Heroes Recap: Episode 13 – “The Fix”

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Heroes Episode 13 Recap: “The Fix”

January 29th, 2007 – Tonight’s episode of NBC’s smash hit TV show Heroes kicked off like usual, with a brief recap of exactly what went down in the previous weeks episode. If you missed last weeks episode 12 titled “Godsend”, read the recap here!

If you watched episode 12, then you’ll know we left off as our exploding hero friend Peter Petrelli was being choked against a lamp post by a new Heroes character, an invisible man that goes by the name of Claude.

Find out what you missed in Heroes episode 13 – “The Fix”, after the jump!

After strangling Peter for a while and asking how he can see him, the newest Heroes character Claude brushes him off as ‘another one of them’, implying that he’s seen and dealt with others with power like his. Naturally, that sparks Peter’s interest and he follows Claude, telling him that he thinks Claude can help prevent him from exploding. Claude doesn’t seem to take interest in anything Peter has to say and tells him to stop following him.

The pace then changes up a bit as we flash over to Niki (or is it Jessica, who knows at this point) laying on the floor of a padded prison cell wrapped in a straight jacket, getting shot up with some kind of sedatives by the guards.

Flash to a brief interlude of our mind reading cop hero Matt as he and his wife Janice test out his newlty revealed powers.

Then things get interesting as horn rimmed glasses (hrg/dr. bennet/mr. bennet/whatever you want to call him) checks up on Sylar in the secret basment laboratory of the Primatech Paper Company. One of the Dr.’s is checking him out and tells Mr/ Bennet that he’s in pretty rough shape and his vitals are all over the place. Mr. Bennet tells the Dr. to keep him alive, no matter what. If he dies, bring him back, and keep doing so until he says not to.

Hiro Nakamura and Ando Masahashi then end up trying to get their car from a parking garabe, but are just a few minutes late and end up having to pay an overage fee. Hiro tries to turn back time to avoid the charge, but it unable to control his powers and turn back time. Once in the parking garage and heading towards their car they both notice a tall man dressed in a blakc suit standing next to the car. He turns and goes after them, drawing a gun. Hiro and Ando turn to run but are blocked in by a black van. They’re trapped. Ooooh, interesting. I wonder who it could be.

Nathan Patrelli decides it’s about time to pay Mohinder Suresh a visit and goes to see him at his apartment. Nathan tells Mohinder that he’s looking for Peter, and Mohinder says he’s been looking for Peter as well but hasn’t been able to find him. Mohinder shows Nathan the list and tries to explain the situation to him, that he wants to study and help the Heroes. He also tells Nathan that if Peter absorbs to many powers or absorbs a power that he can’t control, the consequences could be dire.

Things shift again as Peter decided to follow Claude, even though he warned him not to, and he ends up on top of the building where he used to take care of the man that owned the building. Apprently Claude lives up there with the pigeons. Peter is convinced that his dreams are a sign and that Claude has to teach him how to control his powers and prevent him from exploding as he see’s himself doing in his dreams.

Back at Mr. Bennet’s house, Claire and her brain drained buddy Zach are going through the family computer to try and dig up anything information they can, but their digging gets cut short as Mr. Bennet comes home from “work” early. They both make a lame excuse about working on a school project that clearly makes Mr. Bennet suspicious before they go up to Claire’s room where she hangs a windchime in the window to signal someone that she wants to talk. But who is she signalling? I don’t remember another about any windchime signal.

Over at our fearless cop Heroes house, Matt is explaining everything that’s happened to him and everything that he’s trying to pin on Mr. Bennet to his wife. She still has a hard time believing everything he says. Suprise!

Hiro and Ando somehow manage to escape momentarily and seek cover under a car, which works out great, that is until the car starts up and drives away, at which point their cover is totally blown and the bad guys come after them again. As they’re running away, the bad guys manage to nab Ando and throw him into the back of the van. Being the true blue hero that he is, Hiro tries to cut a deal with the bad guys to take him instead of Ando, which just so happens to back fire as they throw him into the van along with Ando and take off.

Back in prison Niki has company in her padded room. A shrink pays her a visit, strips the straight jacket off of her and offers to help her. Niki refuses the help and the shrink tells her that she can help Niki to control Jessica if she only lets her try and, naturally, Niki refuses, demands to be hit with some more drugs and left alone.

At home D.L. is having some troubles paying the rent. He can’t get a job, can’t make any money and can’t find anyone to borrow money from to even pay the rent. He and Micah get into an arguement over everything and Micah rubs it in his face that no matter how bad things got with Niki, she always managed to come up with money to at least pay the rent. Ouch!

Ooooooh, that’s who the windchime signals for a meet-up. Claire and “the Haitian” meet-up at their usual spot and Claire starts asking questions about her biological parents, since Mr. and Mrs. Bennet obviously aren’t her biological parents. The Haitian lets her know that he knows nothing of her biological father, but knows that her mother died in an explosion 14-years ago in a nearby town in Texas.

Back at the Bennet’s house, Mr. Bennet gets a phone call that he’s none to excited to receive. The Dr. from the secret lab calls to let him know that, try as he might, Sylar died. Mr Bennet tells the Dr. to prepare Sylar for removal and, as the Dr. takes the restraints of Sylar and begins to prep him, his eyes pop back open. Well duh, of course Sylar isn’t dead. I’m surprised they even expected us to buy that. Or maybe they didn’t?

Claire and Zach are at it again, only this time they’re armed with a little background information and take to researching old newspaper clippings from 14-years ago for the city Claire’s mother died in. Sure enough they come across a clipping for the right time frame with a record of a house fire killing 1 adult and a baby. Interesting, so Claire’s had her powers since birth then.

Next we see Matt sitting in front of a panel of cops. It’s time for his review and things are not going to be good. Instead of attesting to everything he wrote in his records and having the panel and everyone else think he’s completely crazy, Matt changes his story and says he made everything up and just wanted to be the hero. So, instead of everyone thinking he’s crazy, they think he’s a liar and the panel suspends him for 6-months.

Things then flash over to Hiro and Ando sitting in the back of a van with one of the big bad guys. The bad guy gives them both first class tickets back to Tokyo and tells them to take them. Hiro refuses the tickets and sluffs them off as a bribe and demands to see the big boss. The bad guy tells him he’s not going to like it, but he’ll take them to the boss.

On the hunt for Peter, Nathan and Mohinder manage to catch him in his apartment as he’s packing a suitcase and getting ready to take off. Mohinder tells him that he wants to help him, study him and test him, all he needs is time. Peter refuses to give him the time and Nathan tells him not to go. Peter ask’s if Nathan will have him arrested, to which he says no, but he will have him commited for being mentally unstable. Peter agrees to sit and talk with them and then runs out the door. Nathan and Mohinder give chase, thinking he jumped out an open window at the end of the hall, but that isn’t the case. Our good friend and favorite new Heroes character Claude was waiting in the hall for Peter and grabbed him as he ran out of the apartment, turning him insivible and sending Nathan and Mohinder on a wild goose chase.

It turns out Claude turned the tables on Peter and decided to follow him. Peter again asks Claude for his help and he finally agrees to help him, since he seems to be so sure of the future.

A quick flash over to Matt the cop reveals some exciting news. Janice is pregnant, they’re going to have a baby!

Back in prison DL shows how he managed to escape prison without detection by doing the complete opposite, sneaking into Niki’s cell. DL wants to break her out and tells her that he and Micah can’t get on without her, they need her. Niki tells him that she’s got to stay there for their and her own good and tells him that he needs to step up and take control with Micah.

We then get another brief glimpse into Micah’s awesome powers as he walks passed an ATM and decides to stop and play with it a bit. With a few taps of the screen, money pops out of the machine. Micah gives it a got a few more times and pockets a fair bit of money. Sweet! I’ve been waiting for him to make use of his powers again.

Claire decides to break open a phone book for the city her mother lived in and starts to call everyone with the same last name, asking for Meredith Gordon, who she thinks to be her mother. As usual, Mr. Bennet interupts things and gives her a spiel about how he’ll always be around to help her, when she’s 16, 32, 64, etc. Hmmm, I wonder, does he have a power that prevents him from aging, or was he just trying to be nice? Either way, he spots the windchime in Claires window and looks at it suspiciously before walking away. Hmm, I hope that didn’t give away our Haitian friend.

Back in prison, Niki agrees to see the shrink again and sits down with her for a chat. Niki tells her that she wants to get rid of Jessica and is willing to try. The shrink tells her that, in order to help her get rid of Jessica, she will need to talk to her. Naturally, Niki refuses to let her speak to Jessica, that is until the shrink threatens to keep Niki from every seeing Mikah again.

Micah strolls into the house late and DL is pissed. He tells him to sitdown and tells Micah that he’s trying as hard as he can to make money and provide for them, but he’s having a really hard time and he needs help. Micah says he’ll try to help more, unzips his backpack, flips it over and dumps a pile of cash out onto the table. DL asks where Micah got all the money from and Micah tells him that he’s got a power to!!!! Yay! I can’t wait to see how this all develops. Micah is awesome!

Hiro and Ando finally come to a stop in the van as the bad guy hops out to talk with someone in another car. He comes back to thevan, swings the door open and George Takei of Star Trek fame comes out of the car, but it just so happens that George Takei is Hiro Nakamura’s father, and he’s none to happy with what Hiro’s doing!

Back in Claires bedroom, she continues to make rounds of phone calls and gets a woman on the phone that recognizes the name and story. Claire explains everything and how the girl that died was her, or at least she thinks it is, and sure enough, the woman on the other end of the phone is Meredith Gordon, Claire’s biological mother, and she’s got the power to create fire! Sweet!

And to close down tonight’s show, we head back to the secret lab at Primatech Paper Company, where Mr. Bennet goes to check up on Sylar. He enters Sylars cell and pulls the blanket off his body, but wait, it’s not Sylar, it’s the Dr! Mr. Bennet swings around and there’s Sylar, good as new, asking how Claire’s doing.

Oooooooh, tonight’s episode was a good one. Things are really starting to develop and come along really well. I am really looking forward to seeing how George Takei’s roll fits into everything, how Claire’s biological mother fits in and how Micah’s role and powers expand!

Stay tuned for the episode 14 Heroes recap next week, February 5th!

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