Heroes Season 2 Episode 9

Heroes Season 2 Episode 8 took us back and answered questions. We found out why DL is dead, Maya and Alejandro’s story of their new powers, and what happened to Peter, how he knew Elle and Bob, and how he met Adam. Now Peter remembers that he has to save the world.

HRG still seems to think they’re moving. Claire comes down dressed in her cheerleader outfit and makes it clear she doesn’t care what he says. Then she accuses him of abducting West and says they’ll always be running no matter what she does. Her father’s willing to tie her up if needed, but her mom steps in and lets her go to school to say goodbye.

At his father’s funeral, Hiro’s supposed to speak, but he just gets guilty and blames himself for his father’s death. He decides to go back in time, heading back one week to stop it.

Molly’s back at home and not having any nightmares. Parkman is looking for answers in the photo. Molly volunteers to help, but he declines. He wants her to just be a little girl and uses his powers to covince her to go back to normal.

Bob wants to grab Claire and take out her father. He brings Suresh to his new partner and the person who’s going to carry out the murder, Elle.

West doesn’t believe Claire’s for real and still thinks it’s all a setup. She says it is all just a coincidence, and she lied because she liked him and didn’t want to mess everything up like it has been. Regardless, he doesn’t believe her story or that she’s staying behind for him.

Parkman continues researching the photo while at work. His boss gets upset and tells him he’s got real work to do. With a little mind control, this isn’t really much of an obstacle for Matt.

HRG tells his wife more of the story, showing him the paintings of him, Claire, and Suresh with a gun, and he says he really needs to talk to West. He calls Suresh to ask for his help tracking West down. After hanging up, Suresh goes to talk Elle and Bob into not killing him. Elle’s not interested, but Bob says he’s willing to do it his way.

Hiro breaks the bad news to his father, who refuses help and just accepts his fate. But that doesn’t prevent Hiro from interfering anyway.

HRG gets tired of waiting around. He goes to find West at school, but he doesn’t need to go far, since West is waiting for him right outside. West wants answers. Her father tells West the truth and says he’s guessing he’s pretty important to her since she lied to him and never mentioned having a boyfriend. Then he tells him he’s taking Claire and leaving town, and West will be the one to convince her it’s the right thing to do. Suresh calls and gets them to go to school, though, convincing them Claire’s in danger.

Bob goes to Claire’s school, pretending to be researching underaged drinking. He slips up and calls her by her old name so she takes off. With that, she’s now perfectly willing to leave town. Except when she arrives at home, Bob’s there waiting for her.

Suresh goes to Noah to ask her for Claire so they can get her blood. Unsurprisingly, he doesn’t get a reaction that isn’t hostile. So he pulls out a gun and says “Start driving… please.” Just as Elle’s ready to kill HRG, West swoops down from the sky and saves him. HRG grabs the gun from Mohinder but resists the desire to shoot him for betraying him. When they get home, they find out Bob took Claire, but since they’ve got Elle, they’ve got plenty of room to bargain.

He gives Elle a history lesson, telling her the story of how they brought her in and performed tests on her. Obviously, she doesn’t remember any of this. Bob calls, and Noah offers a trade, Claire for Elle. Bob still manages to get some of Claire’s blood.

Hiro takes his father back to the day his mother died, running into little Hiro. In the process of talking to his younger self, Hiro learns that he must allow his father to die as he originally did. Before dying, Kaito tells Hiro he’s proud of him. Hiro’s no dummy, though. He sticks around to find out who the killer is: Takezo Kensei.

Parkman goes to Angela to get the truth. With some convincing, she tells him it was Adam Monroe, who has cellular regeneration like Claire, which after a while made him stop growing old.

West goes with HRG to save Claire and gets instructions to fly her out immediately, no matter what else happens. As they’re flying away, Elle breaks free and zaps West. HRG wants to kill Bob to kill the Company, but Suresh shoots HRG first instead, making another of Isaac’s paintings come true.

Claire’s guilty because the last thing she ever said to her father was this morning, when she said “I hate you.”

Hiro’s now able to give a speech about his father, saying that he will live on in the lessons he taught.

Claire’s blood proves to be as useful as had been expected. The previously dead Noah is hooked up to a tube, and he wakes up.

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