from Michelle Obama, which we are told is a great honor, and she invites them to the White House.

Kim’s wearing a size 6, and we’re still a long ways away from the finale.

They can’t do much with Mark’s hair, but what they can do is shave off the facial hair that’s hiding his face and making him look older.

Chris has gotten rid of all her grey, removing the Mrs. Claus look. Now she looks her age, which I hadn’t realized is just 42.

Buddy is clean cut and without glasses.

With everything they had planned for this week, I wondered how they would squeeze everything in. The answer is simple. They won’t. The weigh in will wait until next week, and so will the workout with Michelle Obama.

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Big Brother 13 Winner

Porsche voted to evict Jordan in Big Brother 13 Episode 28, bringing us down to a final three of Rachel, Adam, and Porsche. Tonight one of them will be crowned the Big Brother 13 winner. If it’s not Rachel, well, let’s not dwell on the alternative.

We start off with the first part of the HOH competition. Part 1 is endurance. Obviously Rachel’s going to win this like she won the other two endurance competitions. Adam drops after 28 minutes. Porsche drops at 46 minutes, and Rachel wins part 1 to move on to the final of 3 parts of this HOH competition.

Part 2 is to grab faces from the bottom of a tank and push them thruogh a maze to get them in the correct order of HOH wins. As Big Brother competitions go, this is a decent one, albeit pretty much entirely dependent on the ability to hold their breath under water. Adam finds an additional hindrance in the water. He can’t see with the goggles, so he tosses them, but he can’t see even worse without them, leading to him having to hop out of the tank and find them. Adam’s time is 6:03. Porsche beats him with a time of 3:50.

Rachel and Porsche have a final two deal. Both feel pretty comfortable this secures their position in the final two, but Adam doesn’t think that it would be smart to not take him.

Jordan thinks Rachel should win. Daniele calls her the biggest floater in the house. Huh? I guess she’s got to make up some lame reason for voting for Porsche. Kalia believes Rachel had the hardest road to the end and deserves to be there. Shelly’s still whining about that “lie” Rachel told about her making a final three deal. Can someone just show her the tapes already?

Jeff’s talked to Porsche about 8 minutes this summer. He didn’t even know she was in the house until day 52. I didn’t either. Kalia acknowledges that Porsche didn’t do anything except win a couple competitions.

Adam’s loyalty may buy him a couple of votes, but he didn’t do much either. However, at least he wasn’t invisible for a month or two. I didn’t even know Porsche was in the house most weeks until Julie asked her for her vote.

And for anybody who forgot it, Porsche and new jury member Kalia just followed Daniele around. That statement leads to an argument.

The final part of the HOH competition is the standard jury Q&A with two multiple guess options.

Brendon said the moment he is afraid to have his friends and family see is the moment he was evicted the second time. Both are wrong.

Daniele said the most shocking moment in the house was when she found out her dad would not be returning to the game. Rachel is correct.

Shelly said the fatal error she made in the house was voting to evict Jeff one week too soon. Both are wrong.

Jeff said the best thing about being in the house was getting to spend the summer with Jordan. Both are wrong.

Kalia said the biggest lie told in the house this season was anything that came out of Shelly’s mouth. Rachel is correct and wins the final HOH with 2 points.

Rachel has much better odds going up against Adam. His only support in that jury house is from people who support her more, while Porsche’s friends are going to vote for her no matter what. However, she opts to keep her word to Porsche and takes her to the final two. I don’t think it matters, though. She probably just sent her fourth vote to the jury.

The jury asks questions, and they stick Brendon with a jab at Rachel. She did a lot of hurtful things. Why should she be rewarded? She apologizes, but that doesn’t have anything to do with how she played the game.

Besides wearing a bikini and cooking, what else did Porsche do? She blames the golden key for the lack of effort.

What did Rachel do aside from winning competitions? She had one of the biggest targets on her back, but she survived anyway with a social game that was surprisingly functional.

When did Porsche start playing the game? Week 1. Really?

Evel Dick thinks the veteran alliance should have been the best alliance ever. His daughter disagrees. At least it was better than the Regulators, of which only the model is allowed to speak tonight. He declines to call her strategy stupid, but he calls it typical of playing too hard, too fast.

Jeff has patched things up with Shelly, but Daniele is not on his Christmas card list.

Brendon: Rachel
Daniele: Porsche
Jeff: Rachel
Shelly: Rachel
Kalia: Porsche
Jordan: Rachel
Adam: Porsche

By a vote of 4-3, Rachel Reilly is the Big Brother season 13 winner. Lucky for Rachel that Shelly voted based on gameplay because Adam threw her a curve ball. Far from the outcome I expected or wanted on day 1, but Rachel’s a deserving winner.

Jeff wins America’s favorite player and $25,000.

Following its highest rated season among adults 18-49 since 2004, Big Brother has been renewed for season 14. For those of you doing the math, 2004 was Big Brother 5, the season before one of the worst seasons ever. Yeah, yeah, I know everybody loved Howie and Janelle for some reason I still do not understand, but that didn’t make them any better than the Friendship.

Big Brother 13 Episode 28

After Kalia’s elimination in Big Brother 13 Episode 27, Adam secured himself a spot in the final three by winning HOH.

I thought Jordan’s vote was planned by Rachel so that Rachel could personally vote out Kalia, but the reality is that Jordan didn’t want that jury member’s blood on her hands.

Jordan’s worried that Adam’s plan is to ditch them and take Porsche with him to the end. Not a bad plan, but ick. Can the jury just vote present in that scenario?

Rachel is safe.

Jordan and Porsche have been nominated for eviction. Adam says that, if you want to be in the final three, you have to earn it. Apparently, he believes he has earned it. He is alone here.

It’s time for the final veto competition, which is the real power of this week because the winner is safe and will decide who gets evicted. Each jukebox has 20 clues, and they have 10 pairs of names that must match those clues correctly. They have to think about what happened throughout the season, with questions about things like the fourth HOH alongside completely pointless things like who hosted the fourth veto competition. Porsche is the first to buzz in, but she has 1 wrong. Her second attempt is correct, and Porsche wins the power of veto.

That gives Porsche the lone vote to evict, and she can choose from either Rachel or Jordan, the two biggest threats in the house.

Porsche thinks that her chances of winning are better against Jordan because she already won two years ago, a path she’s headed down again this year, as people have been silly enough to ignore that she could potentially win it all again. I’m not sure how being a previous winner is a disqualification to doing that. She also thinks that, if Rachel wins this final HOH competition, which she’d no doubt be in the running for since it starts off as an endurance competition, she’ll take her to the final two.

At the final veto ceremony, Porsche pulls herself off the block, and Rachel goes up in her place. Jordan says she knows she’s going home, as she barely even knows Porsche. This concludes with Porsche’s vote to evict Jordan. Now I’m left with no choice but to root for Rachel. Weird how this season has turned out.

The final HOH competition will be split into three parts. We start off with the Big Brother mixer. They’ll have to stand on a giant mixer as long as they can. I assume they’re going to be dipped in the goop sooner rather than later.

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Big Brother 13 Episode 27

Rachel won HOH in Big Brother 13 Episode 26 and proceeded to nominate Porsche and Kalia.

Porsche and Kalia have just one hope. If Adam wins the veto, Jordan gets nominated, and they would have the votes to get rid of her. Not a bad idea.

Otev the shark wants some pies, which are named after houseguests. Jordan stumbles her way to elimination in the first round. Rachel is the next one out. Kalia’s the third one down. Porsche incorrectly identifies Keith as this summer’s biggest loser, forgetting that Shelly is the one who lost all 17 competitions. In doing so, she gives Adam the opportunity to get back first with the correct answer and win the power of veto.

Shelly heads to the jury house unable to realize where she went wrong, and an argument with Jeff ensues. She talks about how she wanted to switch back to Rachel and Jordan and her word to stick with them would be good, so she doesn’t know why they didn’t pick her. Really?

Kalia makes Adam an offer to not nominate him next week. As if it matters. The veto winner decides who goes home in the final four, not the HOH, unless the HOH happens to win both. Odds of Kalia winning both? I’m gonna go with less than 0. She does have a valid argument, though. Adam needs to make a big move if he wants any hope, but ultimately it’s too late anyway.

At the veto ceremony, Adam opts to not use the power of veto.

Jordan: Porsche
Adam: Kalia

With a tie vote, Rachel gets to cast the deciding vote, no doubt exactly as she wanted. Rachel votes to evict Kalia. Kalia talks about how her goal was to beat the vets. Like her best friend due to lack of other options Daniele?

The fortune teller finally speaks, keeping them up all night. Of course, the HOH competition is based on this. Everybody gets the first question right, one which shows up what to expect from this competition: it’s only false due to a couple of mixed around words and the word clown shoe being singular. Adam and Porsche get the second question right. Adam and Jordan score a point on the next question. Adam and Jordan score again on the fourth question. And again. Everybody gets the next question right. Adam is the new HOH.

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Big Brother 13 Episode 26

Shelly’s eviction of Jeff proved to be her undoing with her eviction in Big Brother 13 Episode 25. We left off at the start of a HOH competition that lasted a whole 13 minutes but nonetheless was too long for the results to be revealed.

Kalia wanted to vote with the majority. She failed at that, and now Adam doesn’t want to be on her side, unless she wins HOH that is.

The competition started with Rachel in the lead, where she remains throughout the whole thing. Kalia was out before it even began, but the other two are putting up something resembling a fight. With 2 minutes left, it’s obvious that Rachel will win HOH in a final tally that’s not even close.

Kalia apologizes for voting for Adam, an apology he doesn’t want to hear.

When Rachel gets her HOH key, everybody goes upstairs and pretends to be interested, but first they have to wake up Kalia, who has been nicknamed Koala because they sleep up to 22 hours a day. All the girls talk about how great Brendon looks in those pictures. Then they notice the guy they’re left in the house with, Adam. Rather look at the pictures.

Kalia tells Rachel she’s willing to get rid of Porsche if it means getting past this week. Porsche agrees to final three as well, but Rachel’s not sure if she can trust this person who once upon a time was her friend (answer: she can’t trust her).

Pandora’s box is back. After last week, I wouldn’t touch it. Tori Spelling appears on the screen. She used to be a celebrity in the 90s when she was on 90210, and from that, Adam is obsessed with her. Their offer is a shopping spree with Tori Spelling. Not worth it. Rachel, however, thinks it is worth it. She will not be meeting with Tori. Rather, she gets to meet Jesse (Big Brother Jesse). The joke’s on Rachel, as she gets locked in the room where she can watch his ego grow. Meanwhile, the other houseguests are the ones who actually get to meet the very pregnant Donna Martin. They get a 3 minute shopping spree as well. As for Rachel, she gets a bunch of Jesse merchandise. She asks if she has to keep it.

So Porsche’s box was potentially game ending, while Rachel’s is just an amusing annoyance.

Adam switches sides again. He says he truly wants to be with Rachel and Jordan in the finals, but he’s better off on the other side because it’s not like he can beat either of them, whereas he has a shot against the sleepers.

Jordan is safe.
Adam is safe.

Kalia and Porsche have been nominated for eviction. Porsche says it’s because they’re the strongest competitors. Really?

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Big Brother 13 Episode 25

Rachel’s veto win in Big Brother 13 Episode 24, leaving Porsche with no option but to put Shelly and Adam on the block.

Shelly’s new plan is to be saved by a fortune teller. This does not work. So then she goes to Rachel and pretends she’s played the game. Really? Not buying that, how about if I offer you a cubic zirconia that’s a duplicate of a diamond ring from my mama? With bribery not working, she claims she’s sorry. Nobody in America believes that.

Like Shelly, Adam offers to flip back to the people in power, again.

Daniele and Jeff make their way to the jury house. Daniele wants to see Adam because he’s not doing anything. Then Jeff discovers the error he made, tossing away a clown shoe that would have won him the veto. Daniele takes credit/blame for being responsible for the eviction of all three of the jury members, and Brendon suggests that perhaps if she just stuck to the plan, things would have worked out better for the veteran alliance.

Porsche wants to go up against a newbie in the final two. I’d want to go up against the people who haven’t done anything, too.

In her pre-voting speech, Shelly openly tells Rachel and Jordan they need to keep her so that they can team up.

Kalia: Adam
Rachel: Shelly
Jordan: Shelly

By a vote of 2-1, Shelly has been evicted from the Big Brother house. At least she finally picked a side after pretending to be in an alliance with Jeff and Jordan all summer, but she left Rachel and Jordan with no choice but to seek revenge against a bad liar.

The duo twist has served its purpose and is over, and now it’s back to individuals for the HOH competition. They must dive their way through donut goo and bring back as many donuts to the other side as they can get. Rachel starts off in the lead. After just one lap, it looks like Rachel will win this, while Kalia and Jordan are already out of it. Because this is a 13 minute competition, we’ll have to wait until Sunday to find out who wins. Really? I get that this is necessary for an endurance competition, but 13 minutes?

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Big Brother 13 Episode 24

After Porsche opened Pandora’s box in Big Brother 13 Episode 23, the duo twist returned for one week.

Porsche admits to receiving money for opening the box, but she doesn’t tell anybody that Kalia has money, too.

Kalia is safe by default.
Adam and Shelly are safe.

Rachel and Jordan have been nominated for eviction. Because they didn’t talk to Porsche about the nominations, or so we’re told. So Jordan goes upstairs to talk, and they’re not happy. Their plan is to get rid of the floaters instead. Porsche’s interpretation is that this deal stands regardless of who wins veto.

With her shouting out of her system last week, Jordan won’t say anything to Shelly any more.

With only six players left in the game, this week is the first time that everybody gets to participate in the veto.

A bunch of dummies are out in the backyard, the evicted houseguests. They have to hop on their former partners and stay on the longest. Thinking back to the very first competition with the bananas, it would seem this is Rachel’s to win. On the other hand, Shelly and Jordan were the first ones out of that. Adam’s the first to fall after 4 minutes. Jordan drops after 8 minutes. Shelly’s out at 12 minutes. Porsche lasts 18 minutes. Kalia’s not happy because her alliance (including herself) can’t ever do anything. After 32 minutes, Kalia falls, and Rachel wins the power of veto.

This is my favorite rigging of this show ever.

Now that she’s in danger of leaving, Shelly wants to speak with Jordan alone for a few minutes. Jordan says she forgives but does not forget.

As if they’re going to trust her, Shelly offers to be in an alliance with Jordan and Rachel again. Of course, they couldn’t trust Adam either, although he’s somewhat more useful in competitions. She says she won’t beat them anyway, and if a competition comes down to them, she’ll quit. That would be a great offer if she had a chance of winning anything or if she were at all trustworthy.

Rachel removes herself and Jordan from the block, and by default, Adam and Shelly have been nominated.

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Big Brother 13 Episode 23

A double eviction night in Big Brother 13 Episode 22 brought us the eliminations of Daniele and Jeff.

Flashback to Thursday morning because we didn’t have time to catch all the drama in the busy show. Jeff denies throwing the competition that got Brendon sent home (not that he was alone in that), which Rachel heard from Shelly. Eventually, Jeff calls Shelly out for playing in the middle. He’s finally sick of what’s been going on all summer. Barging into the room, Shelly puts her foot in her mouth, revealing the plan to keep Daniele. She tries to blame Adam, but nobody’s stupid enough to believe this.

Shelly burned the bridge to her alliance, which has her worried, but ultimately I can’t see how she’s in much danger. She’s a strategic disaster who can’t win any challenge of any kind. Her only value is that of a vote, which makes her a good person to take to final two.

Jordan’s as disgusted as I am with what the house has become, a bunch of people who have slept through the summer dumb lucking their way to the end. Add in the sting of betrayal, and you’ve got one angry Jordan.

They walk out into the back and see a bunch of snakes. The HOH competition is to move a ball across a snake. Jordan scores 18, Porsche scores 11, Rachel scores 13, Shelly gets 16, and Adam gets 4. This determines the rankings, matching Porsche against Adam. Adam performs poorly again with a 10, and Porsche beats him to move on to the next round against Rachel with a 14. Porsche scores a 20, the second best score possible, eliminating Rachel who scores a 7. Having had the most opportunities to practice pays off, and Porsche scores snake eyes, eliminating Shelly after her score of 15. In the final round, Porsche gets snake eyes again, beating Jordan’s score of 16.

In this competition, something interesting happens. Porsche tells us it’s newbies against veterans. I haven’t seen those battle lines since about week four when Daniele started plotting her demise.

Now that Porsche has won HOH, Adam flips back to the newbies.

Porsche gets Pandora’s box and is shown a picture of champagne and $10,000. She opens the door, and the next card tells her she’s won the money, which she will split with another houseguest. She says the word shocker as she reads this, a word that has now lost all meaning. The next card tells her that she’s unleashed the duo twist on the house for one week, and all of the original duo rules apply. Duos will be nominated as a pair, and they will be removed from the block as a pair if the veto is used. Porsche picks Kalia, who is now safe for the week. Rachel picks Jordan. That leaves Adam and Shelly.

If Jordan or Rachel win the veto, the other one is safe, too, which is great news for them because otherwise one of them was going home for sure, so at least this way they have a fighting chance. Meanwhile, Shelly, who otherwise made herself safe by stabbing Jeff and Jordan in the back, is now in danger of nomination in that scenario. The worse news for her is that Jordan and Rachel would then control the vote, making revenge very easy to seek.

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