Big Brother 13 Episode 3

With a house still divided in Big Brother 13 Episode 2, Rachel nominated Keith and Porsche.

Porsche’s both surprised to be nominated and not sure who she has an alliance with, if anybody. Sorry lady, pretty much nobody has your back. But you go ahead and trust these idiots and throw the competition.

Dick is called to the diary room. He does not return. After a couple hours of not hearing his big mouth, they start wondering what happened. Rachel is then called to the diary room. She returns to make an announcement. ED is gone due to “an urgent personal matter.” As a result, Daniele gets a free golden key and trip to the top 10.

Good riddance. Next time, CBS, well, first of all, don’t let there be a next time. But if you have the option to pick returning houseguests, please make it somebody else. I said it last week, and I’ll say it again. This was a really bad choice.

This puts the “veteran” alliance in a position they thought they weren’t before, one of not having the numbers.

The girls refuse to allow Brendon downstairs and take out his frustration on the newbies. He’s pretty well thrown in the towel. Jeff is the only person trying to remain positive.

Meanwhile, Keith’s celebrating is not going over well with all of his side either. Then he calls a meeting to confront the two people on his side that he doesn’t trust, Porsche and Kalia.

The HOH Rachel, her partner Brendon, the nominated pair Porsche and Keith, and one other duo will participate in HOH. Jeff & Jordan are chosen at random. Convenient.

Porsche says that she’s clearly playing with somebody who doesn’t want to play with her. I wonder why. Could it be that you turned at the first opportunity?

They walk outside wearing tights. The competition is to repair their skyscrapers, veto puzzles. One person will fly across the yard while the other hands them pieces. Keith and Porsche will both be throwing this competition, and they both believe that the other does not know. The problem is that Jeff & Jordan are doing just as badly as them, even though Porsche says a fifth grader could put this puzzle together. By default, Rachel & Brendon win the power of veto.

America’s vote will give the have nots gum drops and grits, jelly beans and jerky, or rock candy and radishes. What’s the point?

Their victory leads Brendon & Rachel to believe they have some sort of power. No, not really. Your week of power is pretty well done. Just hope you win again next week. First, they make a deal with Dominic & Adam, dictating to them that they will be kept safe and must return the favor next week, as well as vote as how they want. Next up, Kalia & Lawon. Lastly, Cassi & Shelly get the same speech. The first two couples play along, but Cassi is honest that she doesn’t trust the four person alliance that doesn’t look like it’s going to break.

Now that she doesn’t trust Cassi & Shelly, it doesn’t end there. Rachel asks Keith for safety for herself and Brendon plus Jeff and Jordan for as long as they’re playing in duos. Really? Do you think anybody would stick to this stupid deal? You’re being far too greedy. Safety for yourself and Brendon, okay, maybe. Safety for your whole alliance, it ain’t happening.

For all this talk, the power of veto does not get used. Porsche and Keith are both happy with this.

So why does Big Brother end at 8:55 anyway?

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