Big Brother 10 Episode 15

Jerry won the veto in Big Brother 10 Episode 14, and despite how much he hates Dan’s guts and intestines, he decided to honor the HOH’s wishes and keep Libra and Keesha on the chopping block.

Nobody can believe the words that are coming out of Jerry’s mouth. I wouldn’t want to be one of his allies, who can’t believe it either. Dan’s thrilled because this has backfired and created sympathy for him rather than getting anyone to hate him as intended.

April’s prettier than Keesha. Or at least that’s what April tells us.

Memphis has a new plan. Him and Dan going to the end with Renny and Keesha.

According to April, Dan is dangerous because he’s turned against his alliance once already. When did that happen? She and Ollie want to get Dan’s vote to keep Libra around. Yeah, apparently they didn’t learn their lesson the last time a secret vote was organized. Libra tells Dan she’s got three votes, not really getting into more details than that. He says he’ll think about it. Don’t tell Jerry that. He’ll view it as some sort of religious promise.

Libra’s husband was happy that she took the Hawaiian trip like she knew he would be, contrary to what Michelle’s whining would have suggested.

Dan admits that he’s made some mistakes in the game, but he just plans to go to confession when he gets out. Jerry calls religion a prop. Whatever that’s about.

Michelle says she says a lot of things without thinking, but at least she’s aware of it.


By a vote of 6-0, Libra has been evicted from the Big Brother house and is the first member of the jury. She walks out with a smile and hugs everyone. She thinks she would probably be friends with April and Keesha outside the house. She’s surprised the others gave her so much credit/blame for what happened in the house.

The HOH competition is about quotes that the evicted houseguests said in the diary room. Whoever gets an answer correct can eliminate someone else from the competition. Renny is correct and eliminates April. Dan is correct and eliminates Jerry. Ollie is incorrect and is eliminated. Memphis is incorrect and is eliminated. Dan is incorrect and is eliminated. Renny is correct and is the new HOH. Power swings back the other way. Typical.

America’s vote this time is pointless: the opportunity to give the houseguests an additional food item.

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