Heroes Recap: Episode 12 “Godsend”

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Heroes Episode 12 Recap: “Godsend”

January 22nd, 2007 – It seems like an eternity since I’ve been able to kick back on the couch and enjoy a full episode of NBC’s hit TV show Heroes, but in all actuality it’s only been 7-weeks. Only 7-weeks! Are you kidding me?! 7-weeks is far longer then I wanted to go without my Heroes fix, but tonight made everything better and brought back that warm fuzzy feeling that I’ve come to know and love every Monday night at 9pm.

Without further adieu, I present to you a recap of the long awaited return episode of Heroes!

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Tonight’s episode of Heroes kicked off as any other show returning from a 7-week hiatus would, with a much needed recap of the previous 11 episode in the series.

After a quick recap of the previous episodes in the season, we focus in on the fearless hero Peter Petrelli (Milo Ventimiglia), who lays in a hospital bed in a coma, dreaming of the future, the explosion, and what’s going to happen.

Things then focus in on everyone’s favorite psycho schizophrenic hero Niki Sanders (Ali Larter), who just so happens to be locked up in jail. As you no doubt remember, as episode 11 of Heroes came to an end, we saw Niki approach a cop and ask to be arrested for murder – needless to say, it looks like she got her wish.

The story then takes another shift as we check in on the supposedly freshly brain-drained Claire Bennet (Hayden Panettiere) chatting with the still nameless “dad” character (we’ll just call him Mr. Bennet until we figure out his real name). Claire plays up the fact that she still can’t really remember anything from the night her fellow cheerleader was killed, she had a run in with Sylar and saved Peter Petrelli’s life, and Mr. Bennet seems to buy it, though how long that will last is yet to be seen. Don’t forget, Mr. Bennet’s henchman “the Haitian” (Jimmy Jean-Louis), was supposed to have erased Claire’s memory of all events in episode 11 of the TV show, only he chose not to, no doubt for his own motives.

Back at Primatech Papers, the guise for Mr. Bennet’s lab, a doped up and completely out of it Sylar (Zachary Quinto) makes his first appearance of the night. Apparently Mr. Bennet (Jack Coleman) and his crew have been drugging Sylar and performing DNA test’s on him in an attempt to isolate the genes responsible for his powers, though they’ve only been able to isolate the gene responsible for his telekinetic powers, nothing more. Mr. Bennet also let’s slip that if it wasn’t for the people he’s working for, he would have had Sylar killed long ago. Interesting. I bet you I know who he works for, do you? Starts with an L and ends with a N, and sounds like he’ll be a much bigger part of the TV show shortly.

Matt Parkman (Greg Grunberg), our mind reading FBI agent Hero, along with his FBI partner and a whole team of FBI agents bust in on Primatech Papera, raiding the building in search of Sylar. Matt knows that Sylar is being hidden in the building since he and his partner staked out the building for a few days. Only problem is, no one else believes him and he has no way of proving it, especially since he can’t read Mr. Bennet’s thoughts as “the Haitian” with the Null power is near by and blocking his powers.

The focus then shifts to Hiro Nakamura (Masi Oka) in the Museum of Natural History as he searches for his future samurai sword with his partner in crime, Ando Masahashi (James Kyson Lee). Hiro is convinced the sword he has seen himself with in the future will enable him to regain control of his powers again. As they search through the museum the come across a samurai exhibit where Hiro spots his sword, which just so happens to bare the Heroes DNA mark on it’s hilt.

A quick flip back to the hospital shows Simone Deveaux (Tawny Cypress) stopping in to visit Peter Petrelli, where his brother, Nathan Petrelli (Adrian Pasdar), confronts her about Peter’s obsession with the paintings of Isaac Mendez (Santiago Cabrera) and demands to meet Isaac and see his work.

Things then focus in on Micah Sanders (Noah Gray-Cabey) and his dad, D.L. Hawkins (Leonard Roberts), as they talk about how Micah got into a fight at school because some kids were calling his mom (Niki) a psycho. One of Mr. Linderman’s grunts then shows up at the door looking for the $2-million that was stolen from him. D.L. forks over the briefcase full of cash thinking it will buy back the protection of his family, only for Linderman’s grunt to tell him that he’s still not free and Linderman will call upon him to even the score at some point.

Back at the Museum of Natural History, Hiro and Ando read the story on Kensei, a powerful samurai that becomes emperor after finding a samurai sword that gives him the ability to focus and control all of his powers. Hiro must get the sword!

Mohinder Suresh (Sendhil Ramamurthy) makes his first appearance of the show as he talks to an FBI agent about his fathers list, though the FBI agent seems more interested in something else and tells Mohinder that they found Eden McCain (Nora Zehetner) dead from an apparent suicide. Don’t forget that we watched Eden kill herself in an effort to prevent Sylar from stealing her powers in episode 11 of Heroes.

Back at school Claire attempts to talk to Zach (Thomas Dekker) about everything that happened, but he still can’t remember anything. It would appear, for now at least, that “the Haitian” did his job with erasing Zach’s memory, but will Claire be able to jog his memory at some point?

Niki has a talk with her lawyer and learns that, instead of being able to sit in prison and carry out her sentence peacefully, as she had hoped, the district attorney has decided to file for the death penalty. With the threat of the death penalty looming over head, Niki’s evil alter-ego Jessica makes an appearance. Niki tries to fight to keep Jessica under control but can’t. Jessica tells the lawyer to “get a shrink” so she can be evaluated and work an insanity defense.

Hiro finally decides it’s time to make his move and go after the samurai sword as he attempts to stop time and fails. With some spurring on from Ando, Hiro gives it another try and fails again. He doesn’t manage to stop time all together, but he does manage to slow it down to 1/10 of it’s usual speed, which is good enough for him to open the display case, remove the samurai sword and run away. Once he kicks time into it’s usual speed, Ando is left standing next to an empty display case as the alarm is going off. Ando runs outside and meets Hiro in the parking lot where he pulls the sword from it’s sheath only to find that it’s a replica! A replica owned by the Linderman Group none the less. Very interesting.

Nathan and Simone finally arrive at Isaac’s studio, where they find a clean and sober Isaac, back from his stay in “rehab”. Of course he doesn’t remember any part of being held by Mr. Bennet in the Primatech Papers building, he just thinks he was at rehab getting clean. Nathan inspects Isaac’s paintings of Peter and the exploding man and is confused, as Hiro and Ando rush through the door to tell Isaac that the sword was a fake. Hiro and Nathan recognize each other immediately.

Claire meets with “the Haitian” and wants to talk to Peter Petrelli, but there is no way “the Haitian” is going to let her do that, as she’s not even supposed to remember Peter and her father, Mr. Bennet, has people keeping a close eye on everything Peter does. Claire then demands that “the Haitian” give Zach his memories back, which he of course can’t do, because his powers “don’t work that way.” The poor cheerleader doesn’t know what to do, everything in her life has been a lie and the only friend she had doesn’t even remember her anymore.

Seemingly as nothing more than a sign of things to come, we focus in on a shack in the middle of the Nevada desert that just so happens to be occupied by our old nuclear charged Hero friend Ted Sprague (Matthew John Armstrong). Ted seems to be practicing controlling his powers. What could it mean?

As we focus back in on Claire and Zach, Claire decides to re-enact her first death jump as was shown in the very first episode of Heroes. Claire wants to perform the jump in an effort to jog Zach’s memory, as well as to document the fact that she can’t actually be killed for her own records, should she ever have her memory wiped out.

Back in prison, Micah and D.L. pay Niki a visit. Niki lets them both know that she won’t be able to see them anymore since she’s going to be moved to the psych ward for evaluation. Micah wants Niki to get out and, as she’s explaining why she can’t get out, she asks the guard if she can give her son a hug. The guard tells her know as she’s asks repeatedly, walking towards him. He pulls out the nightstick and moves to pop her one when Jessica breaks through, catches the swing and breaks the nightstick in half. A group of other guards charge in, shove her up against the wall, handcuff her and drag her away.

Mohinder then returns to his apartment, only to find Mr. Bennet sitting inside waiting for him. He’s got a gun and he wants Mohinder to hand the list over and to work with him to make sure all of the Heroes use their powers for good. Mohinder refuses to hand over the list or work with Mr. Bennet and dedicates himself to working out the list and warning everyone on it about Mr. Bennet.

Matt arrives home after the failed bust at the Primatech Paper building, only to find his wife, Janice Parkman (Elizabeth Lackey), getting ready to leave him. After cheating on him with one of his fellow officers, it’s amazing that he hasn’t actually kicked her out, but instead of letting her pack up and leave, he tells her about his powers! Naturally she doesn’t believe him, so he offers to prove it.

Back in the hospital Peter continues to have dreams about he future and his exploding. As he’s standing in the middle of the street, just before exploding, Nathan is the only other hero to come close to him. Peter says “I took his power Nathan. I can’t control it!” Nathan says that he’s there to help him control it, and before anything else can be said Peter, along with the city, is blown up. The shock of this dream breaks Peter from his coma, screaming. Who’s powers did he take though, and why can’t be control them?

Nathan returns to the hospital only to find an empty bed and his mother, Angela Petrelli (Cristine Rose), packing up and heading home. As soon as Peter woke up he left the hospital.

Back at Isaac’s studio, Simone finally believes in Isaac’s power to paint the future and let’s Hiro know that Linderman is one of her biggest clients and she’ll do whatever she can to track down the real Kensei samurai sword.

Wandering the street, fresh from the hospital, Peter is on his cell phone making calls to airports and reserving a flight from NY to Las Vegas – he needs to go to the Nevada desert. While making his reservations he spots someone steeling money and chase him down the street. The someone he spotted stealing cash just so happens to be our first new heroes character! Claude, the invisible man, is shocked to learn that Peter can see him, so much so that he throws him up against a street lamp and chokes him. To the average person, nothing is happening as Peter takes on Claude’s power to turn invisible, but before choking Peter, Claude let’s slip something about ‘one of them’, referring to the fact that he’s had to deal with people similar to Peter in the past.

Ooooooh, things are really getting interesting, just in time for episode 12, “Godsend”, to come to an end, naturally.

Tonight’s episode has got me back into Heroes 100% and I can’t wait to see next weeks episode. What will episode 13 of Heroes bring us? Stay tuned to find out more!

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