Big Brother 10 Episode 16

Following Libra’s eviction, power shifted once again as Renny won HOH in Big Brother 10 Episode 15.

Keesha’s happy she’s at least a little more liked than Libra is, as if that’s saying something.

April’s already plotting how she will act if she’s nominated against Jerry, who she has also decided she hates.

Renny doesn’t want Keesha to be close to anybody but her, and she wants her to stop being so friendly to Memphis. While the goal here is to get Keesha to be worried about Memphis, their discussion just leads her to be concerned about Renny.

Ollie and April try to convince us they’re far beyond just a showmance.

Renny wants Michelle to be on her side. She wants her to swear on a bible, on her parents, and in blood that she won’t turn on her. As for Keesha, well, that alliance with her continues to fade.

It’s a gross food competition. They will be eating slop, pig ears, and crickets. After saying grace, Dan downs a plate of crickets to earn a point for the red team. Michelle, who loves pig ears, instead opts for crickets, and she earns another point for the red team. Jerry eats a bowl of slop with much difficulty and earns the first point for the blue team. Memphis eats pig ears to earn a second point for the blue team. Michelle happily eats some pig ears to earn a third point for red. April, a vegetarian, selects pig ears for some reason, which she eats to win the food competition for the red team. April, Michelle, Dan, and Keesha are on food. Jerry, Memphis, and Ollie are on slop, in addition to the one item America voted for, giant lollipops.

Ollie’s afraid of birds. Yep, nothing quite as terrifying as the deadly man-eating crow.

Renny tells Dan she may need him to be a pawn. She believes that putting him up will minimize her enemies. The others all tell her this is a stupid idea. Eventually, she comes up with the idea of bouncing this off Ollie to see where he stands, and he interprets this as meaning April is her target. He says he’s there to win, but he still pushes for her to get rid of Jerry instead of April.

Nobody feels safe because Renny’s a bit of a nutcase.

Dan is safe.
Keesha is safe.
Ollie is safe.
Memphis is safe.
Michelle is safe.

Jerry and April have been nominated for eviction. She tells April it’s because she’s a big threat, and she tells Jerry it’s about revenge for him nominating her. Keesha doesn’t get why Renny didn’t nominate April and Ollie. April’s very excited about being on the block against Jerry.

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